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  1. First time trying the Ironman Club, also first time trying DTWID, which has been on my to-play list for years. Beat the first level with 25 out of 26 enemies killed I think it was 96%, and died early into E1M2 to a shotgun guy, who's pixelly feet were seen dancing on my grave. A recording from Nvidia Experience does exist, I don't think it'd be interesting enough to upload anywhere, and is larger than the attachment size here, so this can be an unofficial entry. Cool music with the DTWID music wad by the way.
  2. MAP04 - “Relentless” by Travers Dunne Continuing on continuous, fun stuff, yessir, a respectable Doom map! I enjoyed it, I liked that run jump across the chasm, some fun traversal, enemy placement and whatnot was up my alley. Playing on HMP, compared it to UV, and I appreciate the tuning they did. Having 90 something enemies in Map 4 and 5 on HMP compared to 140 or so, overall a smooth ride. Sometimes, when Dooming, it feels like a miracle that I ended up where I was supposed to go after pushing a button by the way. MAP05 - “Hand of Doom” by Jan Van der Veken Cool stuff, I like the texturing, very crisp good stuff. I forget whether some of the textures are Vanilla or not, I know the mod has new textures. I like that brick with green plants on it, forget where that's from, if not from Doom. This map plays well, I was a tad confused at times with all the switches and teleporting etc, but as is the magic of Doom I ended up where I was supposed to be. A wizard is never late. MAP06 - “The Mines of Death” by Nick Baker I like the ol enemies unaware with backs turned beginning, they didn't expect Doomguy! Knock knock! "It's quite cool" Gandalf once said, and this map is quite cool. I like the scripted progression stuff, moving parts and classy fun, and nice to have this more linear romp after the bigger couple maps prior to it. Good to have that contrast. Cool that mappers from this are posting by the way!
  3. MAP01 - “Scary” by Jan Van der Veken Pretty cool opening map, it's got some atmosphere and whatnot to it, I dig the design, no complaints with the combat. Some of the progression near the end is a little cryptic but worked out fine. Cool music. MAP02 - “Bloody Hell” by Jan Van der Veken Another cool map, playing on HMP continuous in GZDoom by the way, I like aspects of the design philosophy, the layout and monster placement etc. It feels like authentic Doomery, can be a bit zany with the teleporting progression a bit, but not too zany. Solid stuff. MAP03 - “Entropia” by John Bye Good straightforward map, I enjoyed it. Agreed it can be a bit claustrophobic-y, but for that type of thing it worked relatively well for me.
  4. Those early Scythe 2 maps have a lot of atmosphere, here's a band playing covers of those Scythe 2 midis in the 80s! Good stuff.
  5. +++ The Darkening, The Darkening 2, and Crusades
  6. Duke 3D with a dash of Metal Gear Solid pizazz and 90s insanity. So on paper that game would be SiN, they had the right ideas anyway. Also I'd throw in playing as multiple protagonists, an emphasis on cool levels to explore that are more intricate than huge, akimbo guns up the wazzoo, and always some weirdo on the corner talking to you via video radio codec thingy like MGS. I actually think life should have Otacon from MGS just checking in with you at all times. (Not a guy telling you what to do on the radio, that is usually a bit silly, I mean for character and plot flavor) This game would would be the SiN meets Daikatana of design philosophies. But this time it would knock it right out of the park, yessir.
  7. That's a good point, he does seem quite unhinged in Evil Dead II, he has been through some things. His outlook in the end (Ash vs Evil Dead) is a pretty humorous and inspirational one, I'd like to be as kingly myself. Maybe all the craziness caused him to achieve zen of some sort or just enjoy the things he loves about life, such as roasting everybody with great comments, and being lazy when not slaying deadites. Speaking of Duke 3D, don't miss some great recent stuff like Shaky Grounds part 2 (pt 1 also linked in that topic) , and also the recently expanded Haunted Nukem mod/TC.
  8. Game looks tremendous, looking forward to it! On jumping in Duke and whatnot, I like it. And in general I love the engine, but there have been many a post on here about that. And eDuke32 in particular has done good work on it. And on the software mode post, I think the screenshots are actually not in software mode, it'll be on eDuke32's source port renderers which is like the GZDoom of Duke. Software mode is an option though, at least in eduke in general. And whichever way it's rendered, I do love that pixel art.
