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  1. Jeremy

    nostalgic console port

    My first Doom experience was on the SNES back in '97. At that time, I had friends with N64, PC with Windows 95, and PS1, but none of them had Doom. To me, it was mind blowing that this was on my SNES, the most "3D" thing I had until then was Super Mario Kart and Star Fox. The sound track still holds a special place in my heart. A year later, my cousin got Doom on 32X, which, while it ran smoother, to me it sounded like farts and was missing half the levels. Before the 90s were over, I ended up with Doom 64, the PS1 edition, and The Ultimate Doom on PC. It was when I finally got that PC that I learned about Doomworld and the modding community. Still blows my mind this website is still around, even bigger and stronger than back when I first joined. The next console port I enjoyed after those were on the Game Boy Advance. But you know what Doom surprisingly hasn't been ported to? The Tiger Game .com (which had really questionable ports of Duke Nukem 3D and Resident Evil 2)
  2. Wow, it has been ages since I've posted on here. In fact, this would't be the first time posting artwork here.. did that 18 years ago too haha.. I'd like to think I've improved since then. That's one DOOM'ed Space Marine! I call this "FIND SOME MEAT", 14x17 copic marker on medium weight paper. Took me approximately 25 hours over the course of just under 3 weeks. If only I didn't have to work. Unfortunately, all I have is a shoddy cell phone for taking pictures of work for now. When I was making this piece, I had kind of a ridiculous set of rules in order for it to really feel like DOOM to me; I needed to find a way to include all of the following: explosive barrel, hexagon floor, soul sphere, heath bonus, tech lamp, yellow chainsaw, pinkie demon, barron o' heck, cacodemon, imp and of course.. "Doom Guy". It was a challenge to figure out how to place everything and not look too crowded. I'm happy with the result.
  3. Jeremy

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Thanks! That's exactly what I was going for, a mix of classic, 64, and 2016 :-)
  4. Jeremy

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    I didn't realize there was a separate thread for this stuff :-) I haven't posted here in many many years, but I do lurk from time to time. I just finished this piece, "FIND SOME MEAT". Copic marker on medium weight paper, 14x17. Sadly I don't have my good camera at the moment, so I had to use me cell phone to take the picture for now, but I was eager to share this.
  5. EDIT: I don't frequent the forums much anymore, so I'm sure some of you are already aware of this? I was browsing Youtube and came across this video Doom 64 32X. This is curious, and definitely a "Did it just because it could be done". Interestingly, he chose to end the first stage with a death trap akin to PC Doom E1M8, however, if you use the level select, you can bypass this and play any stage with the Doom 64 sprite/ texture replacements. Why? Why not? Download it here if you are interested. It worked for me via Kega Fusion emulator on Windows 7 64-bit. Although I will warn you, while interesting, it is not pretty. But hats off to him! http://www.mediafire.com/download/38cc5j1psq2ep4g/Doom+64+32X.rar
  6. Jeremy

    Stupid gamepad vs. keyboard thread

    Hey now, lets not turn this into an argument over something silly. Playing over Keyboard & Mouse or Game Pad is all a matter of preference. I grew up playing all of my DOS games via KB & M, but these days I find myself using a Logitech rip off of the Sony Dual Shock 3 controller, and I rather enjoy it. One thing that can be said FOR CERTAIN though, there is no way that Sega Genesis controller is good for Doom haha. No shoulder buttons for strafing, and you have to press C + Start to change weapons? Back on topic, I would love to see the original episodes san PC with the Doom 64 theme. Are I have sprite packs, and the PSX Doom sounds/ music pack.. but are there any good D64 texture packs out there?
  7. Jeremy

    Your opinion on Doom 64?

    Loved it. It was one of the first games I played on the N64 shortly after Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart. The levels got progressively difficult, some downright tough as nails and the whole thing felt more like Doom than Doom II. I was very fond of the graphical changes, but disappointed that so many baddies were missing. Would have loved to see what they could have done with them. I would love to play the original Doom episodes with the D64 sprites and textures etc. Has that been done? Is it possible with EX?
  8. Jeremy

    Was the Icon of Sin a cop out boss?

    I suppose it would have been nice to have the intermission screens like Doom 1 had instead of a generic texture, they could have showed the Doom marine battered and bruised emerging from a pit in the ground, while star-ships descended back down to the city in the background.. and THEN the cast finale. It would be interesting to see a collaborative effort sans "Doom II: Enhanced", with minor modification "correcting" some of the things most Doom fans dislike about Doom II, ie: split it into three episodes accessible from the main menu, reduce size of/ redesign some of the city levels, add intermission artwork based on the unfolding plot, more interesting/ satisfying final stage. ... replace midi for map02.. ..etc.
  9. Jeremy

    Doom 1 or 2?

