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  1. If We Landed on Europa, What Would We Want to Know? So what goodies can we find on Europa? Artist's concept looks cool though. Any thoughts?
  2. MRB_Doom

    I Knew Rush was Nuts...

    Who listens to mainstream trash these days anyway? They are so over and done with it's completely irrelevant what comes out of their mouths. FU Rush.
  3. Doesn't sound too reassuring when we all know what the future lies for a certain conglomerate's military bases etc. Seriously though, when did Buzz say that?
  4. MRB_Doom

    Canada: Thought Crime Implimented

    I'm sure her children are much more safe in the care of Child Pedophile Services now. Sexual abuse of children are almost guaranteed when being handled by the state. Fuck you New World Order Canada! Traitors of humanity.
  5. MRB_Doom

    Your Second Best Gaming Experience?

    Doom is number one so number two is a competition between Quake (multi player), Duke3D, Half Life or SoF Platinum (released in March 2000, you could see the programming against Saddam Hussein back then with the Iraq mission and aftermath of the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia with the Kosovo part etc).
  6. MRB_Doom

    Favourite old game sounds

    - Quad, Ring and Pent sounds from Quake 1
  7. MRB_Doom

    Beware the Swedish fish

    Warning over testicle-biting fish in Denmark? It's all wet A joke? Okaaaay.
  8. MRB_Doom

    Favourite old game sounds

    - Hit sound from the Ishar series (especially Chaos Axe and other cool weapons from those games!)
  9. MRB_Doom

    Your favorite childhood games?

    But did Slam Tilt have better music than The Web? It's music was fantastic for a game released in 1995. Plus dad made copies of the files saving the scoreboard when I nailed 120 billion points with 4 Ultimate Showdowns. Took me like three hours to complete.
  10. MRB_Doom

    Your favorite childhood games?

    Computer games: Ishar II Messengers of Doom (Atari ST), Ishar 3: The Seven Gates of Infinity (PC), Big Red Racing (released in 95 or 96, this game had really cool music) (PC), The Incredible Machine 3 (PC), WarCraft II, Doom & Doom II (obviously), Masters Levels (bought Doom anthology back in the mid 90s), SuperKart, The Web (best pinball game ever), Pinball Dreams, Perfect Pinball, Epic Pinball (awesome, released in 93), Duke3D (of course), Diablo, Unreal Tournament (Redeemer powah), CS 1.6 (haha), Transport Tycoon, Transport Tycoon Deluxe (thank God for OpenTTD) and the list goes on and on. EDIT: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (PC, 1998), Need for Speed High Stakes (1999). When me and dad played High Stakes at a LAN party in Stockholm, Remedy 2002, using a custom car called CCX Preston, we had a group following because of the enormous speed that car had in the game, we had a ball. Some more games: Worms, Off-Road Racing (I bought this game instead of SpaceCraft when dad tipped me about it haha).
  11. MRB_Doom


    I'm comfortable with my Samsung Galaxy S3. No need for an iPhone.
  12. MRB_Doom


  13. Gibraltar tensions grow over new reef Gibraltar has been a colony since 1713 and Great Britain and Spain are still fighting about it? Dude.
  14. Students have come up with a radical idea for cutting journey times in 2050 – aircraft that collect and drop-off passengers in moving pod-like carriages. These planes are ideal for the UAC oh yeeeh.
  15. 25 great skyscrapers: icons of construction The Shanghai World Financial Center looks like a monolith with a hole in it. Like a giant command center located on Europa?
  16. MRB_Doom

    Beware the Swedish fish

    Helvete också! No seriously, this fish looks rather nasty but I rarely swim here in Stockholm anyways except Eriksdalsbadet (haven't visited that place since 1999) so it's all good.
  17. MRB_Doom

    Kidnapper caught

    Reminds me of the huge black cop gone rogue who fled into a similar environment and got killed pretty quickly (or did he commit suicide?). So SWAT did their job. Good. Glad the teen survived this prick.
  18. P.W. Singer: Military robots and the future of war This video caught my attention. That weapon from the US Air Force looks hardcore.
  19. MRB_Doom

    Perfected Doom 3

    Yes I'm using the BFG edition and I don't think it will work with it. When I try to install Doom 3 on Desura it takes me to Steam and the buy page for the regular Doom 3. Crap. I'll try this with the original game instead. Thanks.
  20. MRB_Doom

    Perfected Doom 3

    Jesus I managed to f up the exe location with the wrong file and now I can't change it back to the correct DOOM3BFG.exe file. How do I fix this? Wanna try this mod real bad. The patches seems to be hard to DL, I only get to the info page.
  21. I wouldn't mind making a few bucks, but at what cost?
  22. NASA Launches New Russian-Language Mars Website More space news.
  23. Good luck with your future endeavors. So long.
  24. MRB_Doom

    Thoughts on "Doom 3" after much time has passed

    I remember here on Doomworld where we watched a guy play Doom 3 before it came out on his live feed. Oh those were the days.
  25. MRB_Doom

    Playing through Ressurection of Evil again!

    I tend to forget the Artifact power up option when meeting a Bruiser. Also, the removal of the greenish Hell area saved me a lot of anger because I only managed to complete that sequence on Marine and never on Veteran. Why did the BFG Edition remove the bio suit / helmet? Thought that particular part of the game was pretty neat. Yeah, the Bruisers attack is way too intense.