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  1. TheTaZe

    I remade the E1M1 theme

    I'll be uploading it on a different site from where I originally posted it. https://clyp.it/0mmjq2bm I just wanted to know how the community feels about what I did. I remade it in about a half hour so it may not sound the best. Thanks anyways!
  2. TheTaZe

    Doom community still alive

    Really now, it makes me really happy that the doom community still prospers. Even after 20+ years the community still manages to keep the legacy alive. You've probably heard this many times before but this just amazes me beyond belief that a game so old still prospers. (I just realized that I posted a thread just like this about 2 months ago, whoopsie!)
  3. TheTaZe

    WAD's that are worth playing

    Thanks guys for the suggestions. I'll check them all out.
  4. TheTaZe

    WAD's that are worth playing

    Ones other then those. I know there a plenty more out there.
  5. TheTaZe

    WAD's that are worth playing

    I've got a question for everyone. Which wads would you recommend to be played?
  6. TheTaZe

    Longevity of the Doom community

    I could of put it in the Everything Else section. But, this had something to do with doom so I put it here.
  7. I am very surprised that this community is still alive and not dead yet. This community is 20 years old and is somehow still alive. Amazing. Anyways, I was born after the release of Doom and Doom 2. (1998 to be exact)
  8. TheTaZe

    Congestion 384

    I liked the concept of the maps. Except for some of them having some game breaking bugs and some of them being impossible to complete I had to use cheats multiple times to get around these. Anyways good wad, I'll give it a 3/5 -HydroAmbience
  9. TheTaZe

    Operation Overlord

    That was pretty fucking cool!