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  1. Oh, you should try hosting it on Doomshack! It's run by @Doomkid~
  2. The simple application of that 3D floor in Jump looks really cool. That alone makes me think it would be a ton of fun to fight on.
  3. Have you ever seen hips as good as this?


  4. I was expecting roozydoom's return.
  5. Guess who found the "Texture Paint" option?


    If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for what to add or change, I'd be glad to hear them! I welcome criticism, as I want to make these the best they can be!

    1. Kapanyo


      Oh, also, this is for use in GZDoom, so the lighting is painted on.

    2. Ichor


      Just for laughs, how about this:


      Leave the head off like it is now. Instead, put it in one of its hands to hold by the hair (if any). When it sees you, the head would scream and the eyes light up with a sickly yellow/green glow. The other hand could swat at you with those claws and the first hand could raise up the head so it could shoot something out of its eyes. Meanwhile, blood could sput out of the neck periodically.

    3. Kapanyo


      I actually love that idea xD

      Doesn't match the desired tone, but I could reserve it for a cheat code or secret level! (Also works with the design of the monster)

  6. I still haven't finished rigging the first model, but now I'm moving onto the second:

    (It's the monster I posted in the Post Your Drawings thread)




    I didn't make a SculptGL reference for this model beforehand, so it's a little more work fashioning it from the side, but it's coming along nicely so far.

    Here's the original sketch for reference~


    (Sorry for awful lighting, it looks a lot better irl)


    Apologies for my inactivity >~<

  7. Well cLEaRLy I don't know how to rig models





    someone help pls

  8. Wait, is this being released as a standalone game? Doesn't it have resources from various games still in it (like the PSX Doom fire sky)?
  9. Uh, mind explaining what's actually happening here in-engine? I love stuff like this.
  10. I actually love most of the SkullTag maps. I don't really like Dwango5 Map 1, because it's too easy to get the BFG (also I suck at it/Entryway and that one spawn that's facing away from the SSG frustrates me), but I do enjoy Dwango 5 Map 2 and 20. Exec/Brit series are favourites of mine and not [Casual plug]
  11. np
  12. @Era Di Cate THAT IS SO SWEET OML @Jayextee That rugged moustache... Mama Mia!~
  13. pls give feedback decay Fireblu Plughole This is a joke Deathmatch WAD meant for just messing around on and having fun (hopefully). Meant for Oldschool rules but item respawn is ideal. [Download] Spoiler: Successfully picking up the BFG has not-immediate consequences ;) I wouldn't wish a match of more than 10 frags on this map on anyone.
  14. @Ghost-Cat-Sarah I love your style -- the way body parts are shaped gives it a very defined, unique look! Plus their design, especially that ghost jumper, is way too cute ;3
  15. Team Fortress 2 was the game that taught me how and when to reload. Okay, more specifically, when to leave shots left in the chamber in the case of guns that don't refill their entire clip instantly, but rather gradually - namely the Soldier.