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  1. D_Runnin
  2. A gaggle of Cacodemons.
  3. That actually looks pretty goo!
  4. In all honesty I don't recall ever finding Duke Nukem 3d to be depressing. If anything, I miss the 90's era of gaming. That's the depressing part.
  5. I heard a rumor that the final boss for the next Doom game is acutally EA.
  6. I suspect Duke Nukem is clinically depressed after Duke Nukem Forever. A fat and mishapen mass of redundant protoplasm sitting on a couch watching talk shows and drinking beer. Surrounded by cheetos bags and burger wrappers with Hurt by Johnny Cash playing on loop in the background.
  7. Wow! I did see that.
  8. I know. They were also in the original Doom 3 version. But in the novels, there were zombies who had a hand replaced by a chainsaw, kind of like Ash from Evil Dead, only instead of self surgery, supernatural fusion of metal and flesh.
  9. Well that's the thing, the secret history of DOOM that isn't explained in Masters of Doom or any behind the scenes documentary. Very few people know the truth, it just so happens that I know someone who knows someone who knows someone else. The public were lead to believe that the idea and design came from the brilliant minds of Carmack and Romero etc. Actually, the idea was presented to Romero one night. While he was playing billiards, an elf climbed in his window and told him to get money from the Rockefeller Foundation for Doom. Perhaps Romero only saw elves or Satan in his mind, Doom still got built. And the torch has been passed onto Marty Stratton. Story is one evening he was cooking spaghetti sauce in the kitchen with his shirt off when the sauce boiled up a bit much and he got splashed by hot tomato juice he screamed out "DOOM TO ALL TOMATOES" and John Romero materialized out of the ether and told him to build Doom 2016. Whether that's just heresy or truth is anyone's guess. But here we are, ripping and tearing, and now ripping and and tearing on the Nintendo Switch. Imagine that!
  10. I always liked this tune from the PSX version of Duke Nukem. It time to shed tears and get emotional but I’m all out of hugs.
  11. Recently I was reading through the Doom 3 novels Worlds on Fire and Maelstrom, the depiction of hell is a little different than what was in the game. It essentially takes place in subterranean tunnels and massive caverns where the rock walls and floor/roof have a skin-like texture. John Kane, the D3 marine wonders if there is even a sky. It's described having noxious air, screams and howls coming from every direction. There is also a constant red light that emanates from somewhere. He also discovers a corral surrounding humans with demons torturing them. And there is also a massive throne which belongs to hell's "mightiest" warrior, the Cyberdemon whom is absent at the particular moment. On the throne sits the Soul Cube. It's a pretty nifty battle to get the Soul Cube as there is a horde of demons defending it. After that the Doom 3 guy has to make his way back to Mars, and the insane pleading humans have escaped from the corral and are following him, it's all pretty surreal. Also, one thing I really like in the Doom 3 novels that didn't appear in the Doom 3 game was the fact that the zombies, over time were merging/melding with various forms of weapons. Scissors, knives....CHAINSAWS.
  12. Legend has it that an elf appeared on a window sill and told John Romero to build Doom.