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Posts posted by beloko

  1. On 5/23/2022 at 3:43 AM, Nash said:

    Hi Emile, got a quick question: how do I find out which GZDoom commit exactly is GZDoomDev built on at any given time? For example, at the time of this post, both the console and the INI report "GZDoom 4.7pre" which doesn't tell me much. XD


    Hi it's using this: https://github.com/emileb/gzdoom/tree/mobile_4.7 (Minus the Strife fix from last week)


    It it based on official 4.7.1 GZDoom, that text is wrong as I need to manually update it and often forget!

  2. 4 hours ago, ChileanDoomer said:

    Hey there, in GZDOOM, does anyone know what are the "key" names for the touch controls? I.E. the gzdoom console name for the A button in an xbox controller is "PAD_A", i'm trying to figure what are the names the engine recognizes for the touch inputs, so i can configure some shitty mod i'm trying to run, it requires me to manually bind the required key, but i've already tried with the defaults shown in the gzdoom controls menu, and none work (trying to "doublebind" an action to the "use" key, gzdoom menu shows use is bind to space, joy4, but when i bind my custom action to these keys it doesn't work)


    My mod is being recognized by the game though, as i can fire the action manually with the console, but for some reason it doesn't work when i bind it, what i think is the touch inputs must have a different "id" (the name recognized by the console)


    For the standard actions the touch input (and gamepad) inputs such as use, jump, attack etc don't use 'keyboard keys', they inject directly to the relevant game action.

    You should use the 'custom' touch or gamepad inputs, these map to standard keyboard key inputs which can then be bound in-game, or using the console to any actions you want. Let me know if you need any more info

  3. 4 hours ago, ali said:

    Hey beloko, hope you are doing well. Just noticed that music mods (wad/Pk3 files) aren't working on zandronum no matter how I load them. Only thing I can hear are the gunshots, enemy grunts and other effects. Hopefully you can provide a fix. 

    Do you have a link to a music mod which doesn't work? Is this a new bug in the new release I just did or did it never work?

    Lastly does it work on Gzdoom 1.9.1?

  4. 7 hours ago, Rush_Trigger said:

    Can anyone help me, im playing with keyboard and mouse but i can't use "wasd" keys  without holding the "ctrl" key, they bind just fine in the option menu 


    It is probably because you have Swiftkey installed as your soft-keyboard?

    The keyboard you have active on your device will actually intercept the keys from the physical keyboard and modify them. Swiftkey modifies printable keys which means apps will not receive separate UP and DOWN events of the key, this is why they don't work for movement.


    Unfortunately the only way to fix it is not use Swiftkey, try enabling GBoard and then see if your keyboard works 

  5. On 4/6/2022 at 11:52 AM, TENTACLEBOSS said:

    Has anyone else experienced issues getting extra gamepad keybinds to register?


    I'm trying to play some mods like Call of DOOM, which runs fine, but half the Xbox gamepad inputs aren't picked up in Delta Touch when setting keybinds. This is in spite of the fact that using the same controller on the same mod on the PC works fine.


    Did you bind the extra gamepad buttons to the 'Custom X(GZ)' buttons first in the apps gamepad setup?

  6. On 2/3/2022 at 8:58 PM, ludicrous_peridot said:

    Going back to running Doom CE on Delta, since I've figured out how to run it on my Galaxy S8, I was also able to switch GZDoom Dev to GLES 3.2 which actually enables shaders and makes CE look much closer to when run on a PC. Had to edit the PSX shader file to fix int to float conversion in couple of places, but now have PSX software rendering mode:


    One thing I've noticed was that although settings show GLES as backend, GZDoom Dev would load user shaders from shaders folder and ignore shaders_gles. Is this a Delta thing or general GZDoom behavior?


    Nice! Might be worth feeding back your shader fix into Doom CE if you can, would be usfull for others.

    When in GLES mode it will load from shaders_gles, it fixes the path internally just before loading them so possibly the original path is printed out, is that why you thought it was loading from 'shaders'?


    On 2/11/2022 at 2:02 PM, ludicrous_peridot said:

    Very curious when we might be seeing an update for Delta Touch, and whcich versions of port it will carry. So keen to get an updated version of Reteo...

