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  1. PsychoGoatee

    Cultists of Doom Slayer

    All hail the slayer, ripper of demons, tear-er of the big robo jerks! (at least one robo jerk)
  2. PsychoGoatee

    PC specs? (speculation)

    id is great with optimization in recent years, so I'm not too worried. Playing it on my old i5 2500k, a gtx 970, etc. If it's the last hurrah for this particular rig of mine, it'll be one HELL of a hurrah.
  3. PsychoGoatee

    Favorite Fighting Game?

    King of Fighters, 99 especially (Evolution on Dreamcast). And agreed on the Street Fighter III 3rd Strike love! That game rocks. MvC2, Capcom vs SNK2, in general it seemed to me the Dreamcast era and it's selection of great arcade ports was the golden age of fighting games. I do love SoulCalibur VI as well for newer ones.
  4. PsychoGoatee

    What are some good Duke Nukem addons/map packs?

    I find I tend to like single map releases best for Duke, there are tons of great ones. And for fun, you could play a map of mine, Groovy Street. http://www.mediafire.com/file/827zta25k6mra1p/GroovyStreet.zip/file The Shaky Grounds maps are great, mentioned above, here's the first of those two: https://forums.duke4.net/topic/8891-releaseshaky-grounds-pt1-apocollapse/ The add-on compilation for eduke32 by NightFright is terrific, it has tons of map packs, including Roch and whatnot. http://hrp.duke4.net/download.php (at the bottom of the page under Bonus Files) The Urban Map pack in particular is one of the ones in the add-on compilations huge list, that is a nicely curated selection of a bunch of cool city maps.
  5. PsychoGoatee

    idol anime

    I was gonna say Macross, the movie is damn good, and the full series is even better! Man that's a manly show. A fighter pilot, Hikaru, get this... he's in a love triangle with two dames! One of them is a pop star with damn good tunes, such as "My Boyfriend is a pilot!". Oddly enough I watched Perfect Blue the other day, had always been meaning to watch it. I found it kind of so-so, I love David Lynch and surreal stuff, and I dig some of Kon's other stuff, but this movie ran out of steam halfway through for me. Also, being that I myself am in my 30s, these days I'd prefer an idol anime about say a 30 year old pop star. You've gotta be worldly to write damn good tunes, you know. At least 25.
  6. PsychoGoatee

    What are you reading now?

    I'm always reading Judge Dredd (via the Case Files), Savage Dragon, and catching up on X-Men (still in the 80s). Legendary comics. On books, I've gotten about 50 used books via cool used books stores and ebay for 3 bucks a pop or so in recent months, my to-read list is endless. Lots of Vampire Hunter D books, crime, sci-fi, fantasy, etc. Currently reading "Swag" by Elmore Leonard, cool crime book from back in the day.
  7. PsychoGoatee

    Iron Maiden files trademark suit against Ion Maiden

    When critiquing a band, their history of albums is the majority of what we're reviewing. When talking about say the Beatles, you're talking about how they influenced rock music, the albums at the time etc. The stuff you're saying such as washed up, commercial etc, these wouldn't apply to the early albums by these bands. And those albums will always be there as part of music history, and an important part of that history for heavy metal. I personally don't think overrated is of great use as a term in reviewing, since it just means you value your own taste over those of others, and not regarding context or history etc. And in general that you're saying people have generic taste for liking these things that happen to be known and lauded, I don't find any substance in that. What is the point of dismissing other people's enjoyment in some music for example. I think it's fair to say 70s Judas Priest albums do have real artistry, I don't know if you've heard these albums or you're just doing a bit of a debate exercise here. But while it's all subject to taste, by most metrics of review (comparing to their contemporaries etc) those albums are something interesting and special. Especially for the time.
  8. PsychoGoatee

    Iron Maiden files trademark suit against Ion Maiden

    Maybe not your thing, but such influential and diverse clearly talented bands don't really fit the word overrated. I think that's a bit of an overused descriptor anyway, it just means you like them less than others do. What would be the bar, just your personal taste I guess? Those 70s Priest albums are mindblowingly ahead of their time and diverse. And the NWOBHM sound (one of my favorite music scenes) sure took a lot from ol' Maiden. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but good lord, you've listened to all those albums or is this off the cuff? It is to this metalhead quite the outrageous claim.
  9. PsychoGoatee

    Iron Maiden files trademark suit against Ion Maiden

    Pun may not have been the right word, wordplay of some kind. A clever name that does fit the game and character, but also sounds like a riff on the known term Iron Maiden. I forget which word that would be instead of pun. You mention they put a clever twist on it, that's what I mean. That said, I do think Iron Maiden is a cool name for a band as well, especially in the 70s when they came up with it. Sure beats Kansas. But I do disagree with them on this one. But at least from the positive vibes I'm seeing hinted from the devs, sounds like it all probably worked out.
  10. PsychoGoatee

