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  1. If my previous games on Zandronum are anything to go by, Duel is still a popular gamemode. But that's beside the point; making the map is half the fun. And Dueling is as historical as DM itself; it's not like it's gonna just disappear.
  2. Thankies, DoomKid ~ I'll have to actually play a game of this with real people before I get an idea of how it plays (I'm thinking of dropping the switch-activated lift-wall by the exit door, as it kinda slows down the pace, but I put it there to give people on the Rocket Launcher side of the wall an advantage, since only they can hit the switch). I also need to make a MAPINFO lump for it, if I remember correctly.
  4. It's fine! There's nothing wrong with fiddling around with existing levels (in fact, it can be a ton of fun). The only rule is, don't distribute it (apart from with friends) - as well as being banned from iDgames, iWAD edits are often seen as misleading to potential players, or lazy. But you can do whatever you want with yours! Just watch out for accidentally saving over the original maps - I accidentally did that a few times, and ended up with a Doom II iWAD without Level 1... =|
  5. I can't check your file right now =( (I'm on mobile) but it sounds like you tried copy-pasting the map across with only Vertices selected. Note that the Doomworld iDgames archive for WADs does NOT allow WADs that include modified iWAD maps - yours falls under this category.
  6. [MEGA-BUMP] I've let a lot of my Multiplayer projects collect dust, but I'm thinking of maybe touching up this map and Honey Sandwich Duel (yes) ~ And, hey! Maybe I can include a bonus map with that DWANGO5 Level 20 MIDI I mentioned! =D
  7. No problem! :3 Feel free to post any more problems you encounter here, or have a quick flick through more of Chubz' mapping tutorials! I seriously doubt there would be any problems with remaking a level in another game. Unless the geometry was pixel-perfect or slightly edited and the sector numbers were identical, there shouldn't be any problem. (Speaking of which, on a different topic, checking sector numbers would be a good way of making sure a level isn't just an iWAD edit before blocking them from iDgames - there's a jokeWAD on YouTube containing a level based off of E1M1, which was removed, despite it being created from scratch)
  8. Flippin' heck, I visit Doomworld after like a week's absence and it's already had a facelift


    Ling you magnificent badmin

  9. If you wanna make a switch activate a door: right-click the switch's linedef, and just look for a line action with "SR" at the start (S refers to 'switch', R refers to 'repeatable' - so it can be activated an infinite number of times. If you only want your door to open once, look for an action beginning with 'S1' - for example, if you want your door to open once and stay open), and has the line action you want. Then just make sure both the switch sidedef and your door sector share the same tag! Here's a tutorial that explains it better than I can: Hope this helped!
  10. I thought the tiles were dev textures.
  11. I absolutely adore the look of that garden in the first shot! It feels like somewhere I'd like to be. Also, this is weird, but the lighting in that first shot makes it look like a more advanced, modern, non-Doom engine to me. Huh.
  12. An underwater level that take place in a Submarine, with various spots where you look out of metal-framed windows and see the ocean (ideally Vanilla. It would require custom textures, so...
  13. That was really enjoyable =D I'm assuming this wasn't from the perspective of Corvus, but rather of someone playing the game?
  14. I know, I'm subscribed already. xD
  15. I've seen his classic Doom runs ~ I had no idea he did Doom 2016 as well!