    Very soon, just fixing up last small issues this week. Retro is updated to latest v4.4.4

  7. 4 minutes ago, ludicrous_peridot said:

    I have a 4Gb galaxy s8. When I launch I get a black screen for a period of 10-15 seconds, then I get a gray screen for a second and am back to the shell.  

    Humm should work, but that does sound like what would happen if it ran out of GFX mem.

    I just checked and it's taking 0.8GB RAM on my Note 20.

  8. 49 minutes ago, ludicrous_peridot said:


    Thanks @beloko. I've exactly that minus the .Addon pk3-s (which should be optional, and are not required to run the mod on PC) and got the same result. Could it be that my phone is just too old for this mod? I am not getting issues like this with Doom 64 Retribution.

    What device do you have? It might be running out of RAM, but the textures don't look that huge.

    How does it fail when you try and run it?

  9. On 12/11/2021 at 8:38 PM, ludicrous_peridot said:

    I've checked the logs and the only error I can see is Unknown cvar gl_render_precise. The log ends with +TITLEMAP Main Menu. I only see gray screen for a moment then GZDoom quits.


    I launch with -iwad DOOM64.CE.ipk3 and moved the files over so that the following autoload: DOOM64.IWAD, DOOM64.CE.ipk3, DOOM64.CE.Base.pk3, DOOM64.CE.Maps.LostLevels.pk3.


    I wonder if @beloko could help. As DoomCE now has a forum thread on Doomworld, linking that for reference: 



    OK I got it working, I bought Doom 64 and ran the doom64-install.bat file to generate the files.


    Then copy DOOM64.CE.ipk3 and DOOM64.IWAD to the 'Delta' folder


    Then copy the other PK3 files to 'Delta/mods/D64/'


    Then select the PK3 in the correct order ( I got the order from running on the PC and looking at the console. Should be like this:





    Then select the IPK3 file to launch, should look something like this:







  10. 10 hours ago, IRON_BLADE said:

    There's something that I'm kind of confused with. After successfully loading DOOM 3 onto Delta-Touch on my phone, I...encountered a major problem: I couldn't find any button that would access the Console. I'm not sure if I need a keyboard to access the Console, but is there a way to access it without any keyboards??

    There are two ways to show the console:

    1. Add the console button to touch screen buttons at the top, it is hidden my default. See the built-in tutorial about enabling hidden buttons (Press the green help icon to see tutorials)

    2. Bring up the keyboard and hold down the 'Q' button (This is like pressing the tilde key on a keyboard)

  11. 19 hours ago, Z.Franz said:



    Hi there, I'm a long time user of Delta Touch and I love it, but I need help to fix a problem.

    Some time ago my phone got the Android 11 update and the app works perfectly as always, save for Doom3. For some reason, Doom 3 now takes literally 4 minutes to load a savegame, when before my phone update it was about 2-3 seconds. I have no power saving features enabled whatsoever and changing graphic settings had no effect. What could be causing this?


    It is due to Google stupid 'Scoped Storage' enforcement on Android 11. All access to files outside of the apps data storage location go through a shit load of code and IPC calls which has made opening files, or accessing the file system insanely slow (can be over 100ms to list a directory).


    Go to the apps 'Files' settings and enable 'Scoped storage' mode at the top right, then select your old "/OpenTouch/Delta" folder using the instructions shown in the app. I have put is LOTS of caching of the filesystem and cache and reuse file descriptors so it brings the speed back up, it won't as fast as before but will be a lot quicker than it is now.


  12. 13 hours ago, bfready said:

    Hi, @beloko.  Delta Touch is an awesome app!  Any chance of us getting some sort of server browser for playing multiplayer on Zandronum?  I know we have the in-game browser, but this feature only works when you have all the WADS loaded.  I'm not sure if you've joined Zandronum games, but the servers are constantly changing WADS, which makes joining games extremely difficult.  I used the favorites in Delta Touch, but the same issue applies: the wads always changing, not to mention the server IP itself changes often.  It would be awesome to have some way for Delta Touch to automatically download the needed WADS (like Doomseeker) and launch the games after.  


    Yes I've been meaning to add this but haven't had time. I started one here: https://github.com/emileb/ZandronumBrowser

    It reads and displays the servers from the master server but needs a load of work to get the UI up and interfaced to the app. I'll try and make some time to take a look again.


