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  1. NuMetalManiak

    Your favorite WAD's to just kick back and relax playing?

    I have way too many to list. I'd say for relaxingly decent gameplay, pcorf's maps always have you covered.
  2. <-- Doomworld Handle Skill level: I am versatile with anything from regular, to 90's, to slaughterfests, to Maximum Doom maps. Preferred difficulty level(s): ITYTD/HNTR, HMP, AND UV. Yes, I play on each and every skill setting if applicable, except Nightmare but I'll probably play with Respawn monsters at the most Maximum number of maps in a set: any and all Minimum number of maps in a set: any and all Preferred genres: I don't care Genres you don't like: asshole wads Preferred source ports: Basically anything that's boom-compatible Source ports refused: anything obscure Demos or written comments: actually don't know how to record anything at all like Nevander Notes: I actually don't play this game as much as I used to but if I have a free hand I'll let you know by randomly playtesting your map without your permission.
  3. NuMetalManiak

    New Ways to Play Old Levels

    Having replayed a shit-ton of famous wads, what I am doing nowadays is speeding through them all with respawning monsters. I'm not sure if this is what the OP meant but since I'm already accustomed to replaying custom wads on all difficulty settings, playing for a 100% items/secrets run on respawning monsters makes the action a lot better. Or
  4. NuMetalManiak

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    People who hate rustlers like me, a.k.a. easily rustled people also those who hate pain elementals because they are literally the only harmless monster in the game beside the Commander keen and Romero head.
  5. NuMetalManiak

    What do you think DoomGuy couldn't win against?

    technically speaking, said god would be the player of his game. In other words, he is no match for the person who plays him, the person who's actions can get him through or get him killed.
  6. NuMetalManiak

    Thoughts on the /idgames archive?

    It's fine the way it is
  7. NuMetalManiak

    What is Doomguy's race?

    Doomguy's race shouldn't matter. We don't see it in his sprite and we probably don't need to see it. If you want to, mod his sprite so he looks like what you want.
  8. NuMetalManiak

    Level design tropes you use

    These are old screenshots of a map I made, but I have a habit of NOT using copy/paste with things and trying to make every structure look unique, in this case, the trees.
  9. NuMetalManiak

    Name a single distinctive trait from each decade of Doom mapping

    90's - Maximum Doom levels 00's - Community projects from many forums that were alive back then 10's - Art Whoever does MAP17 better do Andy Leaver's style very well then since I know he's retired from mapping. OMG 3000th post
  10. NuMetalManiak

    Object "32"

    nicely done exploratory map that proves to be quite the challenge to get through.
  11. NuMetalManiak

    Doomed Space Wars

    this is quite possibly Paul's most ambitious work to date, with medium-sized levels with proportionate and disproportionate combat throughout the entire set. expect lots of traps, expect arena fights, expect walking on bridges over instadeath pits because this is clearly based off of Star Wars, known for its voids and shit. also expect the unexpected, weird side stuff like the Wolfenstein and Mario easter eggs, this is worth at least one play. best of all these new monsters are all generally well-fitting into the set as a whole except maybe the Afrit, and the Chaos Elemental is a pretty good boss. still very challenging and proves you can have a challenging set without having walls of monsters.
  12. NuMetalManiak

    Old Doom Habits Die Hard

    I still save a game exactly so that the thumbnail shows a monster in the middle of their death animation.
  13. NuMetalManiak

    Do People Really Like Classic Doom For What It Is?

    anything goes in my opinion so I pick both.
  14. can I just point out one more time that I wasn't actually complaining at all? I want this grudge to stop because I don't exactly know when it started. Good players want good aspects. The matter is completely subjective and I don't know what else to say about it. Completely forgot about this and I'm running through some Maximum Doom maps right now, hah.
  15. This all happened because of the last part of my first post in this thread, which was made to spite exactly who I expected it to. Honestly you never even learn, do you?
  16. I'm actually not even that bad of a player
  17. NuMetalManiak

    Secret levels

    Secret levels should be seen as "high risk, high rewards"
  18. NuMetalManiak

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Starting to replay Community Chest 2 in GZDoom, because something is interesting me here... Usually when I shoot enemies close to a wall in a ZDoom-based port, they leave a blood splatter like the one in the middle of this door. But there is one above it that I swear, I don't see this blood splatter in any other WAD I've played so far. I wonder if its unique to this WAD.
  19. NuMetalManiak

    Doom 64 for Doom II

    it should be obvious to those who are playing this that this is NOT another Doom 64 TC. it's recreating the levels of Doom 64 as Doom II levels, which is why you see other monsters and a few changes to layout as well. i'm not gonna give this a good score though. but this may be because I just don't like Doom 64's levels in general. even when you cut out the atmosphere and enhance the gameplay and layout of the maps here there's still some bashful puzzles to solve and well, the levels are longer than they really are. my Doom 64 opinion of course.
  20. NuMetalManiak

    What are you listening to?

    well I said Leviathan might by my favorite then this comes along
  21. -bad platforming that has either very strict straferunning jumps or has awful penalties for falling (or just no way out), only really applies if the platforming is required to progress with the level -random voodoo dolls for no reason like in TUD's CC1 levels -mancubi and cyberdemons in major abundance -putting chaingunners in turreted positions when I really want to get a chaingun right now -crushers with ZERO or room for error. Those who literally cannot play professionally will never be unscathed by them. -W1 Floor Start Moving Up and Down/Perpetual lifts are never good at all. -poor usage of the 667 tag that can ruin some MAP07s -lack of pain elementals -terrible usage of fake walls (like in MAP26 of Vile Flesh for hiding one particular secret, combining with a very precise jump, and of course MAP22 of TNT and the arch-viles behind them). -the apparent generalization that when someone bitches about an aspect, they will pretend to use it for their next map just to spite them. Fight me you nonce.
  22. NuMetalManiak

    What do you love most about Doom?

    -Lost souls and Pain elementals: The best monsters ever -great mapping utilities -replayability -monster infighting -gibbing zombiemen
  23. NuMetalManiak

    Recommendations for a good, balanced megawad

    Going Down may have mostly slaughtermaps, but if you play on the easiest settings and figure out where all the invulnerabilities are in each level, it's one of those wads you can just breeze through given that they are all short maps. Recently just replayed Vile Flesh. It's long, but pedestrian enough for new players I guess? Also FYI, only very few maps in AV count as slaughtermaps, the majority of the other ones are exactly on Plutonia's level of difficulty.
  24. NuMetalManiak


    Only good answer to this thread
  25. NuMetalManiak

    Favorite Doom music track?

    yeah we've had this topic before, but as far as IWAD tracks go, I actually like none of them now. Not even the Evilution tracks are good anymore.