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  1. PsychoGoatee


    I'll say, the aspect of horror I'd like in this is the "Hell yeah that's cool!" and "that is delightfully evil" type of feel I get from my favorites. I myself wouldn't want the usual jump scares and modern horror movie spook show type of thing necessarily, though I did enjoy Doom 3 and F.E.A.R. at the time. A lot of my favorite horror movies aren't really scary to me so much as they're compelling and cool in a wicked way. Dario Argento movies for example, like Suspiria, Tenebrae, Opera, etc where it's beautiful and rockin' to see this stark crazy evil stuff unfold. Or Hellraiser, where the movie is more about "wow look at this cool imaginative unexpected madness taking place", at least for me. And in general, much like when you go to a Slayer concert, and the fire is shooting around etc, this game is like a celebration of the fun of evil iconography. Metal album covers etc. So that's the kind of horror I'd like to see represented.
  2. PsychoGoatee

    "It's too cartoony"

    Little joke for ya, ya know since anime means animation aka cartoon, I flow loose like a jazz musician on here.
  3. PsychoGoatee

    Original Doom songs you want to see return

    I'd love to hear a few classic Doom melodies return, that'd give me ASMR as they say. Any of them would do, I'll say like the OP here Imp's Song comes to mind, In The Dark etc, and for boss fights or other key moments some of the more up-tempto shredders like At Doom's Gate would be cool.
  4. PsychoGoatee

    "It's too cartoony"

    I love the art style, and I think cartoon is just another word for anime if I'm reading these dictionary entries correctly, and anime as we know from Akira, Berserk, and Cowboy Bebop is pretty badass. How about Vampire Hunter D, that dude is cutting heads off like you read about. So I say thumbs up.
  5. PsychoGoatee

    There.. there are no hell razers are there :(

    Hellraiser, the Ozzy song written by Lemmy, is what comes to mind! Especially the Motorhead version, featured in the Hellraiser 3 credits.
  6. PsychoGoatee

    What song does describe you?

    He's a groovy guy. Yeah. (I don't actually use a Walther or any gun though)
  7. PsychoGoatee

    What kind of campaign style are you hoping for?

    FPS level design is an art that Doom is keeping alive, so more of that, with less of the separation of arenas. More big action/adventure games than not these days are open world, one big ol' open map, big open fields etc. It would be boring if every game was like that. So for Doom I want the art of classic level design, some new tricks and ideas of course, but I want a masterful flow to it that is very different from a big open area. The setting is Earth with ruins and whatnot, but the master mappers will weave that into a tapestry of paths and fun to traverse unique levels while still making it feel open. I want some masterful mappery.
  8. PsychoGoatee

    Graphics card for Doom Eternal

    I bought a 970 for DOOM, my rig is from 2012 with an ol i5 etc. With a little energon, and a lot of luck, I will attempt to run Doom Eternal with this computer. I played Doom 3 with really really low specs and performance at the time as I recall, still enjoyed it though.
  9. PsychoGoatee

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    More sprawling intricate levels where the big encounters aren't put into contained arenas strictly, etc. Just any cool dazzling fun to traverse interesting level design, and the gameplay flow therein. That's the only improvement I'd need.
  10. PsychoGoatee

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    This is the greatest announcement in the past five hundred years. This game will be epic! And gameplay in a couple months at QuakeCon, they've been keeping busy these past two years.
  11. PsychoGoatee

    Serious Sam 3 vs Doom 4

    DOOM for me. I even enjoyed messing around in SnapMap, and also got some fun out of the multiplayer. But the main attraction, the campaign, best FPS in years for me. I do hope Serious Sam 4 is great though, I see screens of that have been released recently.
  12. PsychoGoatee

    Your Favorite Game of All Time

    I love a lot of the games mentioned so far, tough to pick a fav. Plus for me it always changes. I know in 2005 MGS3 was my favorite game ever, and in 2008 it was MGS4, and of course I'm a big Duke/Doom/Quake fan, also GTA3 and Vice City were big, loved adventure games like Space Quest 4 & 5 and Quest for Glory series. So many good ones to choose from. Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil 2 and 4, and others in those fine series, so many. Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, recently loved Breath of the Wild and Yakuza 0. Not to forget JRPGs like FF7, Dragon Quest 8, Tales of Symphonia, and mods like Action Half-Life... I'll say, naturally this forum may lean a bit nostalgic, but in general this is a nostalgic question for me. And picking favs is tough, since there are so many different aspects of games to enjoy. I haven't even mentioned fighting games yet, so many good times on the Dreamcast with my friends and brother. King of Fighters and Street Fighter especially. Short answer, in 2018, I don't have a favorite it's a concept that is too wild for me at this juncture!
  13. PsychoGoatee

    What is your favorite Heavy Metal Band?

    Motorhead (unless we count them as rock'n'roll as Lemmy liked to), in which case Judas Priest! Honorable mention to Overkill, my fav of the thrash bands of which I like most of them.
  14. PsychoGoatee

    (Guitar and drums building up)

    Richard Cheese's funny lounge version is my fav Down with the Sickness, but this is good too!
  15. PsychoGoatee

    Opinions on Modern First Person Shooters

    I agree that modern shooters are harder if you want to run and gun. Since they're usually copying the to me boring CoD mold, where you're supposed to use cover and pretend its war etc, so you get the "red screen of death" if you run into the open. Which is boring, since it just means you have to play the way they want. That said, it's probably possible to run and gun those games if you're a CoD pro or something, but they are often designed to keep you in cover. Even Titanfall 2, one of the more praised recent single player FPS campaigns, has a lot of CoD style stuff like that. They have really dumb slow AI, but if you're in the open in front of several of them you're just going to get hit, as far as I can tell. In general I like games that are somewhat open in how you can approach battles, more options the better, so these on rails type of games that pick one specific intended way are boring. That said, I take each game on it's own merits if they're at all of interest to me. I really love some games in the recent style, like Bioshock Infinite. But for sure I want more of the classic intricate more interesting style of FPS level design, and combat. Though combat I'd also like to see go somewhere new, with more interesting varied enemy behavior etc. So that volume of monsters or healthsponge aren't the only options.