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  1. Monster and item placement are the big ones to consider. Think about the maps that starve you of resources and also make you fight off certain setpieces while limited. Layout of a map can also play a major factor.
  2. NuMetalManiak

    Best Doom TCs

    I have my list of favorites here. Of course I haven't really explored every single TC so I dunno about all of them.
  3. NuMetalManiak

    Are you into clothing?

    My general consensus on fashion is that I never look like a potential victim of a crime out in public. Casual attire that doesn't expose anything works well, as does headwear that looks badass in general is what I tend to wear. At home in private I just experiment with what I have.
  4. Review of The Modest Mapping Challenge


    so yet another megawad, yet another community project, and I must be getting old, because I recognize less and less names in the community nowadays who participate in these projects. the overall gist is that this is a project which is in Doom 2 format, where each mapper who participates must use a maximum of 40 sectors. so it's like 10 sectors except times four. then, you are limited to only using four monster types, which is four times 1 Monster. I guess Four Is Death. but the last limitation will likely raise some eyebrows, as it basically says that there is no SSG allowed. a weapon that can balance itself well against Doom II's bestiary, and it is cancelled completely for this project.


    nevertheless, modesty is the name of the game, and that's what these map layouts offer...modesty. don't expect supremely fancy Ribbiks architecture, expect more modest, 90s-style layouts that really do remind you of 10 Sectors the megawad. most maps are short, but several outliers exist, like Blue_Juice's two maps, which I actually don't like. this is an episode-driven megawad, with not only death exits but also episode selection from the main menu. there's going to be slaughtermaps, special mention goes to both secret maps which are stupid and silly levels where shotgun guy hordes basically kill themselves trying to kill you. I can surmise it's likely that players will miss that SSG for the entire megawad.


    a combination of rules set out to make a megawad that multiples and combines aspects of classic limitation megawads, and the result turned out exactly as its namesake, modest. some maps will be weak, there's no getting around that. at the most this set as a whole is just modest.

  5. NuMetalManiak

    What is the worst official Doom/Doom II/Final Doom level?

    E3M1 (edit for response below) Yup E3M1 has a dumb start, having imps and cacos to deal with just a pistol, sure you can run past them. Then there's the boring demon corridor before the last few rooms. It fails as a level and it fails as a linear level. E3M2 is more fun, several nooks, nonlinearity, and tried to be artistic in some sense.
  6. NuMetalManiak

    Most overpowered fictional characters

    Literally any character in a Nippon Ichi game like Disgaea who hits the maximum character level (usually 9999) with the maximum weapon skill levels, maxed out skill levels, and maxed out equipment levels. Bonus if they are an exceptionally tough-to-get class like a Divine Majin in Disgaea or the Gideons in Soul Nomad. Bonus bosses be damned.
  7. NuMetalManiak

    Happy Fourth of July

    I just grilled for a cookout in the backyard. It was decent. Glad to be safe at home and not elsewhere this holiday.
  8. NuMetalManiak

    Time spent waiting for lifts

    If your lift or wall takes minutes to drop all the way down even after I have finished all the combat in the area, your map is bad by default.
  9. NuMetalManiak

    why are so many topics being closed to further replies?

    A lot of those reasons tend to happen because someone doesn't respond well to a nitpick.
  10. NuMetalManiak

    why are so many topics being closed to further replies?

    The thing to note about a closed thread is that at least it could be reopened depending on the circumstances, like the thread a couple of months ago with Torm's alleged plagiarism being closed because it delved into drama and fuck but then it opened again once Torm returned in order to clarify things. Just be glad your thread wasn't deleted. You can look back on it still.
  11. It's quite obvious the majority of maps in Sunder fit this bill. Other choices are Dimensions or most Ribbiks maps. Don't think any official IWAD level can compare to those.
  12. NuMetalManiak

    Greatest posts on Doomworld - - ¡All Time Greatest!

    Pages 13 through 30 feature idSoftware981 and his ambitions for what Doom 2016 were. The fact that it spans multiple pages for five entire months makes this one of the ironically best moments of DW.
  13. NuMetalManiak


