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  1. Now this might sound and perhaps look crazy... a total downscale of Hellbound's big map... map 29: Ascension. It's 5.8mb in size and looking to see if i can get it to 250kb or below... it is such a huge challenge for me, this is how low I've gotten it so far. If I can get it lower than 1mb then I will have done well. Would love to see this map in PSX Doom glory.
  2. It was one of the things I did not long after I finished the maps on the GZDoom V2.2.0 version. I demonised my own voice for both those segments... and thank you! Yep! a lot of tinkering, testing and compiling together went into it. It was a project I decided to do considering I didn't contribute much to PSX Doom The Lost Levels. Helix was by far the hardest map to condense down... I'm not sure whether I might include TNT2 Revilution to the TNT expansion at some point. I love making original maps into PSX Doom style considering I can't design maps for shit. XD
  3. Misunderstood what status was, thought it was Profile XD


    The Plutonia Expansion project is out now, had some ideas of turning TNT 2 Revilution and maybe another TNT project into the TNT expansion... time will tell.

  4. Cryo

    TNT : Overcharged BETA Big Update

    This actually looks decent from the screenshots I've seen, will have to play this at some point just to see what it's like.
  5. I am releasing this now, as it is past midnight my time. I most likely won't be around tomorrow due to ill health... but here are the downloads. (intro post will be updated too) GZDoom V2.2.0 Plutonia 2/PRCP to PSX Doom Music for Plutonia 2/PRCP to PSX Doom GEC Doom GEC Doom: The Plutonia Expansion
  6. The download link will appear on 09/09/2021. The only download link up at the moment is the one for the much older version. I am actually 99.5% done, and only need to sort out the screens between each transition. (there are no demos)
  7. It has been a long while, hasn't it? The project has been ported to GEC Doom, and now feels and looks PSX Doom-like. It has been extensively tested, because of also rendering issues with height sectors, so a lot of it had to be changed to fix the errors. Here's a few more screenshots from the NOW GEC Doom version of it. And finally, the teaser trailer for the project! This project will be released on the 9th of September.
  8. Cryo

    What difficulty do you play Doom on?

    95% of the time I go Ultra Violence. There's been only a few times I've gone Hurt Me Plenty, if I've found it to be too hard. So yeah, I just go straight into the deep end.
  9. That is absolutely massive! How long did it take you to do this map? I can imagine the filesize must be somewhere in the 2-4mb range... Hah! Imagine trying to convert a map like this for a PSX Doom TC...
  10. Not quite yet. Apparently there are just a few things I need to fix in levels first. Looking to release a v1.01 as I'm watching a friend of mine do a playthrough of it, and he's up to map 19 so far. 14 things need fixing/changing, so...
  11. It's finally here. A project I had been working on and off for around 5 years and I only got around to working on it fully during the pandemic. Plutonia 2, and Plutonia Revisited Community Project, in PSX Doom format. The Gatewatcher as you know, is the main antagonist in this version. If you might recall, I was part of the PSX Doom Lost Levels project back in 2013, but only did 1 map (River Styx), and I wasn't exactly great at conversions back then. The first level I started to convert was PRCP Map 28 - Dance with the Devil, and it finished on PRCP Map 26, Poison Ivy. There's a very strong unlikelihood these levels could run on actual hardware, given their map sizes. But, I wanted to do this project because both of these megawads are fantastic. There are a few changes... Both Map 30's have been merged into 1 map, Plutonia 2's Map 33 - Chocolate was given Map 27, and a few names have been changed. For example, Plutonia 2 Map 11 - Arch Violence, was renamed Rev-Olt, due to having no Archviles in the original PSX version. One more thing - every single map is Doom in Hexen format, also this TC might not work in versions outside of 1.8.0 to 2.2.0. Mainly tested on 2.2.0, but tried on 1.8.0 in the past. All that is needed is the doom2.wad file, then drag the pk3 onto GZDoom to run it. Known Bugs: The Secret Levels, are missing the "Entering [level]" for some reason (Maps 61-64). I posted about this bug in help. The bottom message of the Plutonia 2 ending disappears after you load the PRCP levels. --- If any other bugs are discovered (lighting, texture, etc) please let me know then I can fix them in a future version. Massive credits go to the original level designers themselves, as this project would never have been possible. Credits have been included in a TXT file and also in the Titlemap. Download links: GZDoom V2.2.0 Plutonia 2/PRCP into PSX Doom PSX Doom music for Plutonia 2/PRCP to PSX Doom GEC Doom GEC Doom: The Plutonia Expansion Screenshots:
  12. So as you might know, the Plutonia 2/PRCP in PSX Doom is pretty much done. However, when playtesting it, the secret level names are not displaying at the end of levels. For example, you finish "Where hate runs red" as a secret but the screen "Entering Cybernation" will not appear, it just goes straight to the level. Anything from 1 to 60 displays, but 61-64 will not display. I have had a look in both the Language.enu and Zmap.info files and both are accurate. Could it possibly be hardcoded to show only 1-60 but not 61-64?
  13. So, it's been a while. Plutonia 2/PRCP in PSX Doom is FINALLY FINISHED, due to release December 21st. Yes, this still uses the old 2.13 version, so playing in GZDoom 1.8 to 2.2.0 is recommended. Map 33 Chocolate is included in Map 26, and both Map 30's have been merged into 1 big map. Here's a few more screenshots of the project: The credits: Map 22: Suicide Mission Map 56: Poison Ivy And Map 57: Planned Overload.
  14. I love this, plays just like the original. The only thing that seems it's lacking is the different levels of reverb? But, a really amazing job on Doom 64. Doing those commands to get things to work like so must've taken a very long time to do...
  15. It has been a long while, hasn't it? I put off Plutonia 2/PRCP in PSX Doom off for so long and now I've just gotten back into it. I have gotten 44/64 of the levels done, both Level 30's of each have been merged into 1 for the final map. Map 33, Chocolate, comes after Black Ice, renamed Cooling Point. But now, I've been going through my old conversions and making sure that each map sticks to the rules, of flats/texture limits. Here's a screenie of Map 5 from Plutonia 2 on the old TC engine (yes, I was still doing Doom in Hexen but will merge to UDMF at some point) of Collider Complex.