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Everything posted by NuMetalManiak

  1. I think my username shows what I really like as far as music tastes go, but I like more or less all rock and most metal genres (at least those with good vocals in case). Not to forget video game soundtracks. I wonder if I'm the only one here who has a guilty pleasure in reggae.
  2. NuMetalManiak

    What are the hardest maps you've ever played?

    One that doesn't get mentioned often, but immediately comes to mind for me, is Aeternum MAP01. This is a BRUTAL starting map for me, there's a ton of exposure right off the bat and little places to hide away from. Even to this day this set gives me more challenge than Skillsaw's other sets.
  3. Megawad releases of 2021 so far (dates are idgames releases):


    Refracted Reality (6/12)

    Half Moon (6/9)
    GOTTAGOFAST (5/30)

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 54: dead.ass (5/30)
    Doom 2 In Spain Only (5/15)
    Imperfect Hatred (5/14)
    Short Maps for Short People 3 (4/24)
    Gridlock 64 (4/24)
    Destroy Hell (4/23)
    Micro-Slaughter Community Project (4/23)

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 53 (4/15)
    Project Unity (4/12)

    Tenth Gear (4/11)
    Plutonia 7: Going to the Hell (4/3)

    Clandestine Castle Crashing (3/15)

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 52 (3/15)
    Bourgeois Megawad (3/8)
    Haunting Outbreak (2/27)

    DOOM: Damnation (2/14)

    Pandemonium Speed Maps Vol 1 (2/6)
    The 128kb mapping extravagant "challenge" (1/31)

    3x3 (1/31)

    DBP31: Santa's Outback Bender (1/31)

    Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (1/31)
    Hellevator (1/24)

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 50 (1/16)
    The UnMaking (1/1)
    Switcheroom 2 (1/1)


    also including non-idgames releases and megawads in beta.

    Tarnsman's Projectile Hell

    Gates of Death

    Haunting Outbreak 2


    About 33 so far, and I know I'm probably missing a few, but this year of the megawad might beat 2020. April was a month of releases for sure.

  4. NuMetalManiak

    [NOW ON IDGAMES] Fragor Portum, 5 Space Base Boom Levels for DOOM 2

    MAP01: Pretty nice. Ran around a lot from enemies but there wasn't much trouble even on UV. MAP02: Also played well, a few more challenges and I liked the hub area. MAP03: I wasn't able to complete this level. I think the problem here is there seems to be no sector tagged 15 and no other way to get to the other train (the one just after the archviles) and none of the other doors are opening. MAP04: Most fun level so far, however linedefs 6401, 6414, 6451, 6454, 6457, 6460, are all W1 so only one monster in each closet comes in. MAP05: Neat six-key setpiece slaughter-lite level, with the BFG battle and the orange key area being standouts. I liked it overall. But another thing that is bothering me about the set as a whole, and I'm actually not sure if it's my end or not, but none of the switch textures or animated falls/liquids seem to be animating.
  5. Awesome to see two more megawads come in! Will be bug hunting as usual. MAP12 of Halfmoon1.wad, it's possible to get stuck in sector 46 if you don't lower the computer map secret before using the lift near the exit. MAP25 of Halfmoon1.wad, thing 109 (health bonus) is in the inescapable pit.
  6. NuMetalManiak

    Anime is weird

    A lot of cartoon premises are weird just by nature, the writers come up with some wacky premise and stick with it while incorporating the ways to make it entertaining, both with plot and art style. I would love to see any kind of originality again both in art style and in plot devices or so. It’s sad that most modern western cartoons/animations don’t feel that original anymore. Or maybe it’s me already used to all the old plot devices and drawing styles.
  7. The Evil Unleashed - Fun 1994 episode replacement with slaughter-lite gameplay.
  8. NuMetalManiak

    Metroidvania Style Wad?

    Some that come to mind are Bury My Heart Knee Deep (was built to be like a Metroidvania) and Ar Luminae (though you should have a really good computer to play it). Both nonlinear with lots of locations to go. Several Infraworld levels from @StormCatcher.77 can count as well, they're big with lots of places.
  9. NuMetalManiak

    Title Screen Appreciation post

    This one is an animation between the droids and other monsters but it's cool.
  10. NuMetalManiak

    Strangest unwanted Twitter suggestions

    Twitter's ads and trending section tends to always be like this. Although I forgot the password to my account a long time ago I still go to see what's up with Twitter every now and then and I often get a bunch of ads about mayonnaise (not joking on this one). Kpop spam for some reason trends at least once a month, and usually on subjects that have nothing to do with Kpop.
  11. NuMetalManiak

    Delirium [Boom mapset, cl9] [BETA]

    MAP06: Sector 489 has tag 100 but no way to lower it, looks like it's tied with BFG secret bridge or something but it wasn't really needed to get it. Good wad overall, but VERY CHALLENGING.
  12. NuMetalManiak

    Most and Least Favorite Game or Game Series

    Here's mine for the RPG genre Best: Suikoden, even despite the turn-based combat and numerous gameplay, Konami excelled heavily in the game plots and the tie-ins to later games, plus with lots of characters, interesting war battles and duels, and excellent music there's so much to take in. Worst: An obscure one known as Deep Dungeon which had four games. All were dungeon crawlers but were basically poor man's Wizardry without a lot of the really fun elements of those games. I don't really dislike any other RPG franchises.
  13. NuMetalManiak

    What browser do you use?

