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Status Updates posted by Superluigieth1

  1. Goddamn.

    I suffer badly from mappers block. Honestly, I map for two minutes and then I'm done. I have done about seven unreleased projects, and only have about one half-finished map. And guess what? School's almost here for me, so I don't think I will have time to finish anything. I just make about a third, and then BAM! I get mappers block. For me, the only way to overcome this is to just play maps, especially the ones which gave me the idea. I normally map, so you know how I can get mappers block so easily. Is there anyway to overcome this besides playing the maps for my inspiration?

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    2. scifista42


      Make very short maps, so short that you wouldn't run out of ideas/enthusiasm before finishing them, and gradually increase the length of each new map you make.

    3. dg93


      Recycle some elements from your old unfinished maps into the current map you're working on. Also, check out other wads to get inspiration and ideas.

    4. AndrewB
  2. Hello, people of Doomworld. I am having a departure from this site because the "InstaDoom" craze. Even though I commented "10/10 Linguica is god - IGN" I was being sarcastic. I will move on to Half-Life mapping, and learning UnrealScript and mapping for Unreal. And also, If that's not enough, I will be mapping for GTA (2D universe). Goodbye.

    PS: I will be on EE from time to time.

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    2. Yuki Senmatsu

      Yuki Senmatsu

      Wow. 2Complex4me.

      I wish you luck, friend :)

    3. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      GL with your brain problems

    4. GreyGhost


      glenzinho said:

      Does this count as an I'm leaving thread?

      I think it's more of an "I am just going outside and may be some time." thread. ;)