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  1. Tompig

    What is Doomguy's race?

    I think that is just light reflection from the red environment mate. See my profile pic, and the box art of doom 2, this isn't the first time we see the Doom guy. (Also mug shot) Not to mention YOU are the doom guy... So I guess whatever race you are?
  2. Tompig

    What is Hell ?

    Considering a few level names are biblical, the denizens of the realm are called demons and lead by the icon of sin (not to mention the inverted crosses and pentagrams despite neither of those things being connected to satanism irl but I digress) I would say it is the abrahamic hell. EDIT. It also questions where bad people will go when they die now at the end of Doom2.
  3. Tompig

    The best control method for delta touch?

    There are a few decent options out there, was wondering if anyone had any personal experience with them.
  4. Tompig

    The best control method for delta touch?

    Is that live yet?
  5. Tompig

    The best control method for delta touch?

    Any micro USB controllers or Bluetooth keyboards/mice that could make life easier? My phone has some pretty good specs, so I'm looking for something that would improve the input.
  6. Tompig

    The best control method for delta touch?

    Awesome, cheers. Are there any android devices that you would recommend for a closer to pc experience? (controllers for example?)
  7. Hi guys, I am a massive fan of delta touch, aside from carrying a laptop everywhere it feels like the definitive way to play doom on the go. The only thing I struggle with slightly is the touch controls. For the most part they are fantastic but they lack a certain feature that Gameception on ios had which was to be able to turn and fire simultaneously. (via moving your movement stick over the fire button, wasted ammo but worked) What is the best control method and or peripheral to get the best experience (taking into account portability) Many thanks.
  8. Tompig

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    I feel its because most would be clones become full TCS for Doom instead.
  9. Tompig

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    The manual clearly states that YOU are the doomed space marine... ergo, I guess DoomGuy has a %50 of being female. As long as they are demons from hell this time and it's not resident evil in space I'm happy.
  10. Tompig

    DOOM: Anomality

    Kinda surreal to think this is what doom 3 could have been if it was released in 1995 perhaps. Great job.
  11. Tompig

    Doom Reaper Miniatures

    What would you ask for the baron?
  12. Tompig

    DOOM 2016: The Board Game

    How did it compare to the doom 3 board game?
  13. The way I see it, it looks like the military base consists of a store house (imp pen) surrounded by barracks of infantry that can be deployed to anywhere in the facility, probably after receiving orders from command control or other patrols.
  14. Tompig

    What do you eat?

    Gotta love cheesy creamy pastas, pizzas, anything Italian really. Hungarian goulashes (Paprika hendle in particular) Roast turkey with Yorkshire puddings and pigs in blankets, black pudding and any other British cuisine.
  15. Tompig

    Help with D-Touch.

    Hey guys, I recently grabbed D-Touch for my phone and so far I'm pretty impressed with it, its great for playing a bit of DooM on the go. I was however wondering how everyone is running things like AvP and the Quake Champions mod on the system though? (Youtube is filled with videos of people playing these mods on D-Touch) I followed the instructions and made a 'Mods' sub folder in the full game folder, put a few mods in there (tried Smooth Doom and Final Doomer separately ) and attempted to launch in Gzdoom mode with the doom 2 iwad, and it would just black screen for a split second and then put me back on the menu. Any ideas? The menu system doesn't appear to be that complicated so I don't understand what I could be missing.