    Chrome by habit, but I have Firefox on standby. may stop using chrome because for some reason a couple of adblockers I used to use somehow stopped working on Chrome (one stopped blocking ads entirely and the other crashed every page and had me reinstall chrome, on both cases I never changed any settings so I’m trying to figure out wtf went with them)
  14. Requiem MAP24 is known for its starvation gameplay but there is a super secret ammo cache if you examine a hallway wall closely and then go down a lift, which seems to have the brunt of the supplies.
  15. NuMetalManiak

    Do profile pictures change your perception of a user?

    Hi there.
  16. NuMetalManiak

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    -I still like Super Sonic Doom despite numerous glaring flaws. -Hall maps > Romero maps > American maps > Petersen maps In other words you've become accustomed to seeing what could lie ahead, although even then you could still be surprised! Especially when you start playing on the higher skill settings. If things start to become predictable, try playing things differently (different skill setting, different path, etc). I love doing this. Makes things funner.
  17. I am SO glad I can search up Locked threads in the custom search function.

  18. NuMetalManiak

    [Megawad] Tarnsman's Projectile Hell - Release

    Just beat it all now. Bugs here. E1M5: Teleport destinations 589, 590, and 591 are only flagged for Hard difficulty, making one secret impossible on lower settings E2M3 (probably a few others from before): one of the weird things I notice about the teleport closets is that some have conveyors on them and sometimes the monsters in them (demons in the case of E2M3) are fighting the conveyor and don't teleport. E2M4: Sector 1131 doesn't have a tag like the other sectors with tag 25, one demon missed. E3M2: One mancubus never teleported. Upon inspecting it it seems that the sector it's on with Tag 12 seems to stop short on the triangle sector (431) instead of going all the way down. E3M9: Sector 2 is an inaccessible secret sector. E3M7: Teleport destinations 561, 883, and 884 not flagged for ITYTD/HNTR. E3M8: Teleport destinations 130, 131, and 132 not flagged for ITYTD/HNTR. E4M2: Sector 613 with Tag 50 doesn't have a teleport destination, so one monster doesn't come in, teleport destinations 360 and 361 are only flagged on Hard difficulty. Also the exit door can be opened without the red key. E4M6: Teleport destination 152 only flagged on Hard difficulty, many places to get stuck cause of this.
  19. NuMetalManiak

    [Limit-Removing] Tetraptykon

    I'll echo mostly what others said, especially Killer5 and Veinen. Generally fun old-school slaughter, with the HR2 music only adding to the old-school feel. Definitely good for casual players, even those who hate slaughtermaps can actually find this to be a fun one to stroll through. Beginning of MAP02 and pretty much all of MAP04 were the standouts for me. No bugs to report!
  20. NuMetalManiak

    Fat Reward & Ticket Home | My Farewell (all Chapters online)

    I hate you.
  21. NuMetalManiak

    The Mucus Flow?

    One of the weird things about this map, and also about Community Chest 2 as a whole in a few other maps, is how it seemed to be playtested. According to the wiki, yes, there's several bugs in this level. For those playing on ports under PrBoom+, you won't ever be able to get to that super secret that crushes the remaining hitscanners the teleport closet, since the secret requires that Use passes thru special lines, and people playing on PrBoom+ or higher can have this option on to get the secret. Which means that the max amount of secrets in ports under PrBoom+ will be 37%, and PrBoom+ or higher is 62% (you still have the crate secrets that are inaccessible without noclip, but that must've just been an editing mistake there). Heck, one particular switch a bit after that secret is also not usable pre-PrBoom+ as well. I too think the author playtested this in ZDoom only, which isn't the best of ideas. Certainly not the only one who did it in this wad as MAP20 has a secret that requires a certain ZDoom build version to increase arch-vile jump height that is no longer a thing. For the oP, keep watching that video, or other demos, in order to see how to actually get through it without dying. Don't be afraid to save (unless you're heading for a saveless run, good luck there if you are).
  22. NuMetalManiak

    Donuts - 11 Boom Maps (Now on idgames)

    Huh, I felt like I recognized some of these levels! They look a lot better than before with the next texturing and the gameplay is definitely top notch.
  23. NuMetalManiak

    Infraworld - Coma Moonlight

    Having just finished up Refracted Reality, I just had to play this next. Echoing others' sentiments, very vertically well made level with surprisingly easy combat. Can definitely be a bit confusing where to go, but I got a good idea, find glowing pads, find rune keys, use bouncy pads (gotta say that they are a bit iffy at times to use. I think there were a few mods that allowed you to change your momentum when using bounce pads, but can't remember their names, might be worth looking into though since these pads don't allow you to change momentum mid-jump). Things certainly startled me in a number of ways, a few enemies teleport right in front of me at rude times, but most were demons and weren't that tough. I don't mind it being easy at all. An easy map that looks great is better than a hard map that looks great!
  24. NuMetalManiak

    [FINAL RELEASE] Refracted Reality

    I am actually genuinely surprised my crappy desktop rig can play these levels, where only MAP02 and the hub map have framerate issues. On MAP01 right now, teleport destinations 624 and 907 are not flagged for first two skill settings, so an arch-vile and a bunch of cacos won't teleport in on the lowest settings. MAP03: Teleport destination 271 not flagged for first setting. Pretty important since I got stuck here on this skill setting.