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Current rank: Sith Lord


Former ranks I used to have: Crewman 3rd Class, Assistant to the Assistant to the Regional Manager, Director of WHO DID THIS, Vicar of St Loony Up the Cream Bun and Jam, Mayor of Michael Delving, Chief Rabbit of Efrafa, Nova Prime, The Stonecutter's Chosen One, Sunrunner, Minister for Magic, Hero of Bowerstone, Tisroc, GDI Commander, Le Grand Schtroumpf, Shadeslayer, Legendary Defender of Ascalon, Rakghoul's Bane, King of Eternia, Champion of the Naaru, Mayor of Whoville, Chieftain of the Dundain, Grand Poobah, Inheritor, King of Brobdingnag, Barrayaran Imperial Auditor, Guardian of the Gates, Chief Judge of Mega-City One, Demon Lord, District Count of Barrayar, Mushroom King, Dread Pirate Roberts, 00 Agent, Protector of the Realm, Star Gladiator, Seeker of Truth, Mayor of Mega-City One, Capo De Tutti Capi, Most Worshipful Grand Master