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  1. Tompig

    How come the monsters don't run out of ammo?

    Because they aren't wasteful, unlike you kids these days...
  2. Shovelware alive and well.
  3. 'The Working Version' of Under a Killing Moon?! Hot Diggity!
  4. Tompig

    How controversial can wads get?

    There are moonman and even columbine wads, make whatever you want to make. Can I post XYZ on these platforms is a different question, as is how will XYZ be received. But art is the truest form of freedom, let your only prohibitions be what you want to say, and the reaction you want to cultivate. (and it is worth reiterating be careful regarding your physical location.)
  5. Tompig

    How smart are the demons?

    Intelligent enough to orchestrate a cross dimensional invasion, and wield eldritch magics and human tech alike to further their goals, however... They appear to have a pretense to rage and violence which appears strange and counter productive to us humans, especially when it leads them to such trivial internal conflicts, but we need to remember, a lot of what we deem to be 'intellect' stems from logic born of self preservation, if we as humans were without number and did not fear death in any capacity, our actions would probably resemble theirs more closely.
  6. Out of curiosity, are we saying these hypothetical alternatives to doom.wad were still developed by the team at Id? I'm just thinking that the personality contributions of the members of the team also influenced the legacy of the game to a degree, even if the 'work' was a 1 to 1 recreation to a user wad.
  7. Edit. Sorry on a phone, posted in wrong thread.
  8. Tompig

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Sandy Petersen wrote the hit game Call of Cthulhu, based on the fiendish eldritch rituals he witnessed, as famous satanists 'ID Software' conjured up the hideous video game 'Doom' to influence the delicate minds of children and frighten politicians for years to come.
  9. Tompig

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    The wild smash hit 'Commander Keen' had a lesser known sequel called 'Doom'
  10. Tompig

    why do we love this so much?

    It's perfect.
  11. Tompig

    What guns do the Mancubus use?

    The pipes in its back suck out and fling ignited internal fat at you, it's a self torturing biomechanical flamer.
  12. With the noise it makes it could be a 40k bolter, I know its uses pistol bullets as a gameplay mechanic but I've always head cannond it firing large calibre rounds.
  13. Tompig

    Plasma rifle, or plasma gun?

    Hold up, where the heck is my mod where I can fight demons in the 18th century!?
  14. Tompig


    To my knowledge the ID Anthology copy is a reprint so worth around 50 dollars, if I recall the issue number is in a different font and it has a different advert in the middle. I have seen the original release sell between 120 and 300 dollars.
  15. Tompig

    What is Doomguy's race?

    I think that is just light reflection from the red environment mate. See my profile pic, and the box art of doom 2, this isn't the first time we see the Doom guy. (Also mug shot) Not to mention YOU are the doom guy... So I guess whatever race you are?