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  1. I still use Fitzquake.
  2. No double jumps.
  3. John Romero made hell his bitch.
  4. People going insane after coming back through the portal always reminded me of Stephen King's The Jaunt. A story about teleport experimentation, pretty freaky stuff that would fit right in with Doom.
  5. It was probably Betruger who took the massive steamer. "Welcome to hell mortal" AHAHAHAHAHAH!
  6. The marine stubs his toe on a step. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
  7. I love Doom 3 and I still play it to this day. A few things to change; Cut down on teleporting monsters and shorten the sequence, it becomes all to easy when you can charge a spot where a baddie is about to materialize, and it still has to go through it's roaring animation, by the time it's all said and done you've already put 2-3 shells into it's face. Make it so the shotgun can frag baddies from more than 1 feet away. Also scrap the grenades, I barely even use them. Scrap the Cherubs/Ticks/Vagary and modify the Maggot and Wraith so they're actually deadly. Also make it so that the player spends a much more larger amount of time in Hell rather than what we got. I loved Doom 3's interpretation of hell, it scared the ever loving squanch out of me and I wanted to see more of it. And while I like the character of Betruger, a man being used as a vessel by some incomprehensible being from hell, please get rid of the camp. Like if he had a mustache, he would definitely be twirling that bad boy every time he mocks the marine. "Welcome to your death mortal". *Twirls mustache*
  8. Such an amazing tune.