    puzzle wads tend to have extremely mixed reception, as the execution of puzzles in them can often lead to gameplay people aren't used to, or potential exploits that can skip or perhaps softlock the player. that and most puzzles are usually just switch hunts which tend to be the most overused puzzle aspect of all. throughout the years, these gimmicks and puzzles are seen in spades, but rarely have there ever been entire megawads dedicated to some sort of puzzle concept. Cyberdreams is surprisingly an old example of one that does this, and it does this well. you don't get a single weapon to use to battle the cyberdemons, heck you're not battling the cyberdemons, but running around them, avoiding their rockets, and killing them in creative ways, such as telefrags, crushers, anything that would get rid of them and can exit the map. innovative for its time and it still holds up, which is why it's one of the best puzzle wads for Doom. there can be bugs still though, notable when crushing the cyberdemons on the ones that have stair triggers, on ZDoom ports it doesn't crush and kill them but simply immobilizes the cyberdemon. this is a problem with MAP19's cybers, who get stuck and you have to get past them to reach the exit teleporter. also sometimes the cybers are completely immobile on ZDoom ports in some areas, like MAP14 and MAP28. key maps to note: MAP11: numerous triggers to deal with while running around a central cyberdemon. MAP12: one of the harder ones with nothing but a ring and two cybers to deal with, plus shootable switches. tighter than it should be. MAP31: shoot voodoo doll with pistol, but cyber can interfere. MAP32: run up, then switches, then back and forth, then Commander Keens should be shot by the cyber. both secret levels modify the imp and zombieman sounds so it looks like a voodoo doll is talking MAP17: an interesting yet annoying moment with having to deal with a multi-teleporting cyberdemon, then two later on. MAP23: my favorite, continually dodge fire as platform rises, go use switches and go back, then the platform lowers all the way and you have to dodge again. MAP25: hardest map, arena is small and the safe zone is in the middle but you want the cyber crushed under the outer ring and you need to make him cooperate. MAP29: fun track section never gets old.
  14. As others have said, its the underwhelming of the monsters and weapons that really sort of ruins Heretic. Also nerfing the tomed weapons against boss monsters and the inventory system made hoarding quite a dealbreaker.
  15. NuMetalManiak

    Valley of Saints

    well done Heretic level with decent pacing overall. as usual I like it when maps aren't cryptic in progression and this has none of that. plenty of decent combat moments and the secrets are also not tough to find.
  16. NuMetalManiak


    you have the atmospheric title screen and music to get you started, then the senses come in as soon as you start the map. it's certified to have that feeling of dread, on a derelict techbase overrun by monsters. there were a few texture errors and the gameplay has it rough on ammo (a real slow-pacer if anything). at least the sense of level flow works out well enough that there weren't any real issues. it's worth a go.
  17. Do not install KB4560960, guys

  18. NuMetalManiak

    What's the most annoying thing in the classic DOOM games?

    -Enemies that attack behind invisible walls (very common in Evilution) -E3M1 as a whole
  19. NuMetalManiak

    What is the scariest classic Doom level?

    Halls of the Damned for sure. Also maybe Tricks and Traps? I remember the suspense of wondering what could be behind any of the doors.
  20. NuMetalManiak

    Your opinion on Serious Sam franchise.

    I remember this series more for its epic music more than anything these days. I remember getting into the series by watching GalleyUK's playthrough videos (did he delete channel?) and then playing them well they were quite fun: level design is linear, there's barely any puzzle, the game gets straight to the point with the action. SS2 is over-ridden with cartoonish moments which sort of brought it down but SS3 isn't bad. Unpopular opinion: TFE is harder than TSE. TSE has longer levels and more arenas or gauntlet runs, but most are surprisinigly easy to control or choke. Phobus mentioned the swarms of Marsh Hoppers earlier and they are some of the harder battles, particularly since that game lacked the weapons and powerups that would make them and other battles easy to cheese.
  21. NuMetalManiak

    What is a Good name for a Doom Wad?

    A good name in general has a rather appealing name, something that fits in with the level or episode theme. Whatever your level is themed as, give it the most interesting name you can think of. One thing I like to do is look for the predominant color in a map, and then find synonymous words that fit in with it, then a predominant feature using the same procedure (so for example, if it's predominantly brown and has lots of brown liquid, something like Gravy Potato or Sepia Streamline would work)
  22. NuMetalManiak

    which doom wad/mod has stuck with you the most?

    Golden Souls 2 Fragport Ancient Aliens Epic 2 Eviternity Alien Vendetta UAC Ultra
  23. NuMetalManiak

    Automap and map marks.

    The obvious answer is to use them for those special yellow switch puzzle maps from Eternal Doom and Epic 2 (MAP12 and MAP28, respectively). Although markers can have many uses besides that, I prefer to put them in larger levels that have doors that can open for later too. Also Eternal Doom's markers are green instead of gray on the automap. It's a somewhat neat touch to actually replace the marker graphics to make them more visible.
  24. Requiem MAP16 AV MAP18 UAC Ultra MAP11 CC2 MAP23 CC4 MAP21 Kama Sutra MAP27 Going Down MAP24 Eternal Doom MAP11 Ancient Aliens MAP25 Eviternity MAP32 Hell Revealed 2 MAP26 Sunlust MAP20 Hellbound MAP14 Epic 2 MAP28 Scythe 2 MAP20