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  1. Flammable

    How to convert PNG to Font?

    The problem is solved. My mistake was that i was testing the font in doom2.wad, and when i saw default map names with default font i totally forgot that in doom2.wad map name on intermission screen is made by using cwilw pictures... I found this out only when went to options and see that OPTIONS written in my new font. Sorry for creating this thread, but i guess that's was something that helped me thinking. Spider's ZDoom Font Generator is cool working tool.
  2. Flammable

    How to convert PNG to Font?

    I have found out that i cant just edit png picture, and i now know how to use doomcrap-0.1.4 aka Spider's ZDoom Font Generator. But having successfully compiled font does not work... There is example But in game it looks like default font. What is my mistake?
  3. Flammable

    How to convert PNG to Font?

    So i want to make custom font. I found dbigfont.lmp in zandronum.pk3, exprorted it as png and edited. When I'm trying to import it as DBIGFONT the game says Execution could not continue. BigFont is not a recognizable font I tried using imagetool.exe and doomcrap-0.1.4 but have no success. So how do i make custom font from png picture of all letters? I want this new font to replace default doom DBIGFONT
  4. Hello, i have a question about decorating friendly monsters, marines to be correct. Regular monsters never react to marines untill marines make serious damage to them, how to make moneters treat marines like regular players, so monsters make see noise when they see marines and attack them without waiting untill first being attacked. I know that i can do this in the map, by making them hate each other, but is it possible to it in Decorate, so marines get attacked before they attack monsters first?
  5. Flammable


    Good wad, but yeah, the boss sound is fucked up, and the last map is... meh. 22.06.16
  6. Flammable

    NJ Doom

    So in the NJDOOM2 you just used the same fucking maps? Are you fucking ok?
  7. Flammable

    Replacing/Removing actors using ACS

    Yeah, i thought so, thats why i asked here to be sure. Thanks for quick reply.
  8. So there is a few ways to replace actors that already on map using DECORATE or Random Spawner or MAPINFO Difficulty, but i'm interested specificly in ACS script. How could i replace actors that already on map using OPEN script, by their DoomEd number, or by their actorname? I'm looking for something like that: Script 900 OPEN { if (CheckActorClass(0, "Pistol")) " Thing_replace("Pistol", "Shotgun") " } I'v tried to find anything that similar to the above command but no success.
  9. Flammable

    Duke Nukem wad

    I was looking for a reissue of a Duke Nukem entirely on engine zdoom, but found only wads containing the first map of the game. Is there a complete etition of all the finished maps containing all of Duke Nukem 3D, supporting zdoom? I'm not realy interest in it enemies, just the maps, i'd like to play them in doom.
  10. Flammable

    Doom the Way id Did

    Very good. Just like the Ultimate doom. 07.11.2015 Flammable4444
  11. Flammable


    Not too bad, but the maps are too short. 07.11.2015 Flammable4444
  12. Flammable

    I have lost EVERYTHING...

    I was working in slade since 2013, I just did not give the value of the temporary folder, ignored it, (Pressed NEXT NEXT NEXT APPLY). This time when I reinstalled Slade to fix a bug with the coding language, I decided to set up all the settings of Slade like i supposed to do in a first place, in fact I thought that the "D:/ide" was always a temporary folder, I just never even thought of that, and ofc before that day temp folder was somewhere in Appdata. I screwed up.
  13. Flammable

    I have lost EVERYTHING...

    I did not knew what "temp folder" mean, i thought it was like folder where Slade store wad backups. Instead it's what it is... This is my fault. Do not think that I am the imbecile, the fact is that I do not have perfect English language knowledge, I did not even knew of the word "temporary". Well it will be a lesson for me. A program to restore files did not helped me, I tried. Anyway i think it would be better if Slade warn about that, guess I'm not the only one who fucked up his projects that way.
  14. Flammable

    I have lost EVERYTHING...

    I tried some tools to undelete lost data, none of them found what i need, i saw files that i delete years ago, just a useless crap, checked hundreds of "lost data" folders, not a chance. I guess you'r right, i will make new wads and remake some old ones. But it's gonna take time, and i need time to calm down, as my hands are still shaking.
  15. Flammable

    I have lost EVERYTHING...

    Well, because of this, I will remember the expression "temp folder" for the rest of my life. Agreed, and as i said they deffenetly should warn about what could happen. Я пытался, двумя разными прогами, находили разного рода чушь, дерьмо всякое, первым делом рванул восстанавливать систему, ни черта, все полигоны проебаны.