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  1. Wincarthym

    Doom 64 EX Mapping Activity

    You have to get the rom (which is only legal if you have the cart (doubt anyone cares)) and then use wadgen. Anyways, i'm totally in favor of a community project and I'd even like to make a map or two for it. Count me in.
  2. Wincarthym

    Death Match Revival--Rebooted under new management

    Once again, I will be willing to critic or play test any map handed to me and provide a complete and well-detailed opinion on it, what could be better and what fits well. Thank you.
  3. Wincarthym


    Which one was yours?
  4. Wincarthym


    My apologies for bumping a thread for no particular reason, but I come to see some things have happened to DMR and I am interested in how this will play out. If DMR is released, I will certainly be sure to review it again. I would've offered to become the manager but i'm terribly busy. I'm developing a few maps myself, as well as a full horror mod, I also have a job and family to deal with. If anyone requires advice or a review I will certainly be willing to help.
  5. Wincarthym

    A doom 64 revolution?

    I actually really wonder if we could successfully port Doom 64 into zDoom 100%. This would give EVERYONE leverage in modding with Doom 64 resources, and it would be absolutely wonderful. with Zandronum I also see some really fun multiplayer capabilities.
  6. Wincarthym

    A doom 64 revolution?

    I'm not sure what it is, but i've been noticing an influx of Doom 64 projects and content in the Doom community. I myself have been working on something (that i'm not prepared to reveal yet). I'm curious to know where exactly all of this is coming from? My theory is that people got interested in Doom 64 EX and started seeing what they could do with THAT, and then started moving onto zdoom/etc. Of course i've always found Doom 64 to be my favorite Doom even with all the stuff it lacks from other dooms (particularly monsters and graphics) but it looks great, the puzzles are hard, the environments are atmospheric and even scary at times, and most of all, provides great challenge.
  7. Wincarthym


    There's the problem. You see, These things were left out of more recent deathmatch for a reason. Because people didn't like them. They were annoying, and they gradually moved out of it because it didn't add to the map. And trust me, you don't want 90's deathmatch. You want at least very late 90's and early 00's, because early 90's deathmatch was just awful. I mean, by your logic you should put monsters in these maps too to be truely authentic. Trying not to come off as rude, but trust me, these changes are for the better.
  8. Wincarthym


    Indeed. See, the problem is, The Grand Void might look nice and seem creative, but when played, it's just terrible. I mean, no offense to the mapper, but it just does not play like a death match map. You can probably craft it into some kind of coop map. Hell, that would actually play a lot better. It's good to see you didn't go all "u fukin faggit ur reviw is sht" or something of that matter. Keep in mind the difference between, "E1 Deathmatch", and, "A really fucking big deathmatch map". There's a way you can recreate E1 without making Spaceport. And for Judgement, my biggest issue is the death pits. I don't know if there's a way out, but I couldn't find one. The music is mostly my opinion, and for some maps, I don't know if people just enjoy that really loud and obnoxious bells and screeching but I guess some do. In some cases the music just doesn't fit at all. The wad is okay but it needs a lot of work. At least you can agree with most of my views. Visuals do not make a map, height elevation is key, flow is important, and don't eat the yellow snow.
  9. Wincarthym

    [Discussion] On 'Vanilla' Megawads

    From what I read this guy is just tired of doom. Why even play doom now if you don't want "the same old doom"? Why do you play Team Fortress 2? Or Call of Duty? Or even Doom 3? I mean, I've seen the generic toilet water that's been passing through the doom community. For some reason its all about making doom look like Quake <x> and achieving a high linedef count. I mean really? If you want to see "New and innovative", just stop playing Doom. I know that sounds stupid, but there's really only so far you can take Doom before it either doesn't play good or it starts to look ugly. I've seen shit that would actually look great in any other game. My advice is that you either stop playing doom, or play Doom 64. Doom 64 is architecturally superior to every other doom.
  10. Wincarthym


    I was going to do a map for it, but I instead decided to write a review for this wad. http://pastebin.com/Sv9qZJ0t Do take this into consideration.