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    I post goatse. Laugh at me.

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  1. ... Look like the "beginning of school" cold was not as worse as i thought. I mean, 1 day at home and it was gone! And then i spent a WHOLE DAY sleeping AT SCHOOL! Must have something to do with the Prozac i take everyday...

    And now for my musical issues (I really started something with my liking of Linkin Park a few weeks ago. Thanks for the help btw!): Radiohead and Green Day 0wNz my soul now (American Idiot kicks ass! But only because i'm french canadian...). Yes, I know I change constantly! But i'm like that...

    1. Bucket


      Ugh. "American Idiot" sounds like that drivel EA Trax slaps into every game it publishes.

  2. Mr. NobodX

    Doom Movie Casting

    IIRC PG-13 was WARNER BROS rating (And we all know how it turn up - AvP anyone?). Now Universal is doing that movie, and if they aren't as stupid as we think... At least, I HOPE SO!
  3. Well, it's that time of the year, after 1-2 weeks of school: THE ANNUAL COLD AND SNEEZING FESTIVAL! Yep, i now work at 50% capacity because of that goddamn sneezing nose... If i had a webcam, i would have let you watch me empty boxes of kleenexes faster than my shadow, but unfortunately the last webcam i had was in 1999. Not that i want you to see me do that :p

    Oh well, while my nose is clogged up, i thought "Hey! Why don't i trash the homebrew juice sitting in the back of the fridge for about a year?". And thus i did it...

    Even with my incapacited senses, i almost had the urge to PUKE in the lavabo, for god sake! Yes, that's how awful the stench was. Now the container is being sterilized/decontaminated, even then i'm not sure if it will be usable again...

    Oh yeah, i don't like Linkin Park as much as i did before. The problem: I'm now addicted to KorN and Radiohead :|

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    2. Psyonisis


      Mr. NobodX said:

      Oh yeah, i don't like Linkin Park as much as i did before. The problem: I'm now addicted to KorN


    3. Sharessa


      I was once a huge KoRn fan. Luckily, I recovered from my brain damage.

    4. Mr. NobodX

      Mr. NobodX

      Danarchy said:

      I was once a huge KoRn fan. Luckily, I recovered from my brain damage.

      Sucked to be you. But don't worry, it's more Radiohead than Korn ;p

  4. Well, now it's official: After the french grandparents last week, it's now time to visit the other, canadian part of my family! Yea, grandma's turning 70 next weekend, and we're having a big party at her house. As you may have guessed, no hard rock or anything like that will be allowed there, and not only to prevent sudden heart attacks ;p

    And now a bit of wisdom, for all of you MMORPGers who are in love with another person using a female model, hence a "girl":

    Somebody Told Me
    You Have A Girlfriend
    Who Look Like A Boyfriend

    Okay, i "accidentaly" switched two words to get the effect i wanted :)

    1. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      I heard that song yesterday.

    2. Sharessa


      For my Grandpa's 80th birthday, we had a family reunion in Portland, Oregon and ate at this really nice Italian restaurant there. It was pretty cool.

    3. Bucket


      For my grandpa's 80th birthday, we got him a stripper. Actually, the guys he knew from the firehouse did that. We just showed up.

  5. Mr. NobodX

    Can you say Construction Complete?

    Look nifty, add a few quirks and a top view and we'l get something similar to Natural Selection (Albeit on a larger scale and with demons)
  6. Well, school started tuesday, and... NOTHING happened yet. Apart from renting 1984 at the school library, then being traumatized by Orwell's vision of the future (Okay, maybe i'm exagerating a bit there, it only left me a bit emotionally empty. Excellent book BTW, very recommended.), not a single exciting thing has happened for now. But tomorrow we're starting the experiments in the Physics class, and you can be certain that something will go boom in the next year to come >D

    And unfortunately, i will not be available for the weekend to come. Not that anyone care anyway! Reason: i'm going to Quebec City, visiting the french part of my family! Once again, nothing really exciting will happen there, but grandma does DELICIOUS meals, so i shut up! Nope, cable doesn't get there too... Not that it does where i live :(

    As for coming out, well... I know it's really shameful for me to say this...

    *Deep breath*







    *fall down*

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    2. Mr. NobodX

      Mr. NobodX

      POTGIESSER said:

      Scotsmen playing a song that starts off really weird than goes into this extremely catchy guitar riff.

      Hell yea!

      Also good is Velvet Revolve- Oh wait, it's just "Guns n' Roses" without Axl...

    3. Joe


      Kid Airbag said:

      I can name one.

      Franz Ferdinand!

      Actually they might have been last year but I only heard about them this year.


    4. Sharessa


      POTGIESSER said:

      Scotsmen playing a song that starts off really weird than goes into this extremely catchy guitar riff.

      Can you be a little more specific?

      Now that I've started driving, I actualy (sadly) listen to the radio sometimes.

  7. Mr. NobodX

    Do the Doom... Movie

    Oh, and: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0419706/ Rated R? Maybe...
  8. Mr. NobodX

    Do the Doom... Movie

    *Bad nightmares of the Rock saying "Rip and Tear!"*
  9. Starting school on august 30th, and i finally got the schedule. My opinion? It could be better, damnit!

    Day 1: English, French, Free and Maths
    Day 2: Free, French, Economy and Maths
    Day 3: Physics, English, French and Free
    Day 4: Maths, Physics, French and Economy
    Day 5: Maths, Physics, English and French
    Day 6: Free, Maths, Free and French
    Day 7: Economy, Maths, Physics and English
    Day 8: French, Free, Maths and Physics
    Day 9: French, Economy, Maths and Physics

    Total: 8 French, 8 Maths, 6 Physics, 6 Free slots, 4 Economy and 4 English. Yahoo.

    The worst part is, they didn't even put some Arts like i told them to. Guess i'll have to sacrifice some free slots :(

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    2. Grimm


      True. But still, it's not like any of us could derive any use from knowing his schedule. Mentioning that he got it might make sense, but posting the whoel damn thing up doesn't. To me at least. Your blog, do what you want with it. :P

    3. insertwackynamehere
    4. Mr. NobodX

      Mr. NobodX

      insertwackynamehere said:

      Day 9?

      Yes, day 9. Then it's back to day 1, and ad infinitum, at least till next june. That's how it works up there...

      As i said, the thing i'm bitter is that they didn't put arts class like i told them to.

  10. Mr. NobodX

    Gaming Downturn?

    Of course not with Longhorn! That's why God said "Let's there be Linux!" ;p
  11. Mr. NobodX

    Gaming Downturn?

    One day, the independant, open source gaming will rule the world.
  12. Mr. NobodX

    negotiate with terrorists

    Look at the FIRST reich, then at the SECOND reich before you post idiocy like this post... I stand my case.
  13. Mr. NobodX

    Classic-er Gameplay for Doom 3

    It look a bit bland, but apart from that, it's good. Let's just hope ID don't pull the plug on that one...
  14. Mr. NobodX

    Uhhhhh ... Ok

    Wait a minute, it wasn't supposed to be Fly- nah, it violate rule of thumb #5 :p
  15. Mr. NobodX

    Uhhhhh ... Ok

    Next time send them a copy of the comic, they'll understand both the "rip and tear" and the "I passed too much time in hell, i think i'm going IN-SA-NE" effect of the aforementioned "psychological violence" **