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About Me

name: Olivia Riley, former mapper who contributed to community projects here, now does map analysis and secret hunts.


https://bioactivesolstice.blogspot.com/ is my blog, named after two maps I made for 2048 Unleashed, both of which were my favorite maps I have actually made. This blog was strictly for JRPG stuff but for 2020 I promise to make some Doom content on it, and it will be bimonthly with new posts every 1st and 15th day of each month.


1. The legacy of H2H-XMAS

2. The legacy of Congestion 1024

3. 5 custom monsters that helped their megawads (and 5 that hurt)

4. Five great Icon of Sin battles (and five that were terrible)

5. Hell Revealed's shoddy legacy

6. What does it mean to be "speedrun-friendly"?

7. "Gimmick" maps

8. The Community Chest Dilemma

9. Sunder's New Direction

10. The playability of IWAD Maps

11. The legacy of TNT MAP30: Last Call

12. The legacy of Doom II MAP24: The Chasm

13. 5 great starting maps (and 5 that were not good at all)