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Kay Raiden

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  1. Kay Raiden

    Do you feel burned out with Brutal Doom?

    Beautiful Doom is a lot better...
  2. Daikatana + DooM 2 = DooM 4 That is what I am specting of DooM 4
  3. Kay Raiden


    Noob shock-horror creepypastas... I remember when creepypastas were really scary and WELL-WRITTEN.
  4. Kay Raiden

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    *I never killed the Spiderdemon without IDFA. *I like Brutal DooM. *I do not like the E3 levels.
  5. Kay Raiden

    TurboCharged ARCADE! - The Sequel Episode!

    2x speed action = FUCK!