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  1. Rank title meaning

    Also the Doom movie was just them trolling the Doom community.
  2. What is your favourite secret Level?

    Fortress of Mystery is best.
  3. Random Image Thread

  4. What nicknames do you have for monsters?

    I'll just copy and paste from How'd you name monsters if you never knew their official names? Former Humans (All types): Ghoul Imp: Fire Spitter Demon: Bullpig Spectre: Phantom Cacodemon: Langolier Archvile: Firewalker Baron of Hell: Daemon Sultan Hell Knight: Shambler Pain Elemental: Pumpkinhead Lost Soul: Screamer Mancubus: Behemoth Revenant: Tormentor Arachnotron: Spidervore Spider Mastermind: The Master Cyberdemon: Cyberfiend Icon of Sin: Great Old One
  5. Doom and Stranger Things comparison

    I think it reminds me of Doom 3 actually with the gate to the Upside Down, with all that organic growth. And in the season 2 finale where Eleven closes the massive gateway where there's all that red light kind of seems doomish to me. If only a Revenant could have jumped out and knockout Sean Astin it would have been perfect.
  6. Rank title meaning

    It’s pretty common knowledge that Kevin Bacon is Fraggle. Also Doomworld is run by The Rock and Karl Urban.
  7. What Quake port is best for me?

    You might like fitzquake.
  8. A year in Doomworld

    When you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you.
  9. How do you view video games?

    I've been a gamer since the early 90's with no signs of giving up the ghost. From my perspective it's a hobby that allows me to escape from the mundane.
  10. Share a random fact about yourself

    I don't drink alcohol or do drugs. My only vices are energy drinks and video games! Yeah I'm lame like that.
  11. Most recent movie you saw

    Just finished watching Annihilation.
  12. Real Return To Castle Wolfenstein

    I love the original Wolfenstein game and especially RTCW. I could never get into the recent games though.
  13. So, how old are you ?

    I've made the journey around the sun 33 times (as of Feb 15), hurling through time and space at sixty six thousand miles hour.
  14. What are you listening to?

    1920's music blended with Trent Reznor's Quake soundtrack.
  15. I would say that E4M8 feels like a proper map, it's just a letdown because you have to fight the Spider Mastermind again. They should added a new monster of some sort.
  16. Synthdoom by Black Metal Chainsaw

    Walloping websnappers this looks amazing!
  17. Most favorite level from Episode 2

    Containment Area is best.
  18. So I'm doing a research project for college...

    1) 33 year old male 2) Canada 3) All games with exception of mobile 4) Doom 64 - I really like the oppressive atmosphere and brooding soundscape. 5) Doom - Doom II - Doom 64 - Doom 3/ROE - Doom 2016 - Final Doom 6) I think it has improved since 1993. 7) Doom 2016 took me back to 1993 when I first played Doom. It’s different yes, but it has spirit. 8) Doom is a game that I can return to time and time again and constantly be pulled in even after taking a break from it. I enjoy other games too, but Doom is a mainstay. 9) I love Doom 3, it went in a different direction with the focus on horror but it works. It’s a slow burning version of Doom. 10) On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being least offensive and 10 being obnoxious I would rate D_Runnin a 11.
  19. Random Image Thread

    Yesterday when I visited this thread, your image wouldn't display instead it was letternumbers.jpg or something in a square, a forum glitch I suppose. But it's loading properly today and totally caught me guard. Hello new wallpaper!
  20. Your Thoughts on Last Rites

    I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of this game but now I’m interested in trying it out!
  21. What are you listening to?

    I have not listened to The Cure for quite some time now. Better get back to it!