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  1. How can I get D Touch? I can't find it. I'm gonna look harder now, but maybe you can help?

    1. everennui


      Der... :/

      I think I found it.

  2. The new version will have built-in support for all the supported game (mainly the addition of extra touch screen buttons)
  3. Here is the latest APK: Please don't put it on other forums etc because the app downloads stuff from my server and it's got limited bandwidth, thanks! As Voros said, big update soon on Google Play soonish.
  4. It should be fixed, or least fixable with the latest versions (I've never tried info cmd).
  5. Still working on it slowly, don't worry not forgotten!
  6. 4.1 think. But they are functionally the same
  7. Hey, This is the latest APK, no Amazon or Google Play etc. It is the same as the old version from Google Play, there have been no updates on the Amazon version. I'm working on a full update hopefully for a new Google Play release. Cheers Beloko
  8. Yes honestly no point in issuing any bug reports for the version you have, it's very old. The new version is a huge overhaul of the code which may fix bugs (and introduce new ones :)
  9. Yes I have noticed this sometimes, what's happening is the left thumb sometimes registers as a touch on the right side of the screen, so your left thumb starts controlling the pan/yaw motion. When I looked into it last time it seems like a bug in the touch screen driver however the problem still occurs so could be something in my code. I will look again and find a fix or workaround.
  10. This will be fixed (if it's not already) New app on Google Play, and update to Amazon. The video shows PrBoom in software mode, I'm redoing the opengl mode so it should fix that issue.
  11. Hi, firstly are you using the gamepad tab to configure it? Looks something like: I'm not sure what xinput means with regards to Android, I expect the gamepad to be mapped to normal Gamepad events present in Android (MotionEvent ect) Do the buttons/axis work with test apps such as ?
  12. Thanks for the this info, as Graf says it's very strange it should effect performance so much even when not being used?! I'll try that sound font out and will probably replace the one big I'm using. I have an old HTC desire I can test with which looks similar spec to that device.