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  1. I have finally conquered Blender's forboding maze of grey tabs! Sorta... anyway, have my first ever """""real""""" model (that is, not just pooped out in SculptGL and was actually made with labour).


    Those hands were a nightmare to do, and now I've got four more to do! :D

    (Well, technically two more, because I'm using the mirror modifier, but...)


    Oh, here's the "concept" model I made in SculptGL, so that I knew what to aim for in low-poly.


    Man, when this thing janks around in-game, Quake-style, it's gonna give me restless nights.

    Anyone know how to turn off model animation interp in GZDoom?

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    2. Doomkid




      (wait we can't even delete our replies now to at least retype them without fuck ups? oh jeebus)

    3. Kapanyo


      Oh, cripes, I definitely wasn't able to learn the functionality of Blender in a day - I'd attempted (albeit vainly) to roll up my sleeves and get into modelling as easily as Doom Builder since about a year ago - but there was just so much to remember and so much stuff that can go wrong unless you're following every word of a tutorial!


      Yesterday, I just found a great tutorial series simply called "Character Modelling" and that was no nonsense, dive-right-into-it kinda stuff. So, I managed to make... something!


      It would be so cool if there was some kind of easy, Doom Builder-esque modelling software... y'know, draw the lines, connect the verts, use the not-Make-Sector tool to fill in faces... oh, well!


    4. Kapanyo


      Oh, and I'm glad to hear the model's sp00ksy ~ that's the idea!

      BTW I'm sure if you dedicate a morning to it, you can get the grasp of Blender far quicker than I. It just takes quite a bit of determination, I think <_<