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  1. Mario Kart 8 Electrodrome anybody? Looks insane, Dragonfly!! I'm booting this up as we speak~
  2. "The Tip" Still fits.
  3. The OG one:
  4. Holy shmizzles, those sped-up Cyberdemon roars x'D They sound like some guy going "hruurrgh!"
  5. This was very in-depth and helpful, I'd always half-heartedly attempted deciphering the sprite names but always gave up because I can't instantly recognize hex-tier character jumble. Thank you, @Ichor! :3
  6. Google employees have stated that the organization and communication at their HQ is abysmal and this is a pretty good example of it. I'm so glad you got your account back! =D Does this mean more vids? ;^)
  7. What if you don't have a dick? Do your nipples disappear?
  8. I love how you mixed the key trim and COMPBLUE together to essentially make a new texture.
  9. I see it ends in a symmetrical room. That's usually the point where I get mapper's block, too. xD
  10. oHMYGLOB Beat me to it :'3 Show this to Jimmy! I think he wanted to use it.
  11. Happy Birthday @Xyzzy01!! ^^ Can you keep your cake icing within 256mm?
  12. Intriguing! I eagerly await more from the game. :D
  13. Oh, no, I would probably do that when I have something to show ;-) I've posted some pics in the Post Your Doom Picture thread, though. I think the happy style fits the zaniness of an RPG (is that what the game will be?), but yeah, not so much with Doom. Maybe try mixing and matching! I got the Lost Soul, Boo and Zelda Poe Ghost, but not the others! It took me a while to spot the Ghast - it kinda blends in =P Well now, lemme go look for a GIF maker or something~
  14. More creepy monster dudes for the game! I actually made multiple frames for this one. There would be more frames, but for now the order of animation would go: Image 1 > Image 2 > Image 1 >Image 3 > Loop This thing was inspired by Yume Nikki. Originally, it was green, but I thought skin tone was scarier. Don't worry, the monsters won't all be generic Silent Hill-esque obscenities.