    Iron Maiden files trademark suit against Ion Maiden

    It's gonna have a new name announced tomorrow, so it's all a done deal now. I do disagree with you on that though. Ion Maiden I don't think is confusing, while a pun on the term Iron Maiden. I think it's fun to be able to do stuff like that, and it's not really taking any money from the band's brand. We would never have Deadpool (Wade Wilson) today if everyone was always so litigious for example. A fun character who might not be around if DC decided they had wanted to sue them for ripping off Deathstroke (Slade Wilson). They were having some fun with the name and aesthetics of Deadpool, and Marvel and DC both often did this, but ultimately he ended up a character with a completely different appeal from Deathstroke. It's fun to riff on things in pop culture. Subject to personal taste whether it's a sham or has artistic merit, case by case, I personally thought Ion Maiden was a fun name. Didn't make me think it was attempting to ride on the band's coattails. And we're on the Doom forum, a game that borrowed melodies from several bands similar to the one who went after Ion Maiden. Much more direct and blatant stuff. While you might see where the bands are coming from, I assume you'd also feel for fans who wouldn't like it if Doom could no longer include the classic music anymore for example. It's just one of those things. I don't think it was taking any money from those bands potential profits, if anything it was a tribute, and a fun thing people might notice. But I get that we'll see less and less stuff like that. The game should be out this year, and it'll be good stuff. Can't wait to see the new stuff.
  11. PsychoGoatee

    Doom Over Perfect Dark?

    You mention cutscenes and voice acting, Duke had those in 96 baby! On Perfect Dark, if you like it better, it's better to you. I enjoyed it, played the port they did for 360 arcade, smooth fun game. I do prefer Doom, although with some source port stuff and mouse aim. And of course for the time and importance, can't top Doom.
  12. PsychoGoatee

    Advice for new player

    If you haven't already, definitely buy it! The single-player is the best part, so PS Plus would be optional. The game is smooth wherever you can play it.
  13. PsychoGoatee

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Can't wait for this! I'm getting psyched as they say in Wolf3d. Listening to some of those streams earlier, podcast style, not watching the gameplay much to keep it fresh later. This is gonna be excellent. Cool that he'll be messing with a different theme here, with the hell stuff, but with that especially cohesive Romero vibe to it as well.
  14. PsychoGoatee

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    For sure! Love that classic Lee Jackson tune by the way. I appreciate how you get a lot of bullets and the chaingun up front on HNTR, and firepower in general. Going west, I get stuck on the ambush of enemies in the small cavern, gets me down to 70%ish armor and health. My first death is the ambush from the semi-obscured chaingun guys flanking you upon entering that one area. Died there a couple times. Even knowing they're there and strafing back doing the shotgun shimmey, I'm down to 42 health after defeating them and their shotgun guys etc, and I appreciate all the health pickups after. Here I save, I tend to save a bit. But I didn't die after that. By the time I've killed 89 enemies around that area I run out of shotgun shells and bullets, but have 50 rockets which is fun/different, so use those on pinky demons etc. Fun using rockets on regular enemies a bunch here, since I'm used to saving them. In general it's smooth sailing from there, I like it! Fun stuff, really nicely done map aesthetically and fun to run around in. And I liked the combat, felt like a warzone, but a forgiving one. 13 minutes, 0% secrets (and I did hit use on some walls). Tried it on UV for science, did die more often, and I could use more ammo in this difficulty. 35 enemies in and I'm hiding out punching lost souls while they peck down my health since I'm all out of ammo. Died a lot, seems reasonable for UV though, but yep I'd call it a hard map on this difficulty. Also played it on HMP, those groups of shotgun guys sometimes killed me, but still very doable for me. Now personal taste, one thing is I kind of like to see maps with fewer enemies more often, especially in a megawad. I really enjoy this map, especially as a solo map, and understandably most solo released maps feel like a big notable climactic event. But if you have 20 of those in a row, and you've fought roughly 4000 enemies, for me the combat becomes a chore. But I'm into different stuff to some degree, I'm less interested in Doom's combat as the main attraction of Doom, odd as that may seem. It feels more like a journey to me if sometimes you feel like you're just exploring, in a not fully populated map. So I think a lot of maps could have less enemies, especially in the first half or 1/3rd of the megawad. This map rocks though.
  15. PsychoGoatee

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    @Doomkid @valkiriforce Sounds good! I'd be happy to give more feedback playing these on the lower difficulties.