    I can agree with that in scenarios where you are face to face with a horde of baddies, good for clearing out those notorious monster closets or other tight spaces. But for run n' gun, definitely not my weapon of choice. This is what makes Doom such a timeless game, everything is a science, and the game was designed to be very well balanced. A clever Doomer strategically alternates between weapons depending on scenario and amount of expendable ammunition. I just find that I use the SSG about as often as the Rocket Launcher or BFG, special occasions ;-)
  10. Jeremy

    Doom 1 or 2?

    For someone new to Doom or someone who has not played through either game, you could easily look at them and say there is no difference, same game different levels... But in actuality it's really hard to compare the two, they are two totally different experiences complete with their own atmosphere. Doom feels very arcade-y. It is flatter, much faster paced, and heavier more adrenaline pounding soundtrack. Doom II on the other hand, is definitely a bigger, slower, more puzzle oriented game. They are both GREAT experiences. I like that Doom II takes what made Doom great, and give it more variety. I never really cared for the SSG however, since it really just eats up valuable shotgun ammo, and takes too long to reload. Just my opinion! But I do love all of the extra baddies. As far as a go-to-game, I find myself playing the original Doom more often BECAUSE of its more lightning fast pace and break-up of episodes. Perhaps a future mod idea could be shortening some of Doom II's levels (especially the city ones) or making some of them more linear, changing some of the textures to something more colorful, and breaking up the levels into 3 episodes that can be accessed individually from the menu? If one thing is true though, I have always wanted to see a "true" sequel to Doom II, complete with more enemies, bosses, weapons, level settings, textures, and music. Also, on a side note, I agree, I do like that the PSX Doom has Doom II baddies sprinkled throughout. This is more inherent when played at the highest difficulty (which is how PSX Doom should be played!) It helps keep you on edge!
  11. Jeremy

    Was the Icon of Sin a cop out boss?

    I played both the original Doom and Doom II back before the days of Youtube and fast internet, so I got the pleasure of facing off all of the bosses blind. That said, I wasn't horribly disappointed with IoS. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting, and I think it could have been done better, but that didn't make it bad or un-enjoyable for me. The music was fitting and eerie, and coming through the teleporter to see an object that filled most of the screen was pretty cool. Firing a rocket into the hole was a satisfying feeling for me too. I think if anything, I was just bothered that there was NO animation. I think they could have at least animated the eyes, or given the map more height and have a texture of his body chained up or something, and then have the "wall" lower down when he dies, as though he is falling. There very talented folk here in the forums, as there has been for years, but if you have yet to find an artist to come up with a design, get a hold of me (email or social media would be best since I don't frequent the forums nearly as much as I did 14 years ago), I would love to help. You can see some of my artwork at jeremysart.com for examples of what I am capable of.
  12. http://i.imgur.com/dCjWMe3.jpg I'm sure this has been done before, but I was farting around with the PS1 Doom today and decided to do a similar screen capture from each port of Doom that I own so that I could do a direct comparison. From top to bottom going right, SNES, 32X, PC, PS1, GBA, N64. I cropped part of the obnoxious status bar from the 32x version so that the image would fit better with the others. Since Doom 64 is not a direct port I just used a stage where I could get a similar shot. SNES still stands as the most faithful port, albeit horrifying frame rate and terrible pixelation. It retains the most accurate levels/ secrets and original textures, as well as imo the best music. 32X and GBA ports are almost identical, and both terrible ports in that an entire episode is missing, and there is no Cyberdemon/ Spider Mastermind. They however both have a far better frame rate than the SNES counterpart. PS1 and N64 both far into the most terrifying versions to play with the ambient music and updated sound effects and lighting. PC will always be the way to play though.. http://i.imgur.com/PEJYnsQ.jpg (EDIT: Just realized how much photobucket sucks so I made an imgur account and edited the links :-p )
  13. The answer to that question is both yes, and no. Yes:Weird, I totally remember the SNES version having the E2 sky. Corrupted memory. I don't recall if I had ever played this level in the 32x version, or on the GBA, but http://i.imgur.com/vQXqqOM.jpg
  14. I see a lot of posts enemies in levels that normally wouldn't have that enemy, but that could possibly be explained if you had ever played through the psx version Doom. Example, in E1M1 on Ultra Violence, there is a PAIN ELEMENTAL in the secret area above where you obtain the shotgun. http://i.imgur.com/4o2WkD8.jpg Speaking of shotguns, a couple people recall seeing the Doom shotgun in Wolf 3D. But you could also be remembering Wolf 3D in Doom. There are two hidden Wolf 3D levels in Doom II https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTY_cC3aYdo Someone also mentioned remembering a shortcut to Episode 2 from Episode 1, but that might be a memory being confused with the secret level E1M9 hidden in E1M3, as the secret level shares the hellish sky from the later episode. As for my own confused memories, I totally recall the first two levels of E1 being lot larger, more open, and a ton of doors. But I think memory stores things differently the first time you experience it. It was so long ago, everything was brand new and fresh, you are just taking it all in. Plus with so many different ports floating around, all with minor changes, it's easy to get things mixed up.
  15. Jeremy

