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  1. Team Fortress 2 was the game that taught me how and when to reload. Okay, more specifically, when to leave shots left in the chamber in the case of guns that don't refill their entire clip instantly, but rather gradually - namely the Soldier.
  2. I love the style you have for Frisk; they look a lot more detailed and somehow remind me slightly of the cover art for A Series of Unfortunate Events. They're rocking the boots and bag!

  4. Undertale. Seriously, I'm part of the Undertale Artists Facebook group, and some of the stuff they produce is just utterly beautiful. The people there should have their own gallery. And everyone's always supporting each other, giving each other feedback. :') It's sublime~
  5. Of course if it's in an advanced source port you can just put it in as a WAV file. ;P
  6. There's always some Snipers to stomp on Hightower ;)
  7. That looks insane as it is, but I feel it could look grittier/more mysterious with harsher, less smooth lighting and darker shadow. Just a thought ;P
  8. I remember playing the GBA version of Hell Keep and loving it. Just thought I'd put that out there. I don't know which I find harder. Probs E4M2, though I BELIEVE I've only played them on Hurt Me Plenty, which could explain why I don't find them -too- hard.
  9. Team Fortress 2. Market Gardening in general, on a Hightower server with highly skilled players always makes my butt clench as I make my escapes-- //slapPed Playing Kritzkreig Medic with 100% Über with no teammates around while an accurate enemy Scout is onto your booty. yiKes~
  10. It's worth noting that the floor of the window sectors in The Focus are 8 units lower than the rest of the sill, because crushers by default don't lower all the way to the ground, but 8 units above (presumably to stop players' views going through the floor when they get caught in them).
  11. Anne who... they're probably out drinking right now.
  12. Anne
  13. knock knock