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Everything posted by Superluigieth1

  1. Superluigieth1

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I used ikspq2 and ikspq3 as basis for the map I'm making.
  2. Superluigieth1

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I'm sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but I am starting to make a map for Quake.
  3. Superluigieth1

    Does this qualify as an edited IWAD level?

    Just either heavily edit it, or remake it and add your edits to it.
  4. Superluigieth1

    REKKR - V1.16

    Well, I want to experiment with the textures so i could probably make a map.
  5. Superluigieth1

    Dusk - Hexen + Quake + Doom

    Watching that trailer reminds me of those cheesy Quake 1 mods with those custom models.
  6. Superluigieth1

    REKKR - V1.16

    Are you going to release a demo, or do I PM you?
  7. Superluigieth1

    No Man's Sky

    Just get the console ports, the PC Version sucks balls right now. If you're triggered, here's a review on Steam.
  8. Superluigieth1

    Giza Invasion

    Heh, TNT Evilution reference
  9. Superluigieth1

    [DOOM I] Phobos Hangar

    Generic name. Generic map. Details: Uses Doom Alpha maps as basis It's map E1M1. https://www.mediafire.com/?x1optcx13skxj2b
  10. Superluigieth1

    [DEMO] Membrane - a standalone game in GZDoom

  11. Superluigieth1

    Markiplier has started the video playthrough of Doom

    no no no no
  12. Superluigieth1

    [DOOM II] DecapDM

    Hello Doomworld, This is an idea I thought about, now here it is. DecapDM (Formerly known as Decapitation Deathmatch). An eleven map Deathmatch set, with maps by you, the community. So you want to participate, huh? Here are the rules: • Please use mediafire.com/download/vgfgxjyyw54ky5o/decaptex.wad]this texture pack. • Make these maps small, with the maximum of 4096 by 4096. • You can have any weapon, but please make BFG and Plasma guns accessed through a switch. • You can only make a maximum of two maps. • You can add MIDIs, but you have to say what it is. • Also, you can make your own MIDIs. • The port is Limit-Removing. • Obviously, it's for Deathmatch. Here are the contributors: • Superluigieth1 • DoomLover234 • Capodecima • NuclearPotato • Noiser • T_Silverwolf Here are the slots: MAP01: Campgrounds by Superluigieth1 MAP02: I See Red by Superluigieth1 MAP03: (untitled) by T_Silverwolf MAP04: (untitled) by DoomLover234 MAP05: Red Zircon by Noiser MAP06: MAP07: (untitled) by Capodecima MAP08: MAP09: MAP10: (untitled) by NuclearPotato MAP11: Have fun, Superluigieth1.
  13. Superluigieth1

    [DOOM II] DecapDM

    Yes. This Mod still exists, and have updated the main.
  14. So, the SNES-CD now has a BIOS. Also, there is a Kickstarter. video time BIOS in action Pat the NES Punk's take on it BIOS ROM!
  15. ok downloading odamex for this only
  16. Superluigieth1


    obsoleted (I realised I posted here.)
  17. Superluigieth1

    Summer is coming!

    This means winter for me.
  18. Superluigieth1

    Kirk or Picard?

    I don't know, so I'm calling for you. +1 Picard
  19. Superluigieth1

    Kirk or Picard?

    I need to contact a moderator for that. Sorry.
  20. Superluigieth1

    Officially* Name a Doom monster

    Okay, I choose the cyber. ;_;
  21. Superluigieth1

    Officially* Name a Doom monster

    Okay, MAP20 for Doom II, the Cyber is named Bob, and the Spidey is named Jim.
  22. Superluigieth1

    Officially* Name a Doom monster

    The four Mancubi on d2map07 are called "The Four Mancubi Gruff", and the aracnotrons on the same map are called "Spiderdemon's army"
  23. Superluigieth1

    Sluggish Websites

    Nice read.
  24. Superluigieth1

    Florida is at it again....

    Speaking of that, I heard they are going to pass another bill in Australia for more strict firearms rules.
  25. Superluigieth1

    Florida is at it again....

    Karma at its finest