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  1. Seems to work, expect no music and some sfx appear missing. Using latest gzdoom master code.
  2. Ya will be soon, been on holiday last few weeks. Has version 1.9, latest master , was thinking to add 2.4 as the other stable release also?
  3. Yes those are just copies of the Google apk, some didn't have license check. Will be updating and fixing them after Doom so wait untill then otherwise the source is on github (emileb)
  4. QI4A does not work on Android 5+ because Google broke *printf. Yes I will be updating the Quake games after Doom.
  5. Honestly I don't know, I don't even have the build environment for the old version anymore. This guy is using my old code to build GZDoom for Android he may be able to help: Otherwise you will need to wait until I finish the updated version I'm working on and I can take a look then.
  6. Yes it runs in GL2 mode.
  7. Yes new version will have x86 binaries. The Hudl 2 is one of my test machines :)
  8. New version will keep a log each time the engine is run which can be viewed in the app afterwards.
  9. Thanks @Voros for the answers :) Regarding You mean your thumbs physically don't slide on the screen? Do you have any screen protector on the phone? Also do your thumbs slide OK on other peoples phones?
  10. Last I looked Android did not properly support mouse input - it would only give you absolute coordinates and would stop at the edge of the screen. Does DosBox actually hide the mouse and let you play as you would on a PC? If so I will check it out and see how it's done. There is a way to access the device at a very low level, but his requires root to access the dev.
  11. That's cool I'm adding a multiplayer launcher so it will be easier to setup the MP game in future. Also big update for better gamepad support with option for long-press actions and allow the launch screen to be navigatable with a pad. The app will be coming back to Google Play soon.
  12. How can I get D Touch? I can't find it. I'm gonna look harder now, but maybe you can help?

    1. everennui


      Der... :/

      I think I found it.

  13. The new version will have built-in support for all the supported game (mainly the addition of extra touch screen buttons)
  14. Here is the latest APK: Please don't put it on other forums etc because the app downloads stuff from my server and it's got limited bandwidth, thanks! As Voros said, big update soon on Google Play soonish.