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  1. Sayeth

    NOVA III Demos [-complevel 9]

    Adding one more for good measure Map 02 Nomo in 042.00 n302o042.zip
  2. Yep, I used the wad files of BTSX1 from DSDA. This should definitely be the latest version, last updated in August 2020 - https://dsdarchive.com/wads/btsx_e1
  3. Are you using the right complevel and both WAD files? Which source port are you on?
  4. It seems to work fine on my end. Can someone else confirm if they have any issue with playback?
  5. Sayeth

    NOVA III Demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 01 Nomo in 053.74 n301o053.zip :)
  6. The last two Nomo maps for BTSX1 I am going to upload are here: E1 Map 22 Nomo: b122o215.zip E1 Map 32 Nomo: b132o035.zip Not yet decided what to focus on next
  7. E1 Map 20 Nomo: b120o153.zip E1 Map 21 Nomo: b121o113.zip Routing maps for Nomo is fun, these two were especially so. Can't believe there's only a handful of them left to do in BTSX1. It wasn't even a month ago when I submitted my first one.
  8. E1 Map 18 Nomo: b118o111.zip E1 Map 19 Nomo: b119o048.zip E1 Map 19 Pacifist: b119p050.zip Map 19 is fun, You don't get to play around with free invulnerability all that often.
  9. E1 Map 16 UV Speed/Pacifist: b116-426.zip E1 Map 17 Nomo: b117o120.zip Skipping Map 15 for now because of too many tight corridors + confusing as heck.
  10. E1 Map 10 Nomo: b110o117.zip E1 Map 11 Nomo: b111o117.zip E1 Map 13 Nomo: b113o131.zip E1 Map 14 Nomo: b114o119.zip I am not a huge fan of map 11, so I am leaving the current record holder Bma keep it ;) Also skipping map 12 for now, its just super confusing to navigate :D
  11. E1 Map 06 Nomo: b106o113.zip E1 Map 07 Nomo: b107o043.zip E1 Map 08 Pacifist/UV Speed: b108-494.zip E1 Map 09 Nomo: b109o050.zip Map 09 has been a lot of fun to run in Nomo. Lots of jumps, different angles, ledges as well as speedy sections.
  12. E1 Map 03 Nomo: b103o041.zip E1 Map 05 Nomo: b105o109.zip
  13. E1 Map 01 Nomo b101o042.zip E1 Map 01 Pacifist b101p045.zip Recorded the Pacifist run with DSDA source port. The analysis stuff is pretty neat! Edit: Adding one more before heading out. There are no monsters on the map, so labeling it as both, seeing as Kraflab's record is listed twice on DSDA under both categories as well. E1 Map 23 Pacifist/UV Speed b123p023.zip
  14. Haven't recorded a demo in quite a few years and I love me some BTSX E1 Map 04 Nomo b104o043.zip
  15. Sayeth

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    I believe I have not changed anything aside from HUD settings (which I can't get to work the way they were in for some reason. The display with timer and stuff is just gone). Nothing that should alter the compatibility was touched. (aka in prboom+, everything is set to "no" except for "Dead players can exit levels" which is "yes".) I can provide you with my cfg file or something if anyone is up for checking it up.