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  1. NuMetalManiak

    I love Youtube's war on ad-blockers

    Add some filters to remove the pop-up. Delete any site cookies involving Youtube (to be on the safe side I actually remove every non-website cookie every now and then). Removing cookies does mean you have your settings reset, but if you're like me and don't have a Youtube account and are only browsing videos this isn't an issue. Remember when they had yellow ad markers in videos? They clearly got rid of them because they know that their audiences don't care about their ads and get rid of the ads before starting to watch content. Also remember when ads were just a sidebar on the bottom of the video? side note: I made the mistake of listening to a "turn off your adblocker pop-up" on a different site and when I disabled my adblocker my whole browser became totally unresponsive. Many of the sites with this feature are already rich from ad content enough anyways.
  2. MAP20: On Easy settings, monsters 421-428 (all Hell knights) all have the Ambush flag and won't spawn in.
  3. NuMetalManiak

    Make Your Own Doom Cheat Code

    IDANARCHY - make all monsters mass-infight within the level (similar to Heretic)
  4. NuMetalManiak

    What doom map deserved to be in top 100 most memorable maps?

    If there was a 101st one I would say that could honorably honorably go to Killer Colours (AV MAP31). It's already in the sidebar for Runners Up and had a great concept of everything being blue, then green, then red, with appropriate monsters and interesing ventures throughout. This particular level has most certainly inspired several future levels and/or areas in levels after it due to the nature of color usage.
  5. NuMetalManiak

    What are some infamous people here?

    darkexodus is the first one that comes to my mind. He's the one who made Nazi Auferstehung, one of those worst wads that looks super ambitious but was really just a bunch of Slige levels with a bunch of stolen content (including multiple IWAD copies). On the forums he basically pressed Enter after every few or so words so his posts looked really dumb and pretended to be autistic or something as a defense. Backstory here. There's probably another non-Helled thread I missed though.
  6. NuMetalManiak

    Nostalgic Doom tracks

    Literally all of them are nostalgic to me but the biggest one is Mark Klem's Hidden Anger by far.
  7. NuMetalManiak

    Ripoff usernames

    Barsnap Ogre Darner TheWimpyPinsir OutCast Ladders lightinflux Incarceration Gallade Ra kepler01Win9531 iQb mrsthejanenom WaspNew musket Theebs Quake Dudette COMPOSITEVAL
  8. NuMetalManiak

    GRB's guess the map game

    Slightly easier than previous
  9. There's a lot of obscure progression in many 2023 wads I've noticed. Wish I could play several of them but WORK FUCKING SUCKS I would hate to take months to play just one wad but it feels like I got no choice (unless I can sneak a game in during off-time).

    1. Endless


      The less free time we have, the less we enjoy those switch hunts lol

  10. NuMetalManiak

    GRB's guess the map game

    Doom 2 MAP17? Doom 2 MAP22? Dunno, looks like Ultimate Doom This looks so familiar but it's not coming to me Dunno Doom E1M2 Probably Doom E1M4 Bonus is Requiem MAP09
  11. NuMetalManiak

    What are you?

    I make guides for game mods because no one else does it and I am girlier than all of you combined.
  12. NuMetalManiak

    Mappers you wish to see make a comeback

    It always interested me that Andre Arsenault made just one level ever (MAP16 Deepest Reaches of TNT) and then he disappeared.
  13. Well when you title a map "Hard to Find" I am gonna assume that something is hard to find and yes that secret was a hard one to figure out. But by looking in an editor and seeing where the keen was and how to use it to unlock the 666 wall it makes sense. It's kinda like when you have a shootable switch that is slightly above your level but there's no other way to shoot it other than using the SSG spread that goes slightly vertical.
  14. Secret descriptions are done after two weeks. Small thanks to @TheV1perK1ller for videos on some of the maps to help me understand them better, at least until I ended up having to do the rest on my own.
  15. Spiderdemon HP should be much larger so that it isn't such a disappointing final boss in most cases.
  16. NuMetalManiak

    What track from Doom annoys you the most?

