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  1. Greetings Beloko!

    First of all, thanks for your crazy Doom sourceports !

    Been using the good ol' D-Touch for quite some while now, but I recently hit an unexpected issue when I replaced my old phone with a new one: D-Touch isn't available on Play Store any more!


    No worries I though, as I was able to locate an APK file for the old warhorse... but now I cannot download the music files. And as if to add salt to injury, Google seems to have completely screwed up my country's payment options (got the "[OR-IMIRA-02]" error), meaning no Delta Touch for me.


    Which is how I ended up here, to the "root" of all things good! Would you be able to reveal if there'd be a way to implement working music files on the old D-Touch, this day and age? Any reasonable alternatives if this is no longer possible?