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  1. Well it's a new computer so I don't see how it could be that infected with dust. I guess I should also mention that the problem begins to correct itself after a few minutes of stuttering but never really goes back to normal. I also think that the fact that v-sync simply doesn't work in Zdoom would mean there are other issues.
  2. I compiled both Gzdoom and Zdoom but ran into the same problems with both. After around 5-10 min of gameplay, the game will start stuttering for seemingly no reason, even though vid_fps reports 60fps. On top of that, v-sync does not even work in Zdoom, although it does in GZdoom. With v-sync on in GZdoom, the stuttering is even more noticeable because there is a stark contrast between both states. I compiled both of these ports today with all latest updates to Arch applied. I believe I also had the same problem in Fedora.
  3. I want to be able to use the wad with the dos doom.exe but I always get a Segmentation Fault when trying to use DeuSF. I compiled it on Linux from the sources. What could be causing that?
  4. ok the recommended stuff sounds fine. My resolution is 1366x768 if that matters.
  5. cool that works great now. thanks a lot.
  6. hm didn't change anything. honestly at this point i think all I really want would be the dark colors/lighting of the psx version. I have been able to load smaller wads with the regular iwads so maybe i could just do that if there's something that could to that.
  7. what's supposed to be in the psxdoom.ini that isn't in psxdoom.cfg? And I added this to my zdoom.ini but it didn't help: [Doom2.Autoload] PSXDOOM.PK3 PSXTCMUS.PK3 I noticed that the entries disappeared after I exited so for some reason it seems to be overwriting my config file. I really don't understand what it's trying to do but thanks for the help.
  8. um okay I guess I'm an idiot but I just decided to use the .cfg and it still won't load. I changed it to: pullin psxdoom.pk3 pullin psxtcmus.pk3 am_colorset 1 am_showmonsters false am_showsecrets false am_showtime false con_scaletext 1 dimamount 0.5 dimcolor 00 00 00 gl_enhanced_nightvision false gl_light_ambient 1 gl_lightmode 0 gl_spriteclip 2 gl_texture_filter 1 gl_texture_filter_anisotropic 16 longsavemessages false m_use_mouse 0 movebob 0.125 msg0color 11 msg1color 11 msg2color 11 msg3color 11 msg4color 11 msgmidcolor 11 secretmessage show_obituaries false wi_showtotaltime false wipetype 0 so I start with ./gzdoom -exec psxdoom.cfg -iwad doom2.wad but just get regular doom 2. It creates a new psxdoom.cfg instead of using the one already there. I have all files in the working directory.
  9. um so I read the wiki but don't understand why I can't get this working. I use fedora 20 64bit with this command: $ ./gzdoom -file PSXTCMUS.PK3 PSXDoom\ 2.133.zip I then select the doom 2 wad to use, but when I get into gzdoom there's nothing other than plain doom 2. So I'm assuming I'm missing something. Another thing is that ideally I would like to be able to use all the other mods that have been added, but that customizer tool is obviously only for Windows. What exactly is it doing and is there a way to replicate it in linux?
  10. xenphor

    why's there no good doom 3 mod/engine development??

    hm that's too bad. A brutal doom 3 would be cool.
  11. xenphor

    why's there no good doom 3 mod/engine development??

    How could it be that difficult to work with if they licensed it out to other developers? Didn't Brink use it?? That game came out recently.
  12. Seeing as how the original doom has the most prolific mod scene it's strange to see that the much more advanced doom3 engine hasn't gotten the same attention. It has the potential to be much better.
  13. xenphor

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I'm looking for a .wad/mod (which I'm not sure even exists) that is sort of like a "remix" edition of doom that would include all the doom1/2 assets as well as doom 64 assets. Assets would include all of the textures, sprites, sound effects, lighting effects, music, or basically anything else that can be ripped from the games. I know the doom 64 sprites are different from the originals but I wonder if there are ways to modify them that would meld everything together? Doom1/2 and6 64 (or maybe even doom3) would be the main ones I'm thinking of but it would be also interesting to incorporate the lighting from psx Doom as well. Does such a mod like this exist? Thanks.
  14. Well thats okay. I would settle for a regular Ryu sprite http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20080324054746/streetfighter/images/c/cd/Ryu-ts-stance.gif