    Uh, are you talking about AimShootKill? That's the song on Habitat (and Heck). Let's Kill at Will was only on MAP11 and has a number of chords to it.
  17. NuMetalManiak

    I C H I N I C H I (32-map megawad)

    On MAP10 it's possible to jump into the two courtyards at the northwest end (they both have a revenant and cacodemon, sectors 213 and 243). However it's not possible to head back so there's a softlock with those courtyards.
  18. NuMetalManiak

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Plutonia Revisited Community Project 2

    From what I remember: NSAS was made with the intention of being a collaboration where I'd do one-half of a layout and send it over to an interested party to do a second half, however that may go. In the end I made a level that...was about the size of an average Plutonia level. Oops. Regardless, about 90% of the map was actually my initial doing. Archi added specifically the alternate exit, the YK subquest, and a couple of rooms at the south end, plus some gameplay balancing. The main ideas were of course the dangerous hub with the archie and yes I wanted that annoyance of the resurrecting chaingunners, but after clearing out specific sections you crush one arch-vile allowing you to safely kill one chaingunner. The sewer part really does suck and I just Whispers of Satan'd it, for lack of a better term. It was the last area I finished and I didn't know what else to do (also the NE caged monster I wanted an arch-vile but I was told it would screw with speedrunners more). Cheesewheel's MAP15 is really fun by the way. Also funny Himari avatar @HiMyNameIsChair
  19. NuMetalManiak

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Are you hiding something under that hair?
  20. NuMetalManiak

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    I can't trust any angel. ANY. ANGEL. FUCK ANGELS! BURN THEM ALL!
  21. NuMetalManiak

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    With a bowl-cut like that I'm not screwed at all.
  22. NuMetalManiak

    The Shining and Phantasy Star video game series

    When I referenced Phantasy Star I actually referenced the first game in particular, since that was the only one in the series which had dungeon-crawling segments in first person. The sequels after it had what you might see in other JRPGs, the top-down view. PS4 is definitely the true best in Phantasy Star. The first game was decent but does require a lot of grinding to get the best equipment as money is quite scarce. PS2 is more colorful but even more difficult, requiring even more grinding and also some maps to use for the dungeons because they can be difficult to navigate through. PS3 is less severe on difficulty but takes a long time (especially if you want to go through all the generation stories, since the path splits depending on who your main character at the time marries, the son takes the mantle and gets two of the previous party members plus different ones later on). There's a lot of universe-building by following the storyline in these games. The first has the three main planets Palma, Motavia, and Dezoris, while PS2 takes place years after that with most of Motavia being terraformed and Palma not being accessible in the main game for certain story reasons. PS3 is actually really confusing in storyline though since it all takes place on this weird ship with multiple biodomes, seemingly completely unrelated to the previous worlds. PS4 is mostly Motavia (Motavia is back to being desert again) and Dezoris, but also this new planet in the solar system and has one small reference to PS3, meaning that PS3 really is the black sheep of the franchise. PS4 is certainly the most fun and accessible, best plot overall, explains what the Dark Force villain (present in all previous games) is actually about, and is the most recommendable.
  23. NuMetalManiak

    The Shining and Phantasy Star video game series

    I'm not a fan of Shining Force, but I did play the original and the Sword of Halja game. They both have the same tactical RPG mechanics and different character classes and all (I personally like the birdmen ones) a la Fire Emblem or so. But the battle mechanics are weird to me, since it's up to RNG entirely whether your attack misses or you attack twice in one go. And experience gained is based on damage dealt, so if you miss YOU GET NOTHING. The game has a very odd quirk where you can retreat from any battle and redo it from scratch with all experience retained, which I think may be intended. Maybe I just don't like the RNG in these games compared to other RPGs. I have played a game called Shining in the Darkness before. It's also a Genesis game, you have up to three party members and it's a first person dungeon crawler RPG like the first Phantasy Star or the early Might & Magic/Wizardry games. Not much else to say, all the action takes place in a labyrinth. And the other game I know in the series is Shining Wisdom. This one is a lot like the top-down Legend of Zelda games and is a Sega Saturn game. It's a wonky game overall and I don't like how enemies respawn in this one, but it tried. So of the games I know of, two are tactical RPGs, one is a M&M/Wizardry-style dungeon crawler, and the other is an action-adventure Zelda-like game. From what I read in other games, they will have mechanics that are like any of the above (namely, any game with "Force" in the title will be a tactical RPG).
  24. NuMetalManiak

    How Do You Name Your Game Saves?

    I have always named a saved game "ty".
  25. NuMetalManiak

    Girly WADs?

    Final Fantasy Doom isn't perfect due to level layouts being plain and sometimes devoid of enemies but they did try colorful and cartoonish textures, proper FF music, and you play as a Moogle. It's a TC that I really wish could have had its resources used for future WADs.