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  1. Delete

    Doomworld's thread of adorable!

    My cat after Halloween.
  2. 2017 DOOMWORLD HALLOWEEN THREAD Picking up where @Csonicgo left off, what will you folks be up to this Halloween? For me I marathon horror movies every day of October, play some good survival horror games, listen to some good tunes and dive into some good horror literature.
  3. Delete


    Wishing everyone on Doomworld a Happy Halloween!
  4. Delete

    How do you feel the vanilla game has aged?

    Like a fine wine.
  5. The Imp on the cover reminds me of the Soul Harvester from Realm 667.
  6. Delete


  7. Delete


    Dark ambient music and spooky scary skeletons are mandatory.
  8. Call of Duty Mass Effect Skyrim Borderlands Tomb Raider Starwars
  9. Delete

    Random Video Thread

  10. Delete

    Hobbies to fend off stir-craziness

    I like to exercise my creativity and write short stories to keep my mind busy.
  11. Delete

    Doom 2016 for PS4

    Mission 8 is the Advanced Research Complex. I'll share MajorSlackVideos in-depth Doom 4 Walkthrough. Watch through them and see if you can use any of his strategies.
  12. Delete

    Doom 2016 for PS4

    Which part are you stuck at?
  13. Delete

    Random Video Thread

  14. Delete

    Doom Nightmare fuel

    Surrounded by a fleet of Pain Elemental and Lost Souls...armed only with the rocket launcher to defend yourself.
  15. Delete

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Speaking of Hellraiser, the Engineer was the inspiration behind the design of the Pinky.
  16. Delete

    Plutonia as its own episode?

    Ghost Town Barons Lair Realm Onslaught Compound The Death Domain The Final Frontier Anti-Christ Odyssey of Noises (Secret Level)
  17. A big-screen character drama about the rise of ID Software and the creation of Doom.