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  1. Spunkmeyer

    Custom Weapons Do Not Equip Themselve's

    Ok i did all of those methods, and i also discovered a more easy method, but still thanks all of you guys!!
  2. Spunkmeyer

    Custom Weapons Do Not Equip Themselve's

    Ive tested them individualy like, COMPLETELY individualy, but thanks for replying, ill look into that. And if it is posible, can you tell me one of the methods to do so?
  3. Hello, this is my first Thread and i hope i posted it in the right topic section, if not please excuse me. Im having a little trouble with some custom weapons ive been downloading here: http://www.realm667.com/index.php/armory-mainmenu-157 I install the wads (or Mini Wads as i call them) into a doom 2 iwad with XWE, everything works fine and i was testing out each weapon INDIVIDUALY and some work and everything, but there are some weapon that when i scroll through the weapons to equip it, it does not equip, the only way i can equip them is by dropping all my weapons until it equips, but the problem is, not only i drop my weapons, but when it is equipped, i cant change my weapon! Please help, im looking foward to use some of those weapons. Hope anyone can help me... Cheers -Rainier Beth, a.k.a. Spunkmeyer, or TalonDrakeGaming
  4. Nevermind sorry, i selected Run As Administrator, to run it with my dad's profile to see if it works and it did.
  5. Download does not work... help please, i think i have an older version because in options there is nowhere i can put those stuff in. (The codes, etc.)