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  1. I'm adding this back in now, mainly for multiplayer setup and launch.
  2. I gave Herzon a code for the new app Delta Touch, it has fixed music download server. If anyone else has this issue PM me for a code.
  3. Hi, yeah I am going to do a post with details of the port and source details etc at the weekend. If anyone wants a free Promo code pm me and I'll send you one!
  4. Hello, i can enroll in the "delta-touch" testers?

  5. Hi yeah beta testing open: You need: Google+, Android 4.1, 150MB writable storage. If you want to beta test you need to join the Google Community: Click on the link to become a tester then you should be able to see the app in Google Play. PM me and I'll give you a Google Play code. Sauce will be updated here:
  6. Hi, i can enroll in the "delta-touch" testers?
    I want to test your new port :)


  7. Please PM me I'll give you details, thanks
  8. Yes can fix it so it honours quotes when splitting the command line.
  9. Probably not, how does it work on the PC, you need to put quotes around it? Personally I would usually put an underscore in place of all spaces :)
  10. I will be adding a built-in logcat reader which should save the game output, but also hopefully show some detail in the event of an engine crash, need to test if this works.
  11. Dynamic lights work, not sure about brightmaps
  12. It's nothing exciting, it's just removing the in app downloads from my server so I can save bandwidth. In preparation for new release.
  13. Seems to work, expect no music and some sfx appear missing. Using latest gzdoom master code.
  14. Ya will be soon, been on holiday last few weeks. Has version 1.9, latest master , was thinking to add 2.4 as the other stable release also?
  15. Yes those are just copies of the Google apk, some didn't have license check. Will be updating and fixing them after Doom so wait untill then otherwise the source is on github (emileb)