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  1. Serious_MOod

    [ZScript] The problem with MSTime

    Hello everybody. I have a wad in which there is a code for ZScript. The problem is that it worked correctly in versions 3.0 - 3.2 (approximately), but in later versions it does not work as it should. It seems to be related to MSTime. The problem is that I did not write the code, and I do not understand ZScript at all. The author of the code tried to fix it, but the bug did not go anywhere. The bug lies in the following - there is a torch. The torch has dynamic lighting. And this lighting does not match the color of the torch color, although in earlier versions everything worked as it should. "It looks like your code makes some assumptions about the maximum value the timer can return. This really can return any valid integer value - even negative ones. If you want to work with time results you always have to use the difference between some starting time and the current time." In the version with the corrected code (v 1.4) everything seems to be fine, but after a while the desynchronization of sprites and lighting begins. I would be grateful if someone could help with this definitively. I attach two links to the wad, in v 1.2 the original code, and in v 1.4 corrected. https://www.dropbox.com/s/93eucnz5zbta88t/RAINBOWv1.2.pk3?dl=1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/yauaq6hvigu113y/RAINBOWv1.4.pk3?dl=1
  2. Serious_MOod

    Doom: Lost Alpha

    I do not want to do the next vanilla crafts on the alpha theme, especially since I've done them twice already.
  3. Serious_MOod

    Doom: Lost Alpha

    Promised demo version. IWAD: DOOM.WAD In the demo there are 2 levels of the planned 14. It is advisable to run it in the software renderer. The maps have been completed and remade many times and it is possible that to the final version the levels from the demo version can be changed (as usual). For various resources, thanks to Evil Unleashed, Doom Delta, Bobby's Lost Midis and others. Download
  4. Serious_MOod

    Void And Rainbow

    Fireballs are not gray. Should not be, at least. Why then some of them are gray, while I'm fine. And in general, for some people, for some reason, the lighting does not work as it should. I do not know why. GZDoom problems.
  5. Serious_MOod

    Doom: Lost Alpha

    What can you do?
  6. Serious_MOod

    Doom: Lost Alpha

    E1M2: Supply Depot 2.
  7. Serious_MOod

    Void And Rainbow

    Would wad be added to idgames? After all, there's music in wad, which is not mine.
  8. Serious_MOod

    Doom: Lost Alpha

    A bit of screenshots x2
  9. Serious_MOod

    Doom: Lost Alpha

    Something like KDIZD - for the most part its own locations, supplemented by redistributed original locations from alpha
  10. Serious_MOod

    Void And Rainbow

    The version with the new lighting is done, the link is updated. Screenshots:
  11. Serious_MOod

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Need more alpha. Cool screenshots
  12. Serious_MOod

    Doom: Lost Alpha

    Heh, it's funny that I'm not the only one who believes in this curse