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    I post goatse. Laugh at me.

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  1. Starting school on august 30th, and i finally got the schedule. My opinion? It could be better, damnit!

    Day 1: English, French, Free and Maths
    Day 2: Free, French, Economy and Maths
    Day 3: Physics, English, French and Free
    Day 4: Maths, Physics, French and Economy
    Day 5: Maths, Physics, English and French
    Day 6: Free, Maths, Free and French
    Day 7: Economy, Maths, Physics and English
    Day 8: French, Free, Maths and Physics
    Day 9: French, Economy, Maths and Physics

    Total: 8 French, 8 Maths, 6 Physics, 6 Free slots, 4 Economy and 4 English. Yahoo.

    The worst part is, they didn't even put some Arts like i told them to. Guess i'll have to sacrifice some free slots :(

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    2. Grimm


      True. But still, it's not like any of us could derive any use from knowing his schedule. Mentioning that he got it might make sense, but posting the whoel damn thing up doesn't. To me at least. Your blog, do what you want with it. :P

    3. insertwackynamehere
    4. Mr. NobodX

      Mr. NobodX

      insertwackynamehere said:

      Day 9?

      Yes, day 9. Then it's back to day 1, and ad infinitum, at least till next june. That's how it works up there...

      As i said, the thing i'm bitter is that they didn't put arts class like i told them to.