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  1. As my fifth tattoo, I have decided it will most definately be DOOM. I plan on getting a Doom-Doom3 backpeice. I have enjoyed Doom for ten years, and it will always be my favorite old school game, so I know im safe and wont laterly regret it. Anyway, I want to get the original box art and the Doom logo, and underneath that will be the new Barron of Hell from Doom3, and the metalic Doom3 logo. This summer will be painfull but worth it. The original box cover makes such pretty tattoo art :)

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    2. Ralphis


      lol omg nu u r k fukin fagit kane

    3. kain


      heh, try again.

    4. Ed


      Uh, this is a tough one. I worked in a tattoo shop, people get video game tattoos more than one would imagine. Sonic, Pikachu, Q2 logo, it happens. Doom has awesome artwork, yes, if it's really what you want, go for it.. but in 30 years.. eh, forget it, I'm sure you've heard it before.

      It's better than getting you're girlfriend's or something crazy like that.