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  1. Controller Doomers, what settings do you like? I've found controller feel in GZDoom to be solid so far. After messing with it, I have the right stick in GZDoom set to X and Y of 1.100 and 0.550, and I found lowering the dead zone on the right stick axises to 0.115 helped it feel more good and responsive. That said, it's still a bit tough when used to KB+mouse for Doom, I find tracking a target while circle strafing is a bit tough to pull off. Though Doom Eternal and other recent games feel great to me on a controller, though those I guess have several more kinds of filtering and acceleration and various subtleties. Though in Doom Eternal I changed those settings as well for the record, turning smoothing to 0 oddly enough. So for classic Doom, what do you find gives the best controller feel and settings? (edit: One nutty idea, lowering my run speed a little bit makes it easier to aim at stuff... )
  2. PsychoGoatee

    best dos games?

    Space Quest and Quest for Glory are my jam! Especially SQ4, 5, and the VGA remakes of SQ1 and QfG1. Incredible, clever, timeless games. And honorable mentions to all their adventure game contemporaries. And of course, the FPS games we know and love. And great to see you Lee! You're the best ever!
  3. PsychoGoatee

    What are you playing now?

    Played the first four maps of Back to Saturn X! Great stuff, been on my to play pile for a long long time. Really cool music too, terrific terrific maps all around.
  4. PsychoGoatee

    Controller Doomers - how's it going?

    Good to hear, everybody! I can't say in general, for me though it is. And you can get worn out by repetitively using a controller too, or even smartphones. But for me controller is better now, since I've gotten some issues in particular from keyboard use. And even stuff like resting your elbows on chair armrests for example can cause an issue in your nerve going to your hand (ulnar nerve), etc. Just a few things to keep an eye on. WASDing (or arrow keys etc) in particular I just had to stop using. My hand would start tingling etc. Rotating my thumbs and wiggling my fingers via a controller is the way to go apparently.
  5. PsychoGoatee

    Controller Doomers - how's it going?

    Right on, Doom on everything as they say. And I love the Lupin avatar! Funnily enough, earlier today somebody gave me props for a Lupin avatar I have on discord. Mine was Green Jacket for the record.
  6. PsychoGoatee

    Controller Doomers - how's it going?

    I've been getting used to Doom on a controller recently, feels pretty good in gzDoom. I'm gaming on my couch for a few reasons lately, some keyboard and desk ergonomic (rsi) issues last year etc. Plus reading how they've been adding mods like Back to Saturn X to the console versions inspired me a bit. If people are playing Doom maps on Switch, I'm sure I can get used to a controller. Though tough to top the godlike accuracy and quickness of mouse. So anybody been Dooming on a controller, any tips, settings, etc? Have you managed some of the tougher recent user maps? I do tend to lower the difficulty or use some custom difficulty level tweaks (cheats) to make up for my lumbering controller Doomguy. But still, fun to be getting back into it.
  7. PsychoGoatee

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Cool that they're making this! Always room for Doom. id has done good.
  8. PsychoGoatee

    Media that is so bad it's good.

    Troma are kings for sure, Lloyd Kaufman's movies are always gold. Love this whole scene. That said, I'm so far gone, I actually consider those to be good! Just because Lloyd is such a funny writer, and he gets great over-the-top performances out of his cast, etc. And the documentaries of how he makes these no budget movies are really entertaining too. Toxic Avenger is one of the great films. Now Toxie 3, maybe that one is so bad it's good for me. 2 and 4 are also solid... :D Definitely Breakin and Breakin 2 as mentioned (though again... kind of just good movies to me, I'm beyond saving here. Terrific music for sure.). 80s cheese zen. Miami Connection, The Room, TimeCop, Evil Cult (2003 - this movie rules), Sorority House Massacre 2, Hard to Die, Chopping Mall, Hard Ticket to Hawaii... so many B-movies to choose from.
  9. PsychoGoatee

    Favorite Video Game Genres

    Action/adventure/RPG, that whole scene which gets intermingled a lot these days. Though I also love oldschool RPGs, turn based stuff, point and click adventure games, and a variety of action. Fighting games also rock, and the occasional older racing game or car combat (Twisted Metal). And I enjoy a puzzle or two. And I do enjoy sidescrollers like Mega Man, and 3D platformers like Mario 64 or Odyssey. Ok a favorite... action/adventure. Like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Yakuza 0. Though Metal Gear Solid is one of my top fav series, so I could say tactical espionage action. And of course classic style FPS. Those would be my top 3 genres. 1. Action/adventure (usually with RPG elements, the modern 80+ hour epic that isn't strictly an RPG) 2. Tactical espionage action (I say this because nobody quite does stealth the way Hideo does it) 3. classic style FPS (an emphasis on level design and run & gun)
  10. PsychoGoatee

    Is anybody else seriously IN LOVE with Eternal?

    HELL yeah, this game rules. I just played level 9, just nonstop intensity and very cool level design. I dig what id did here.
  11. PsychoGoatee

    Doom Eternal's Deathmatch Shaped Hole

    It is an interesting topic for sure. I think the thing is, like people have mentioned, they may have to outsource multiplayer again like they did last time. Since id working long hours for close to 4 years gives us this well polished single player campaign, this is generally how they do it these days. Another team doing it doesn't mean it couldn't be great, but single player is the main attraction. And I think that's cool, since most FPS devs go the other way and only focus on multiplayer. That said, I do think some DM and stuff like that would be cool. Granted they do have a multiplayer mode. At least I myself don't find the strategic playing as demons elements quite as inviting though. It seems you either have a big epic single player experience, a multiplayer focused game, or you have enough resources to pretty much have two full teams making both. DM could've been cool. Maybe to have it so fragging other players is your main source of resources, you'd just end up with a game with way higher kill/death numbers than other shooters. Or even just hitting somebody could drop stuff. And that would lend to a frantic fast paced feeling DM match. And could include a last man standing mode, with stuff like bonuses for slaying so it's not just hiding for a while, and some PvE co-op, etc. tl;dr, I think more stuff is good, but I can see why it's not always included like it would've been in the 90s and early 2000s. And agreed stuff like Quake Champions should be on consoles too.
  12. PsychoGoatee

    HELL YEAH! ! ! !

    Nice to see some good Doom times! Rock on! I'll be playing it later on tonight. It's time!!
  13. PsychoGoatee

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    A poet, evidently, I am not. It was intended as humor. I appreciate them going the extra mile for the fans. Unrelated, William S. Burroughs, that Naked Lunch guy, said: “It's the little touches that make a future solid enough to destroy.” Now that sounds pretty metal.
  14. PsychoGoatee

    Is Doomguy the Doomslayer?

    Which means he's also Judge Dredd! They both look cool in a helmet. Maybe he spent a few years on the streets of mega city in his eternity of ass-kicking. I do like the idea of DoomSlayer being the Doomguy, it just adds a little extra something to things.
  15. PsychoGoatee

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    That sounds really great, always cool to see new episodes for classic games. It's the little touches.