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  1. A review from kmxexii would be a great idea IMO, for a compromise. Too bad Alfonzo obviously was too unimpressed.
  2. Okay I'm taking it upon myself to give cannonball a formal apology because his wad so deserved an award. A platinum award.
  3. Since he didn't self promote, I'll mention cannonball really deserved something for Concerned.
  4. These awards are good, but I'm 'concerned' you missed something big. :( Will say no more, leave it to others to discuss.
  5. Any progress reports? Just briefly checking.
  6. I'm with NightFright here on the 20th anniversary special idea. We should give a mention and a brief write up of at least one wad per year that never previously got recognize, at least for the years 11-19. I'll put out at least one idea for each of those years: 2004: Nilla Doom, Hollow Minds 2005: Vae Victus, Hordes of Chaos X 2006: Scimitar 2007: Hatoma Battles the Yomi Demons 2008: 32 Inch Nails, Axiom 2009: Needs More Detail 2010: Deimos Deja Vu, Jade Earth, f_ep2.wad 2011: Dark Deity's Bastion 2012: Skepland, A Taste for Blood, Can't Run From Evil
  7. Well here's my tentative guessing, based on what I've seen: Hellbound Concerned D2TWID One of Ribbicks' wads Unholy Realms Foresaken Overlook Pirate Doom (if not fully completed is eligible) BTSXE1 (same as above) There's eight guesses. Really no educated guess on the other two though a Chris Hansen map and either Interception or Hadephobia seem plausible possibilities.
  8. It's an interesting idea for sure. I'm good with it. Hopefully Cacos are on time this year and really well done for the special birthday.
  9. It's the 22nd,so probably time to get this going : For December (modern wad defined as last twelve months) I suggest either Concerned, D2TWID, or Hellbound. Maybe not Hellbound for those who want some recovery from the size of the VF maps. Concerned is a bit short in levels so maybe play Ribbicks' latest wad with it, Simplistic Evil, 900 Deep (two levels a day), or probably a few other possibilities. Oh and if you are leaving VF early (like Rook) I highly recommend giving Map24 a play first.
  10. I'm not sure about that it's common or slow news day bandwagon geo is trying to argue for. The link in the OP is up to 91 tornadoes now, and well above 500 for wind. I've also read the two EF4 storms in IL are the strongest recorded tornadoes in November for that state. Also I found someone at Accuweather make a connection between the strength of the outbreak and the typhoon (Haiyan). Watch the video. I actually find it to be rather plausible! http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-blogs/meteomadness/next-storm-will-be-a-snow-maker/20074926
  11. Keen 4 secret exit is complete FTW. But I will note Keen 5 secret exit is memorable for its extreme difficulty to pass its preceding 'obstacle course' without dying, at least in hard. Plus I find the secret level itself more memorable.
  12. Can you name some of the others? I greatly prefer ones based on the original 4-6 games so I'd prefer focus on those and not any Keen 1-3 mods.
  13. In particular are Jazz Jackrabbit 1/2, any Apogee game other than Keen/Duke, and/or the fan made Episodes 7-9 of Keen worthwhile plays?
  14. I've heard of many of the new titles mentioned here, but most of them aren't really the type of action platformer I'm looking for. I like to be going around killing things, not a whole lot else, or they don't really fit the action genre for me. The ones I mentioned in the OP, Jazz, Cosmo,, Hocus Pocus, Goddess from Mars, Crystal Caves, perhaps any Apogee one are, among those mentioned or eluded to, look like the ones that may fit the bill to what type of game I'm looking for, based on a little looking around I did with the titles mentioned so far. So focusing on that type what's recommended? I also noticed there is a fan made new trilogy for Keen apparently; anyone played these?
  15. With D2TWID recently reminding me of Commander Keen, it naturally gave me some new interest in digging up some decent action oriented platformer experiences. And while I'm aware that the PC is quite far from the best system for such games, nonetheless I'm interested in some of the better ones. As such if you've played any PC platformers, what are some you've enjoyed? It has to be action based so it cannot be adventure, puzzle, RPG oriented etc. but aside from that, anything else, 2D or 3D, is fair game for mentioning. While not precluded from the selection, there are a few I'm already well aware of: Commander Keen series Duke Nukem 1/2/MP Jill of the Jungle Xargon So of course, other ones would be appreciated most, but you're entirely welcome to bring up any you want nonetheless.