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  1. Just started a new map this morning titled Antarctica. Just felt like sharing. :)
  2. Emortal982 from DeviantArt.
  3. I like this new forum a lot, it's so much more interactive.
  4. Karl Urban or Sylvester Stallone scowl?
  5. Just downloaded the beta, going to give it a try. Looks fun!
  6. There are things I'm still discovering in Doom 3 even after all this time. And most of the time they end up making me jump!
  7. Get that Australian megawad project going!
  8. Just finished watching The Descent. A 2005 film about a group of women exploring an undiscovered cave system which happens to be inhabited by carnivorous cave monsters. If you're claustrophobic this film will really get to you.
  9. Excellent Arachnotron Nathan! Looking forward to the Spider Mastermind.
  10. Use the automap, pay attention to any wall textures that seem 'off', watch for a flickering light. Or if push comes to shove make love to every wall.
  11. It has nothing to do with the in-game model. It's just a fan depiction.
  12. April 23rd and it's still snowing here. What the shit? Unacceptable.


    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Still pretty darn cold here too. Well below 10°C... I'm used to 25 and upwards. Can't stand this shit anymore... :-/

    2. Piper Maru

      Piper Maru

      Yup, this is some of the worst April weather I've seen. :(

  13. Such an emotional piece of Dark Ambient music.
  14. I think Final Doom's music track 'Horizon' is based on this.
  15. Found this on DeviantArt.