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  1. Chillax, as most people know I think, is essentially a bunch of ripped maps with a stupidly high amount of monsters put in virtually impossible-to-survive scenarios and with rarely enough ammo. What I'd like to know is if people know where the original maps come from? After searching around and Googling a bit, I've found where some of them come from, and it looks like some maps may not have been stolen (like Map 30 which spells out the WAD name) but I'd be interested in playing through the original maps to see how the maps were originally intended to be played. If anyone can add to the list below, please do! Map 1: Phmlspd Map 1 Map 2: Phmlspd Map 2 Map 3: Phmlspd Map 3 Map 4: Phmlspd Map 4 Map 5: Phmlspd Map 5 Map 6: Phmlspd Map 6 Map 7: Phmlspd Map 7 Map 8: Phmlspd Map 8 Map 9: Phmlspd Map 9 Map 10: Phmlspd Map 10 Map 11: Phmlspd Map 11 Map 12: Phmlspd Map 12 Map 13: Phmlspd Map 13 Map 14: Phmlspd Map 14 Map 15: Macabre3 Map 1 Map 16: Macabre3 Map 4 Map 17: Macabre3 Map 32 Map 18: Macabre3 Map 5 Map 19: speed17 Map 5 Map 20: finfer2 Map 1 Map 21: helcv Map 1 Map 22: Doom 64 Level 19 Map 23: Operation Suicide Map 1 Map 24: KMega1 Map 18 Map 25: Doom 64 Level 31 Map 26: Map 27: Map 28: Doom 64 Levels 13/17/21 put together, with start area based on this map. Map 29: Blood Pentagram Map 1 Map 30: The rooms spell "CHILLAX". (See the note below) Map 31: Map 32: Map 33: KMega1 Map 12 Map 34: KMega1 Map 10 Map 35: KMega1 Map 17 Map 36: Scary Mike Map 1 Map 37: Crestfallen Map 1 Map 38: KMega1 Map 11 Map 39: Map 40: Map 41: Map 42: Doom 64 Level 24 Map 43: Map 44: jthbeta3 Map 22 Map 45: jthbeta3 Map 09 Map 46: Macabre3 Map 4 Map 47: Vile Flesh Map 1&32 MAP30 is an original map with a layout spelling CHILLAX, but each letter is based on a room from a previous map in the WAD. Some of these are more obvious than others C = MAP15, though the flesh tunnels in the south of this map are very dark, so this one isn't very noticeable. H = MAP05, the start area: Many imps attacking through bars I = MAP24, no perfect match, but seems to resemble this map the most L1 = MAP25, the long walkways L2 = MAP28, huge open area at blue key. Easy to miss as this is a much smaller space, but note the wooden plinths with the impaled corpses A = MAP21, the easternmost section of this map is very similar, even the shape is very similar X = MAP29, the same dark grey bricks and orange SHAWN textures from the end of that map are here. Much of this information came Eris Falling's post here, though this thread is linked from a few places so I've put the information into this post.
  2. Played through this. Mostly very enjoyable! Map20: The ambushes in this map felt pretty harsh in relation to what's happened so far. It's the last map of the episode I guess, but having hitscanners constantly pop up in your face, as well as a couple of nasty AV ambushes, and there being no MegaArmor (or if there was, I didn't find it) made for a map that felt a bit more unfair than the others so far. Map27: I feel this map needs another Green Armor part way through, or maybe a MegaArmor somewhere in the first third. You take an absolute ton of damage from distance in this map. Map29: This progression was hard to keep track of. It was easy to get lost and frustrating to work out where to go. Being sniped from a distance all the time didn't help either. It felt unsatisfying as a penultimate map. Map30: The teleporter to the final platform probably shouldn't be in the middle of the open area where any monster could run over it and telefrag you. Or block it off with monster block lines. Map 33: Nice secret map. Overall this was great fun to play through.
  3. I still can't find it. Why didn't you just upload it to a Google Drive or something? I wonder if others have been having trouble finding it given that you've had no replies. Make people's lives easier and provide a direct link to access it.
  4. I played through 4 maps so far. Really nice stuff here, I will definitely be continuing through this when I get a bit more time.
  5. Degree23

