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  1. YouAreTheDemons

    Post your Doom textures!

    Reminds me of Quake!
  2. YouAreTheDemons

    Doom 3: Primary Exavation Site

    Barely playable. You're given bare armaments, and have to contend with using a shotgun against Hellknights and Revenants until you drop down a hole, get stuck in a maze of tunnels filled with enemies, and then find yourself in an outdoor area, still unarmed, but surrounded by enemies. Honestly, I think Sisyphus has it easier.
  3. YouAreTheDemons

    Evil Eye

    A very unique idea for a map. While not perfectly executed, it's probably one of the more interesting maps, especially in a sea of boring shoot-em-ups that differ only by theme. Very hard, but I guess some people won't consider that a con so much as a pro. To each his own, I guess.
  4. YouAreTheDemons

    Which features would you like to see in GZDoom?

    Well, I don't know how to articulate it, but I guess the best way to describe the feature I would like to have would be horizontally split linedefs. Basically, I have a single wall and I could split it in half on the x-axis and have two different textures, one on top of each other.
  5. YouAreTheDemons

    Shadows of The Nightmare Realm

    Just like every other map. No amount of shiny visuals or shallow gameplay can make this thing anymore than what it really is: A boring gunfight that feels like every other boring gunfight out there. Nothing new, nothing different, not even a bit of creativity. Any pretense of originality is just window dressing for the same thing every other wad gives.
  6. YouAreTheDemons

    The Deimos Incident

    Bland, jumbled architecture. About as fun to play as Lose/Lose.
  7. YouAreTheDemons

    Corridor 7 TC Resource Files

    For anyone who's thinking of using these files for their own Corridor 7 project, don't. The sprites are choppy, blurry, and pockmarked with magenta pixels typical of a poorly-done rip. There are all kinds of badly drawn custom made sprites mixed in with everything, including a cartoon-looking hammer. There are tons of resources that have absolutely nothing to do with Corridor 7, including (bizarrely) Garfield comics, stills from Popeye, and other indescribable things. Please avoid this.
  8. YouAreTheDemons

    Arch-vile: the last fight

    Fucking morons.
  9. YouAreTheDemons


    Its a fairly descent first map, nothing incredible, but its well made and balanced.
  10. YouAreTheDemons

    DOOM: Threshold Of Pain

    This is an incredible wad! If you like PSX Doom or Doom 64, I strongly recommend you play this.
  11. YouAreTheDemons

    The Darkest Hour

    If you like Star Wars, you're going to like this wad. If you don't like Star Wars, you're going to like this wad. If you like wads, you're going to like this wad. If you like shit holes, you're going to really like this wad.
  12. YouAreTheDemons

    Temple of the Lizardmen

    I go through the first level fine, but the second I pickup the double-barreled shotgun, the fucking game crashes, and I have to shut my damned computer down to make it work again. Don't download, unless you like weapons that crash your game.
  13. YouAreTheDemons

    The Artifact for DOOM II

    Megamur is right, this thing has aged poorly.
  14. YouAreTheDemons


    Much better than Valhalla, although the fighting is still pretty hard. Ignore cybermind, they don't know what they're talking about.
  15. YouAreTheDemons

    Reinstate the cat!

    Yeah, I think we should replace the Bossbrain and Keens with something more generic, not stupid in-jokes. ID did that because they were, well, in-jokes. You weren't meant to see the Bossbrain and the Keens were meant as an out-of-place joke. The Keens and Bossbrains have useful functions, and having them use bizarre out-of-place sprites meant as jokes means people will only ever use them as that. If FreeDoom is meant as a total-conversion resource wad, then replacing the joke sprites with sprites that look like actual FreeDoom sprites means people will be more likely to use them for non-farcical purposes.
  16. YouAreTheDemons


    In terms of gameplay, level wise: The levels are complex, but they never get too convoluted. Once you figure out where the various key-switches are it simply becomes a matter of remembering how to get there. In terms of gameplay, enemy wise: Enjoy being fucked in the asshole with a porcupine. In conclusion, if you like well made maps that you'll probably never get to see legitimately cause you never survive that long, this is the wad for you.
  17. YouAreTheDemons

    Sin City 2 The Satan Complex

    Only drooling idiots hate story in Doom wads.
  18. YouAreTheDemons


    Incredible map, shows that the IDtech 1 engine is just as capable of both jaw-dropping visuals and stellar game-play as modern engines.
  19. YouAreTheDemons

    Hell on Icannar: Old Nuclear Plant

    Its okay, nothing ground-breaking, but in a sea of 90s quality shit, its pretty good.
  20. YouAreTheDemons

    Grey: The Fault of The Masters

    Not really a troll WAD, but a piece of shit none the less.
  21. YouAreTheDemons

    Demon suggestion

    Honestly, I think Raymoohawk should just touch it up like he did with the Pistol and Shotgun Zombies. The current Pinky looks like its been cut out of a photograph.
  22. YouAreTheDemons

    CCCP 20

    A boring slog through a lifeless beige environment meant to resemble a city.
  23. YouAreTheDemons

    Total Control

    Very well made.
  24. YouAreTheDemons

    Doom 2 Reloaded

    If you're looking for an alternate universe version of Doom 2, look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you're looking for a version of Doom 2 made using more modern methods, this is just what you've been asking for!