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  1. I'd have to say Shadow Wood. The hub itself is kinda disappointing compared to how awesome the name and the music track are.
  2. Everything from Spacedm5. Awesome WAD.
  3. I, along with, I assume most people, assumed that the Demon was the only monster to have a death sound that included the sound of its corpse hitting the ground - the Wiki even states this is the case. However, listen to the Mancubus death sound - there's a definite thud, even though the monster itself doesn't seem to fall over until past that point.
  4. In Blender, it's only around 200 faces or something like that. However, I wasn't aware there was a polygon limit for models.
  5. Slightly off-topic, but I don't understand how games like Touhou, which were designed for WinXP and below, can handle close to hundreds of objects all flying in different directions and flying in predefined ways to create patterns, can run at all on those old systems. Presumably the fact that it's 2D helps, but some devices crash when trying to play Undertale due to its bullet hell battles (which all have far, far fewer bullets than a Touhou one).
  6. Update: tried literally copy pasting the code from the tutorial (that means my lamppost is known as "Mercedes") and even tried going through the converting process again but to .md2 like in the tutorial, nothing.
  7. IDSPISPOPD! Hey, Jimmy, I've been on a bit of a break from playing Doom but decided to boot it up just for this map. I gotta say: I love everything about it! It has that peculiar Jimmy mix of humour and classic Doom tone, and the little details and fun tidbits really made this level feel alive. From the way the pumpkin juice is handled to the way the keys are cuute li'l pumpkins, to even the way those pumpkin juice streams interconnect to other areas up in the out-of-bounds cliffs! My favourite detail, which I didn't notice first, was that the Cacodemons have candles in their mouths. Genius. Also the Cacodemons being pumpkins in the first place. Magnificent. Here's one thing: In software renderers, these bars visibly bleed into the ground, which can be fixed by removing the other side of the midtexture.
  8. I made my own model and texture in Blender, followed this tutorial to convert it to .md3 (the tutorial example converts to .md2) and it shows up in GZDoom Builder, but if I try to load the map (or, if I just load the .PK3 and summon it in the console), GZDoom crashes. Here's what the .PK3 looks like in Slade. Models folder MODELDEF lump DECORATE lump TEXTURES lump
  9. Thanks everyone, I did get the idea that win10 might have crippled my machine. I guess this proves it.
  10. HD. Also, I was under the impression that it'd be able to handle graphically basic OpenGL programs when it can run the supposedly poorly-optimized Source games fine, but I guess that doesn't matter?
  11. Also I've tried looking in Graphics Properties etc., nothing.
  12. So, I have a laptop. It can run most last-gen games pretty okay (TF2 etc.) (I know that's not necessarily helpful but it's worth mentioning I don't have a complete toaster) It's also worth noting that none of these were problems before. Whenever I run programs that use OpenGL (Doom Builder, GZDoom), some horrible form of antialiasing is used which turns textures on surfaces into blurry messes the further away they are from the camera. Strangely, this problem is disguised in GZDoom by turning antialiasing on. It's less like it's blurring the textures and more like it's downscaling them, THEN blurring them. I'll try to grab some screenshots to illustrate this. Also, when using programs at lower resolutions than my screen (I want to run GZDoom like that, and also Yume Nikki is a low-res game), my computer antialiases it and turns it from clean pixels into... yeah, blurry stuff. The only exception is Choco Doom, but that doesn't count because I run it at 1366x768 (my laptop's native) yet that's supposed to draw the game at 320x200. Also, more alarmingly, if I try to play Zandronum using the OpenGL renderer, the game stutters and slows to 2 frames per second. It's perfectly fine running GZDoom on a map with quite a few dynamic lights. Finally, if I try playing Doom 64 EX, it'll work great, until it has to perform one of its special fading/blurring screen transitions (I.e. level end or restarting after dying), at which point it runs so slow that windows claims it's stopped responding and it crashes. Also, there's a lengthy pause before it can bring up the menu. There are two possibilities: either my Intel 3000 thingimajig is giving me sudden problems, or Windows 10 is (I'm fairly certain they started sometime after I upgraded). Any ideas?
  13. wow my spoilers got completely botched might wanna read them back to front Also my encouraging message got deleted :(
  14. For a first level, looks absolutely fine! There are some things I'd like to mention:
  15. I have no idea how to help, but it's worth noting that flats designed for the scrolling effect (like the waterflow) are actually 64x65 (or vice-versa) in dimensions to get around some programming quirk. That's likely partly the cause.