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  1. Just as the folks at id software like to say, it will be ready when it's done.
  2. The episode by John Romero.
  3. I think Silent Hill 2 does a fantastic job at horror especially the Toluca Prison and the Lakeview Hotel. Really subtle and unnerving stuff.
  4. I love the plasma gun but the firing sfx sounds like someone farting into a fan.
  5. Will IOS be able to handle blast processing?
  6. I've been Dooming since '93. You either get busy living or get busy Dooming. Remember to smash that like button and subscribe.
  7. Afraid of Monsters (Half-Life mod) Dead Space 2 Silent Hill
  8. You use the chaingun to make the monsters go cha-cha-chá.
  9. The Ultimate Doom!
  10. It does remind me of the ocean floor which in of itself is pretty alien looking, so this interpretation of Xen is effective.