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  1. Things about Doom you just found out

    Actually, in Heretic, maps that have the same track share the file iirc.
  2. Random Image Thread

    I think the problem with Undertale is that if you have expectations for it or you have your mind set on the kind of game it's going to be like, you won't enjoy it. It means so much to me and it's a shame that most people won't experience it like that.
  3. Random Image Thread

    I believe I've seen the second half of that comic, it's adorable
  4. What makes classic DOOM scary?

    I remember when I was younger, I'd watch my dad blaze through the levels and then he'd ask if I wanted to play and, once I was seated in front of the keyboard, I'd always freeze up. I never wanted to walk a step forward because I was afraid of something coming after me. Whenever I did find the courage to move I'd run around maniacally in a panic.
  5. 3D Doom Art

    These all look insane! Amazing work. Did you use nurbs? Perhaps some harsher lighting would benefit them, as they look quite smooth and soft.
  6. Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

  7. The Doom Confessional Booth

    The Courtyard is Level 18. Are you referring to the shootable door at the start?
  8. Let's Be Revealing

    @Nine Inch Heels i don't know what to say, except thank you again... it was all a jumble in my head before but now... Thank you for taking the time out of your day to answer my silly teen problem so thoroughly
  9. Let's Be Revealing

    @Doomkid, @Nine Inch Heels, thank you both so much... I do feel... I dunno, better I think warning: edgy vent
  10. Let's Be Revealing

    thank you... I've been thinking about the future a lot, and the prospect of being alone both scares me and comforts me And I think of times when I could have started relationships but didn't, of people I let down, and I wonder "what if?" I almost think of them as missed opportunities... not as experiences I could have had, or people I could have been with, but as opportunities... and I feel guilt for that sorry don't mean to unload this edge here lol
  11. What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Still a sucker for Team Fortress 2, trying to finish making a map for it (wasn't fun transitioning from Doom's relatively easy level-creation to Source's more deliberate brush-based system, but TF2maps.net is so friendly :D )
  12. Let's Be Revealing

    I have no clue what my sexuality is
  13. What's up with Doom 2 maps?

    ^ that actually kind of made me think of it in a different manner. It reminds me of the manner in which people may like, say Barrels O' Fun simply for the mix of barrels (which everyone loves) and crazy chain explosions, whereas most experienced mappers recognize its design flaws first and foremost.
  14. What's up with Doom 2 maps?

    Industrial Zone is quite unique in that I really get an insane sense of scale and I really feel like I'm within a city (love that part overlooking a lake with the cityscape ahead), but it's one of the most abstract city levels. In a way I get a bit of a Quakish vibe from some of it, like it's a city from the future - which I guess is what it's supposed to be. I assume the castle section is meant to be a preservation of an ancient one, such as we see today, and that's just awesome. C'mon, a futuristic city that still cares about preserving ancient monuments.