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  1. Demonicus666

    Doom Alpha chat brinksmanship thread

    woot im in guys alpha time cant wait till 8 pm!!!! My steam name is KingGoji1984
  2. Demonicus666

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    RIP Ty you will be missed
  3. Demonicus666


    Yes this snapmap editor looks really neat!! So novice and vertan users can use it! Also interesting is that of course the pc but now the xbox one and ps4 users can create maps. I am also hoping that this new "Doom" will allow mods! Cuase mods are also what gives doom its longevity I think. Slightly off topic but fallout 4 PC mods will work on the ps4 and xbox one .
  4. Demonicus666

    brutal doom v20 error

    im not loading other mods just brutal doom v 20 and doom.wad to try in ultimate doom. still get the same error!! but after launching it with rocket launcher it did work! and thats with other mods doom metal v4 and some older wads! ok thanks guys
  5. Demonicus666

    brutal doom v20 error

    Hey guys I updated my zandronium to v2.0 and my gzdoom is 2.1 pre. While running brutal doom v20 i get error: Execution could not continue. Script error, "brutalv20.pk3:cvarinfo" line 1: cvar 'bd_bloodamount' already exists any help would be great!
  6. Demonicus666

    knee deep in zdoom

    ok thank you!!
  7. Demonicus666

    knee deep in zdoom

    cant get knee deep in zdoom to run. I load up doom.wad as iwad and kdizd_11_pk3 and drag and drop in zdoom . get error Script error, "kdizd_11.pk3:decorate/decorations.txt" line 996: SC_GetFloat: Bad numeric constant "0.4ยด i even tried rocket launcher and no good. im running zdoom 2.8 pre.
  8. Demonicus666

    How to load old doom wads??

    i got it working rocket launcher loaded all the wads!! Thanks for the help guys!
  9. Demonicus666

    How to load old doom wads??

    im even using rocket launcher and this aint working either.
  10. Demonicus666

    How to load old doom wads??

    ok right now im running d1000 and there are two folders doom and doom 2 . For example i click on doom and try for example 1on1.wad and try and drag it to zdoom and my zdoom has the doom.wad and doom2.wad and i drag 1on1.wad into zdoom and it loads up the ultimate doom i click on new game and it just goes to E1M1. I also do not get any error codes.
  11. Demonicus666

    How to load old doom wads??

    Hey guys I have deathday for doom cd and some various shovelware cd's such as doom heaven 1 . I tried loading some of these wads in zdoom, gzdoom , and doom legacy and nothing works. I try to drag and drop as usual for like zdoom and gzdoom but no go . What am I doing wrong??
  12. lol thats hilarious it went from a serious post to a name everyone and everthing ID did they did I did lol
  13. Your right Ceejay I agree lets name them the way they did" I like it alot!
  14. Demonicus666

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    What about including Perditions gate and Hell 2 pay??!!
  15. Perditions gate and Hell 2 pay the way ID did Iwads would be awesome!! I conquer on that one too!