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  1. So, hey! I'm back to show another 2 converted maps as part of the Plutonia 2/PRCP in PSX Doom project. First one will be a screenshot and the other will be a full level. Taken from PRCP Map 14 - Undertaker. a blend of lighting in this area gives a purple effect to the right. Of course, this level would be the last in Plutonia 2, which is Map 30 Ticket to Eternity. This is probably the longest I've ever worked on a map to at least get it to height/texture/enemy limitations, and still plays well. Took around 2 weeks non stop work and was happy with the end result. The Original Map 30, the Gatewatcher, has been combined with PRCP's In the Eye of the Beholder, and made into "In the Eye of the Gatewatcher." So far, 17/64 of the maps have been converted, the last one being Venom.
  2. Wow this looks badass. I can only wonder how long it took to make those textures too... Looks very promising indeed :O
  3. I just felt that Black Ice wasn't a fitting name to it due to there being no ice on the level at all. It's like, Plutonia 2 Map 11 Arch Violence couldn't keep the name due to the psx having no arch viles in the game so in the end it was named Rev-Olt. If there's any problems about the names I can add (Black Ice) and (Arch Violence) to the end of these map names. I totally agree with you 100% about not being the same level the creator envisioned because of the limitations. If it wasn't for the limitations I would have left the monsters as they are. The last level in the project is Plutonia 2/PRCP merged together, just like The Lost Levels project.
  4. So, a level from Plutonia 2 gave me a challenge here. Surprisingly I was able to port this level over 2 days. It is Map 25, Black Ice, but had to be renamed due to PSX Doom having no ice, and also it was made into a night level instead. So, Map 25 is now Cooling Point. No Cyberdemons are in the level due to limitations. here is the vid:
  5. It's funny how back in 2013 I was pretty much a novice, but somehow managed to convert River Styx to the project. Obviously it wasn't simplified enough, but at least the finished result was a lot more simpler. Here's a few more images taken from the project (PSX Doom TC version is 2.12 which has been bugfixed by me) This is PRCP Map 12 Velocity, the answer to Speed from Plutonia. Given a pinkish tint due to the sky's color. The second level of the project, Plutonia 2 Map 2 Jungle Spirits. A pretty difficult level to get simplified but I managed to pull it off with aplomb. This is PRCP Map 9 Ruined Kingdom. This took a long time to convert, around 3 weeks on and off. I do have a vid of this level too which I will post further on. This is PRCP Map 21 Asmodeus Castle. A nice simple level to convert and didn't have too many problems. So here is PRCP Map 9 Ruined Kingdom. It may look dark in the vid but when playing it it's not this dark.
  6. Wow! it's been a long while hasn't it? Nearly 4 years since I partook in the PSX Doom Lost Levels project. I have been working on something in the meantime, and it is Plutonia 2/PRCP into PSX Doom. I don't think I could design maps just yet but I have been learning as I've been simplifying maps for PSX Doom TC. These are in order: The first map I've converted since The Lost Levels project. This is PRCP Map 28 Dance with the Devil. Plutonia 2 Map 27 Red Hot. Gave this map a darkened feel plus a Mars reddish color for outside, hence the name Red Hot. This is the first map in the project, Plutonia 2 Map 01 Comeback. Since the image, the area has been colored an aqua color instead. PRCP's Map 17 The Unholy Crypt. This one took a while due to the heights of the sectors being over 256, so simplifying it was difficult. Finally in this post, Plutonia 2 Map 08 Harmany. One of the more easier ones to convert, and the filesize is quite small.
  7. What sort of problems are you having with Mount Pain? Also, I would like to do Storage Facility next if that is okay with everyone.
  8. I've done what you have said, and simplified the map. I've took off around 22kb in the process. Here is the updated version (hopefully final version). River Styx update (hopefully final)
  9. Sorry for the delay, but here is River Styx: River Styx V1 Music 15 and FIRESK00 for this one.
  10. Well, I hope that I have got River Styx done, here's the link (because I think it looks a little too dark and a bit low quality to show an embed video of it. won't happen again.) http://youtu.be/z-cYZTpCxR8 Tell me what you think. Is there anything that needs changing (apart from the still lava placeholders)?
  11. I've noticed that some textures don't exist (like the roof going along the blood river) so should I just use the next best thing? Also, is any color from the color chart accepted? Just making sure that I don't get it wrong.
  12. Would I be able to claim River Styx, if that is ok with everyone? I'm 35% through it, and it shouldn't take much longer now... To be honest, River Styx shouldn't use any other music than PSXMUS15, it fits a lot better than the others.