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  1. Kapanyo

    My Doom pixelart

    These look incredible!! Beautifully lit and detailed, and with vivid colours!
  2. Kapanyo

    Switcheroom 2 revival (All maps taken)

    I'd be down for taking The Living End!
  3. Kapanyo

    PS2 Discussion thread

    We had a bunch of games. Lego Star Wars, Crazy Taxi, a Space Invaders package, Ratchet & Clank, and more. Ratchet & Clank in particular is a game I associate with my earliest memories and nothing can describe the nostalgia I felt when I rediscovered it this year. When I was about 7 the PS2 pretty much got replaced with our Wii, probably because it was too confusing for any of us kids to figure out how to connect it to our box TV. Edit: the STARTUP SOUND! Unrivalled. Took me back when I heard it again. Also worth noting is that I started emulating some games I wanted to try or visit again - R&C and Silent Hill 2 & 3 on my dad's utterly overpowered hand-me-down laptop I got for college. It can play Doom 2016 high settings; Ratchet & Clank still brought it to its knees, though...
  4. When my dad kindly tested this level out, he would physically try to dodge fireballs... like... leaning left and right in his chair as he strafed away from them. Because he let the Imps and Cacos pile up, there were a lot of projectiles so it became pretty intense swaying.
  5. Just gonna assume it's fake, but I wonder if and how they'd implement glory kills? As a standard attack/passive feature or a final smash? Or would the BFG get to be the final smash? Either way given the source material he has the potential to be both a Ganondorf-level melee damage dealer and an irritating projectile spammer. They'd probably balance it the same way they do to the high-tiers and give him a poor recovery. For extra laughs they should just not allow him to jump at all. Completely faithful!
  6. I think he and Doom go back. He was the guest narrator on Did You Know Gaming's Doom episode and during his Doom 2016 playthrough he often reminisces about the originals. Same deal in his Brutal Doom playthrough.
  7. You were trying to make a door out of a sector type. You need to select the lines of the door and give them the appropriate action.
  8. Kapanyo

    Post your Doom textures!

    I've been practicing making custom textures from scratch since I'm trying to make a game 64x128, not yet converted to any palette. I have full tilesets (it's gonna use the Silent Hill/Spyro approach of making a tileset and mapping each part onto a quad of a level mesh) but they're on my other computer so there's only this for now :P
  9. Kapanyo

    What's the best gun in Doom II?

    The SSG is fairly overpowered, and by far the best weapon in single player IMO. Always available to use due to the high quantity of shells, deals ~2.5x the regular shotgun damage equating to a rocket launcher that can't self-damage, most mid-tier enemies die to it in just 2/3 shots and the longer reload time rarely negatively affects you due to how easy it is to avoid projectiles or demon bites by constantly moving. Of course there are situations where other weapons would be better like Plutonia's distant Chaingunners or swarms of mid-tiers or boss monsters, and the Rocket Launcher has the bonus of being able to damage enemies without engaging with them (like around a corner or from afar), but in almost every situation the SSG is an option if not the best choice for the job. Even in multiplayer its one-shot kill potential means it's dominant in PvP modes unless you're in a map filled with tight corridors where the Rocket Launcher excels instead. Oh, and of course it can't hurt the Icon of Sin :]
  10. Kapanyo

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Reminds me of the Doom alphas.
  11. Just read this. Hope Bobby wins. That's all
  12. Kapanyo

    Night vision fix

    I think there's an option for light amp goggles to act like that in GZDoom or Zandro (can't remember which), that might be the problem. Look for it in your display settings.
  13. Kapanyo

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Progress on my Quake-style Baron. Hardest part to get right was the face and I'm still not sure it's 100% there :P Still need to get the details of the limbs right, as well as to start painting the back, then I think it's just a matter of matching the colours and shading. It's made of just 430 tris!
  14. Kapanyo

    Classic Doom level inconsistencies

    I'm pretty sure the liquid glows not being consistent is just down to the effect being limited to the textures that have it. Also I'm pretty sure the blood ones are supposed to be dried blood rather than a glow but that's also cool to think about.