    My third (first public) map

    You appear straight into Demons, which you can't use the RL on because they're too close, and you have an awkward pit right in front of you. The red key "meeting room" is another room where movement is a bit restricted. It just feels very clunky and not easy to move around in. I finally found how to access the opening secret. The ammo from that needs to be just available on the ground for everyone and leave only the Soul Sphere up there if someone finds it.
  6. Degree23

    My third (first public) map

    Ok I played this a bit last night and got quite frustrated, so I left it until this morning and tried again. It's a quite unforgiving map, and to me it felt a little awkward to play, at least as far as I got. Even if you kill the 2 Chaingunners, there doesn't seem to be enough ammo around to kill all the Imps. The fights aren't that conducive to using the Chainsaw really so I really felt the lack of ammo at the start was a problem. A SG and 20 Shells, or a box of Bullets just after the door by the HKs would help that. The next couple of areas just have not much room to move around and a ton of things to dodge, and I ended up dying after being trapped by the blue bars. This was as far as I got. The vibes of Entryway are definitely there for sure, so that's well done. I hope you get other feedback on this, as this is all just one person's opinion.
  7. In terms of making things "co-op friendly", should there be any traps that lock a player in, there needs to be a way to access the locked area from the outside. Often this is done via a teleporter appearing outside the area once the trap has triggered. (As this has no impact on single player mode) One time teleporters can also break a map in co-op if it's vital for progression. Essentially, if there's a place where someone can die and a vital part of the map can no longer be accessed, then that needs addressing if the map is to be co-op friendly.
  8. Degree23

    First (released) Doom map

    You're saying that like it's a bad thing? Many maps can be speedran. Nice little circular map with height variation. Possibly a box of rockets too many, but a fun little map.
  9. Degree23

    Nukeway Library - Vanilla Map for Doom II

    As others have said, great level. I liked the optional red key section leading into a Cyberdemon appearing near the end. I was low on health for a lot of the level due to tanking an 80 damage Revenant missile which made some parts more stressful than they should have been. I still made it through, ending on 4% health, so I'd say the balance was pretty good. Great job!
  10. Is there something that prevents this in all maps? I seemed to get through Map 2 fine on I'm Too Young To Die. Fantastic idea for a WAD by the way. Map 1's way of preventing Ultra Violence was genius.
  11. Degree23

    (doom mapping newbie) just finished map04!

    It's also possible to get stuck grabbing the yellow key if you jump over the platforms to it and fall down before lowering all the walls surrounding it.
  12. Degree23

    [Released] Infection

    I loaded up Map 7 and completed it pacifist. I was hoping that there would be some delays forcing you to fight more, but that's just my preference. There's nothing wrong with the way you have the map. Also I'm not sure my first post accurately conveyed just how much I enjoyed playing these maps. They were absolutely great fun!
  13. Degree23

    FLYTRAP LAB (single map for DOOM II)

    Ok I don't really have anything to say except that was great fun to play through.
  14. Degree23

    (First map) Yard Fight V1.1

    This definitely fixes a couple of issues with the first version. - The switch that lets you out of the red key room seems to be a one-time use, and if you don't escape then the path out closes and you can't reopen it. Although it does lead to a new secret since the first version, is there any reason you couldn't just have that reopen the door you came in through? - The courtyard is still quite large for the few fights which take place in it. You have quite an intense ambush (not a bad thing) in the red key room, which makes the few Revenants and Barons which appear in the yard quite non-threatening. As a first map it's certainly not bad at all. It's maybe something where you now leave it as it is and were you to make another yard themed map later on, take the lessons you've learned from this one.
  15. Degree23

    [Released] Infection

    I scrounged around quite a bit out of necessity, but still was running quite low. That's fair enough, and a low amount of Shells will help force that, but obtaining it so late after every other weapon just felt odd. The reason why I didn't beat it with 100% kills was because I didn't realise how the map was going to end, and I was hitting switches to release enemies, which then ended the map. Going back and playing again, I can see the fight is a bit tougher than I thought, but I would still like a Cyberdemon to appear. In order to prevent the switches being hit so quickly, you could lock the blue key, or the switch it activates, behind a timed barrier to ensure that enough enemies spawn in that you have to fight a lot of them. I was entering with 600 Cells from the last map though, so I was able to nuke a lot of things pretty quickly.
  16. Degree23

