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Status Updates posted by SuperCupcakeTactics

  1. Finished the first map of thine Heretic project :D


    Off to a great start!

    1. Egregor


      I'm interested in possibly participating in this. I'm commenting to also hopefully save this and take a look at the resources next chance I get!

    2. SuperCupcakeTactics


      You're very welcome to! I've just updated the resources today to help accommodate as well!

  2. Your avatar is cool and beautiful! May I ask where it's from?  I have the source now from your previous post, but would like to ask for a hi-res version if you have :)

  3. My map for SLOOTER a lewd FPS built with GZDoom! Check it out and support Doomy NSFW high-impact sexual violence! Please share!



    --> https://buxomdev.itch.io/slooter <--

    1. Biodegradable
    2. Gothic


      Whoa, you weren't kidding with the NSFW. Good luck with the project.

  4. Mwahahahahahahaha~!


    1. MattFright


      is it a sprite??

    2. Biodegradable



    3. SuperCupcakeTactics


      Rapidly evolving scrolling texture animations for limit-removing :)

  5. In AUGER;ZENITH the anime girls were sampled from this blog full of art from retro Japanese PC games: https://jazzisthebestformofmusic.tumblr.com

    lots of great stuff though keep it mind that some of it is NSFW


    Thank you for the compliments and I'm glad you were able to experience gaming magic as you did. In case you missed it I uploaded the resource pack here that you are free to use for your own mapping (MAP02 being a little test map slot): https://www.dropbox.com/s/f6gw9dn4q1g5rsh/AUGZENITH_RSW3.0.wad?dl=0

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Fluuschoen



      Just asking around: did something come to fruition regarding the AUGER-themed DM WAD thingie? : >

    3. SuperCupcakeTactics


      Nope not yet! Nothing except music, ideas, and what the first map will be.

    4. Fluuschoen


      I'm on my wits end. : D

  6. TITLEPICt2n.png.be3bca8e8f9491722fcde470781f214b.png


    Hosting a new community project over on the new Doom Universe forum. If you're a fan of my old zany looking Doom 1 maps or otherwise then come check this out!

  7. People keep mistaking the "Cuppy" texture in 'AUGER;ZENITH' to read "Clippy." People often address me as "Cuppy," so I'm thinking we could be a dynamic duo named "Clippy & Cuppy" or "Cuppy & Clippy." It practically writes itself! The calligraphy of that texture showing both of our monikers as one stylized script fusion.

    1. Clippy


      Nice let's start a rock band 🎸

    2. SuperCupcakeTactics


      \m/ The only thing strong enough to conquer the world is the power of rock and roll! \m/

  8. Just vouching interest in your good Doom level design contest to kick off as that was the only Doom mapping contest that actually interested me. Utilizing the principles of good Doom and not trying to rehash iwad maps for the umpteenth time. Also because I'm confident I could give it a good shot of course! Don't need a graphics card for a prize personally though lol


  9. Don't say you're bad at Doom modding! At least fake being great until you make it all great! Magic lives among us! Don't put yourself down; lift yourself up!

  10. When I was a youngling I thought your name was so cool I used it for my custom character in LEGO® Star Wars® II: The Original Trilogy for the Playstation® 2. I just wanted you to know that.

  11. Congratulations on your 69th post! VERY nice!


    Also this is where you can find some PSIV MIDIs:


    1. Xeogred


      Thanks! Auger;Zenith was so badass. And thanks for the midi link. Good stuff here!

  12. Nice avatar! First JRPG I played to the finish!

    1. Xeogred


      Finally played it for the first time this year! Dang it holds up. Rika is the MVP heh. I've been wondering if there's any Doom midis of Laughter or Ooze out there...

  13. Congratulations on being super lucky!

    1. Χyzzy


      Haha, thank you Cuppy! 🎰 🤍

  14. Congratulations on becoming a Dank Marine!

    1. Chainie


      Thanks, SuperCupcakeTactics! %)

    2. Χyzzy


      No "Lucky Member" title for me? :c

  15. DBP37: AUGER;ZENITH will released Saturday on July 3rd. Just putting that out there.

  16. If someone could point me in the direction of an "oldschool" community project to participate in that isn't restricted to vanilla (limit-removing is best) and doesn't require me to emulate other mappers' styles that would be very nice thank you.

  17. Neat avatar you're using.

    1. Chip


      Thanks, I took a picture of a cyberdemon and mirrored it, the legs made a face like creature so I screenshotted it and made it my picture. 

  18. Your latest map was much better than the moonbase one that's for sure. I couldn't bear the contest because of how big the map was but anyway yeah I just wanted to say that.

  19. I really like your cupcake caco avatar :)

  20. (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚☆

    1. baja blast rd.
    2. Ledillman