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  1. is there anyway to change it using slade
  2. i need more jump hight and movespeed in my new wad series
  3. need it for a wad im making any monster from doom like games that can be opened with slade
  4. no it comes from a story about a plane where the first rock stars ever died in a plane crash like 3 entire rock stars all at once must of sucked
  5. I play test my wads on hurt me plenty and if I die too much I just add more health packs and armor to the map
  6. i play doom when i was in diapers (which was when i was a baby im not a diaper fetishist)
  7. 1. watch out blocks here comes the ball based on a joke in a smokry and lowtax lets play you will play as a ball and you will shoot famous video game blocks including mario blocks minecraft blocks crash bandicoot blocks tetris blocks 2. extremely agrivated avians: the pigs revenge a angry birds parody where you play as a pig and you have to shoot evil birds that are shooting you
  8. i use slade its much easier
  9. ive fixed up the wad for you i hope you like it
  10. um im not trolling its called good map design i put alot of effort
  11. done use in opengl mode if you have it for best results but works fine in normal zdoom and zandro edit: the map is there somewhere it loads in doombuilder but its not working for me edit2: works in zdoom
  12. i put it in using slade and when im building the map in doombuilder it looks right but when i play the game in zdoom or zandronum the color palette is the same colors as dooms normal palette whats wrong?
  13. shrek 1.5: the intresting hallway
  14. wow ur maps r way better than the ones i make as an 18 year old when u were a little kid