  13. On 9/2/2021 at 4:57 AM, Sinael said:

    Are thre any plans on updating PRBoom+ up to DSDADoom? I'd really like those MBF21 and rewind features without the performance impact of GZD, and I'm sure many would appreciate them as well.

    I could have a look.. Does that port purely add these new features? Will people who are not interested in the demo stuff be negatively affected do you think, or it will behave the same?

  14. 11 hours ago, ali said:

    Hey beloko, just had a quick question, what does mapped gl buffers do for gzdev 4.6 {gles 3.0}? What does it effect and what are its advantages and disadvantages? 

    It changes the way some of the render data is handled. It might change performance up or down but will look the same.

  15. On 8/19/2021 at 11:01 AM, HTiD said:

    Getting quite alot of freezes with gz 4.6 dev. Game will be playing fine and then freezes up and after a moment or two crashes back to the app main menu where you choose which game to load. This is playing sigil. Trying to use vulkan but I'm not sure it's working cos each time I load the game after restarting Opel GL is selected. I'm running at my device native resolution 1440x3168 with the resolution bar thingy at 50% and scaling factor at 0.50 so I can actually read the menu text. My phone has a Snapdragon 865 (OnePlus 8 pro)

    Vulcan is not enabled in the app, I found it much slower than Opengl on mobile. Which GLES version are you running, 3.2 or 3.0? 

  16. 29 minutes ago, ali said:

    @beloko it only goes up once I try to access the game assistant sidebar then it goes back to normal. Also using cpuz I've noticed that even if I have no apps running along with delta touch, suppose there is over 4.5 gb of free ram, the free ram somehow gets reduced to less than 3 gb. This never happened while my phone was on Android 10.

    Does it go up and down as while you stay in the same place? Can you please see if changing the power saving mode to high performance  or off changes things?

  17. 8 hours ago, ali said:

    Dear beloko,


    Hope you are doing well. Recently my (realme x2 8/128) recieved the android 11 update. Everything is going well except for delta touch. You see whenever I start a new game using mods or not regardless which iwad or pwad I play the frame rate is all over the place. If I use my phones internal video recorder during gameplay it runs at a solid 60 fps 99% of the times but otherwise everything starts to run at 30 fps or a bit below than that.

    I don't know if it has to do with my phones recent Android 11 update or delta touch not being optimized enough for Android 11 but hopefully you will be able to find a solution for this issue. Here is to hearing from you very soon. Take care and thank you. 


    Are you using a gamepad or the touchscreen?

  18. 1 hour ago, HTiD said:


    OK Thanks, I can't download that now but looking at the feature list it seems this is more than just new GFX? Does it have a new .dll file included in the mod?

    Mods which have a modified DLL file will not work in the app because it can not be loaded in Android (Also Dhewm 3 changed the game interface). Do you know if this mod works with Dhewm3 on the PC?

  19. 23 hours ago, HTiD said:

    Having a go at loading some Doom 3 mods and just wanted to check the file path to make sure it's correct. The storage settings menu instructs .pk4 should be in the Base folder but the mod I'm trying (Doom 3 Absolute HD) says to place in the root of Doom 3 folder. Preferably I would like to keep mods in their own separate subfolders to keep things tidy and so I don't get mixed up between different sets of .pk4 for different mods etc


    In the root of D3 folder the mods do appear in the delta menu but report 0 size as shown. If placed in the Base folder they disappear from the Delta menu and to load them with +set fs_game absolutehd


    How ever even if the mods are in the root of Doom 3 folder the launch option of 

    +set fs_game absolutehd does appear on its own by default when selected and the game loads and plays and stuff. I'm just a bit confused by the 0 size cos those 2 mods should be around 2.8gb combined (1.5 + 1.3).


    What would be the best practice here to make sure it's being loaded correctly?



    Looks like you have an extra unnecessary level of folder in your mod folder. I would try moving whatever folder is in 'doom3_ahd_17_full' UP a level in to 'D3'. That folder should then contain the PK4 files I guess?


    The file sizes shown only check THAT folder, it is not a recursive operation (This was to speed up loading)