  9. I love Within Temptation, saw them live once so far! Great band. MAP05 - “Violently Imply” by Necrotikflesh I started this map with 16 health and 30 armor from the previous map, not a great situation there for me with the Archvile and co. It was a test and I did not do overly well. MAP06 - “Ombres Boueuses” by Datacore Another map that drops me right into the wringer, though not nearly as much dying Doomguy as the previous map. I'd like a map to start off with maybe a beach chair and a spot to relax, for a change, maybe some refreshments. Lots of switches right away, solid respectable Doomery though. MAP07 - “Six Seulement” by Oxyde Good looking map, the aesthetics with the use of green and classy texturing, more variety in architecture, quality stuff. A zillion revenants and enemies in general Barons etc right off the bat on HMP, it's your textbook hectic map. A bit more hectic than I'm looking for, some crowded corridors to traverse and whatnot. Impressive design for the time limits. MAP08 - “Storm Warning” by Memfis Very cool map, that blue cyber texture reminds me of my fav Memento Mori map High Tech Grave, I like how it has 55 enemies on HMP, I feel I have more room to breath and whatnot. Good looking, and good playing. You know I died several times of course, chaingunners and whatnot, and I started off this one with 48 health. Though there were a couple smaller health pickups at the entrance. Fun map, cool music by the way! The next map also has cool music.
  10. Wow, just saw on Duke4 that Duke 3D World Tour is on sale for 6.79 USD on humblebundle. That's a steam key, not sure if what country you're in effects whether you can use that, great great deal though.
  11. At the moment World Tour is the only version for sale digitally, which is 19.99 USD when not on a sale. Though if you get a key somewhere reputable for Megaton you can still redeem that I believe. There were also DOS versions of Duke 3D sold on steam and gog that may have keys out there somewhere to buy. If you have a CD-drive, you could buy a used Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition CD for a few bucks as well, and then use the .grp in eDuke32.
  12. Doomguy comes over on weekends to watch wrestling pay-per-views with him though, which is nice. When he's on his upswings, some days it's tough to get out of that sarcophagus. It is comfortable in there.
  13. I can get and respect the fun of subverting something, but in this case it's kind of a different sort of fan fiction. It'd be like saying Ash from Evil Dead will stop being a snarky self-assured blowhard at some point, realistic or not, it's not what's intended or written for the character in particular. Or rather, that he's tormented underneath. Which I don't think fits these characters myself. Just saying, the character is not intended to be tortured or suffering from ailments of any sort. Other than usual vices played for some comedy and antihero flavor. Saying Duke has PTSD would be like saying Roger Rabbit would have PTSD. Granted, somebody could write that story, and it may be a hoot. Some of my favorite characters and people have PTSD or depression, sure, I don't think there's reason to think this particular character would though. But if that interpretation works for you, why not. And on World Tour, it's terrific, the new episode is very very excellent. And it includes the Duke3D.grp so you can use that version with eDuke32 as well. Though kind of like the BFG edition Doom wads (both are handled by Nerve software), they changed the red cross on health packs to a pill symbol. Other than that the .grp is mostly the same as I recall. Also they added some fancy light placements and whatnot for the new engine which is cool. Actually as I recall, the .grp is the same I think the changed medkits are in external art tiles you can delete.
  14. I concur on the excellent atmosphere and dark gritty vibe, but I doubt Duke would have PTSD even if continuing with that. He was a devil may care kind of guy largely unfazed and confident, which did stand out against the oppressive atmosphere he was immersed in. And he was cracking one-liners all the time. It is fun to think of the mentality of characters like Duke, the Doomguy, Ranger from Quake and whatnot. Duke has a bit more to go on, with the one-liners and whatnot, and Duke 3D's plutonium pak/atomic edition having a pretty humorous ending.
  15. When I really got into anime, via the anime DVD boom, I first picked up Rurouni Kenshin disc 1 and Vampire Hunter D (the first one). Back in 2000, Kenshin is still my fav! First ever, that's tougher to remember, there were a bunch rented on VHS in the late 90s. For sure classics like Ninja Scroll, Ghost in the Shell, the Fatal Fury and Street Fighter II anime movies, and for series they had Blue Seed (underrated) and Evangelion, and some stuff like Tank Police etc.