    Should there be another Doom film?

    I like the way you think.
  16. Jeremy

    Heretic tree sprites?

    When you think about it that way O_o *scrathes head*
  17. Jeremy

    Doom in 8-Bit?

    I always hoped someone would do this. That concept piece is actually pretty cool looking. Also, the music from the GBA version of Doom sounds pretty chippy, although 8-bit versions of the Doom music can be found all over Youtube.
  18. Jeremy

    Direct comparison of 6 Doom ports

    http://imgur.com/j4FWEh1 Here is a better one, all e1m1. From left to right starting at the top, PS1, SNES, Saturn 32X, GBA, CDi PC, Jaguar, 360 There is a certain charm to the SNES version, but it probably has a lot to do with nostalgia, as it was the first full version of Doom I ever owned when it came out. All of the ports have one flaw or another, and of course everyone has a preference on which one they like more over another :-)
  19. Well, maybe its not a TC, because I cant get the midis to work.. however, this WAD will replace ALL textures, sprites, graphics, enemies, weapons and sounds. If anyone is interested in making levels for this, let me know. Also, it would be a great deal of help, and add to the legitimate Mario atmosphere if I could send someone the midis to be converted to .mus Well, here it is, check out! I recommend running this with Edge, using DOOM. http://www.mediafire.com/file/vkzxrmwmmj3/Doomed Super Mario.zip Please play through enough levels before commenting back! Thanks!
  20. Jeremy

    Super Mario Total Conversion Finished!

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but my old PC died, and I don't have a back up of my WAD! Does anyone still have this? It is no longer on Media Fire :-( I cant believe I have been on these forums 12 years! Haha.
  21. Jeremy

    Collection of Doom

    I guess you could say I am a fan of Doom O_O In the picture: Doom Shareware on 3.5's Boxed The Ultimate Doom on 3.5's Big Box Doom II on 3.5's Big Box Master Levels Big Box Final Doom Big Box Doom 32X SNES Doom PSX Doom Long Box PSX Final Doom Sega Saturn Doom Doom 64 Depths of Doom Trilogy CD Collectors Set Huge Box GBA Doom; 2002 GBA Doom II; 2002 Novels: Doom Knee Deep in the Dead Doom Hell on Earth Doom Infernal Sky Doom End Game http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n2/starvingartistxxx/DSC00344.jpg http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n2/starvingartistxxx/DSC00343.jpg
  22. Jeremy

    Collection of Doom

    Nice collection Waffenak, I noticed the box the presumed SNES Doom also say's OCEAN on it, my box does not have OCEAN's logo, only Williams, weird. I used to have this really nice red holographic DOOM carboard logo that was a promo for the movie. Too bad it got ruined when I moved.
  23. Jeremy

    Collection of Doom

    I can agree with that. Knee Deep in the Dead was a B Hell on Earth A+ The last two were D- and E at best. I would like to get a hold of the Doom comic, but it's a pretty rare find.
  24. Jeremy

    Do you like Final Doom?

    I own Final Doom in its big box for collector purpouses only.. other than that I regard it as another user made map pack.. because thats what it is. And God knows there are plenty of user made maps mods wads and tc's to keep any Doomer busy.
  25. Jeremy

    Most overrated and most underrated doom port?

    I use Doomsday with the snowberry addons Hi res texture pack and lighting. Thats it. I really need t download some of these new user made maps. I should pop in my old master levels disk and dick around like I used too back in the day..