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  1. It looks cool. Is it for your project, or will it ever be shared with others?
  2. Very cool atmosphere and music. P. S. Just finished the last level. Definitely one of my all-time favorite wads now.
  3. _Mud


    I like it better when the player is not rushing like mad, so I slightly reduce the speed of movement.
  4. _Mud

    Void and Rainbow HOM bug

    Unless asked about other bugs. But I don't think they will do anything about it.
  5. _Mud


    I decided to distract from the main projects (again) and made a small level, which took me 10 days. I also used the texturepak from the unreleased (and in fact barely started) megawad, which ChaingunnerX, Devived]ASTS[ and I did in 2013 with some other people. Megawad stalled, but what was done then did not give rest, so this level appeared (and therefore chose this name for the level). Tested in GZDoom 2.5, software and OpenGL. DOOM2.WAD. Download
  6. _Mud

    Void and Rainbow HOM bug

    In my defense I can only say that in 3.6 everything is fine, but in 3.7 I have something similar, as I already showed in the screenshot. So you should ask a question to the developers of GZDoom (or rather, I should ask it).
  7. _Mud

    Void and Rainbow HOM bug

    Are you talking about this?