    [Released] Infection

    So I played through the whole thing on UV. I had great fun playing through these on the whole! A really nice set of maps. Thoughts below: - I was constantly low/out of SG/CG ammo in the first three maps. I'm not sure if you're wanting people to use the Berserk more, but I did use it a bit and a lot of fights weren't really conducive to it. I'd place another 20-40 Shells and 50 CG ammo around somewhere. Part of the problem also was... - ... I found it very odd to delay the SSG to the point where you did. This contributed to the ammo problems, because where you should be able to use 2 Shells for Demons and 6 Shells for HKs with a SSG, it can take 3 for Demons and 8 for HKs with only a SG. You also obtain the BFG before the SSG so I would swap those weapon placements around. - I found it weird that the Cyberdemon battle was in the "pretend" core room, and the fight in the actual one didn't have one, and was a bit easier. I also wasn't expecting the ending to be what it was, so I hadn't killed most of the enemies on the map yet. But overall, very enjoyable.
  17. Degree23

    Observations- Boom map

    The thing with ammo and Arch Viles is that they can play absolute havoc with ammo balance. For example, seeing there was more than one switch in the area, I kited the Revenants and hit the second switch, which then released two AVs. Because I hadn't killed anything, I focused the AVs down first and they didn't resurrect anything. Had I killed the Revenants first, it's likely the AVs would have got a few resurrections off, and then I need to expend another possibly 20-60 Cells, or 4-12 SSG ammo. Because this didn't happen for me, I thought the ammo was a little bit light, but not too bad. I couldn't seem to get the Chaingun. I hit a switch in the area that I thought would lower the pillar, but nothing happened? Nice fun map overall.
  18. Degree23

    DELTA (del.wad)

    I'd probably reduce the number of Imps in that large ambush, and the AV ambush felt a little bit out of place, especially if you haven't found the Plasma Gun, since there's no SSG/RL and using the Berserk in an open area is tough. Otherwise, nice fun little map.
  19. Degree23

    My first WAD, Flesh and Metal

    What's that got to do with anything? Aside from needing to make a couple of screenshots show some actual monster density, what is or isn't perceived as being popular shouldn't stop anyone making whatever kind of map they like. (He did also state it was slaughter in the original post) Other than what's already been mentioned, the other thing I noticed is that the doors that you needed keys for weren't marked as needing them, so I didn't even notice what I was picking up the keys for until I looked closer at the minimap.
  20. Degree23

    Ascent into Hell - Doom 2 (Limit Removing)

    So this was quite a... weird map. The progression at the start is quite odd, with switches and activatables being on walls, not all of which stand out. The start is still way too RNG based and quite frustrating. It wasn't that clear what several of the switches did in some parts. Maybe it was just me, but I completely forgot that there were teleporters initially blocked off at the start, so I spent a long time having got to the top of the map (but still inside) having absolutely nowhere to go. Because of the verticality, it's not like I was passing by the start frequently to be reminded of it. Then after this weird progression, with a lot of verticality going on, the upper part of the map becomes a full on slaughterfest. I love slaughter maps, so I didn't mind it, but it was certainly not what I was expecting after the first part of the map. It kinda feels like a map that's not too sure about what its identity is suppose to be. The only part I didn't actually like is still the start, it's way too RNG based and not fun. Replacing them with Shotgunners would still give some initial peril but without the potential of insane damage.
  21. Degree23

    Ascent into Hell - Doom 2 (Limit Removing)

    4 Chaingunners that will usually leave you on <30% health, into several fights with no extra health, doesn't seem like a great opening to the map. It's more frustrating than anything else.
  22. Degree23

    BLOOD CHAMBER - New map

    Revenant fights at the Blue Key were challenging. The stairs rising in the Red Key area were amazing. A very enjoyable short map.
  23. Degree23

    akashic migraine [-CL21] [RC1] (now on idgames!)

    The lack of an (obvious) Armor was a huge downside for me on this map.
  24. Degree23

    HELL TO YOU! My first map (for Doom)

    Really enjoyable. The only small annoyance was switches opening doors on timers, like the first green door you see at the start of the map. It wasn't too bad, though on longer maps it would become a bit tedious. Overall though this would be a great Map 1 to a WAD that was somewhere around a little bit easier than Plutonia difficulty or something. Hope to see more maps from you!
  25. Degree23

    My first map

    So it's a large arena with a lot of ammo no weapons in sight? Not a good idea.