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  1. ....hurtling through time and space at 66,000 miles an hour. Tethered to a burning sphere by an invisible force in an unfathomable universe.

    Where does the time go? Well I had a little get together with the family, it was a pleasant time. Got some movies and music for gifts, it was nice. Just felt like sharing this.

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    2. User Name

      User Name

      Sick Bow said:

      Is your avatar from Pan's Labryinth? Maybe I'm confused. Any who, congrats on being nine years older than me, and also thirty times more mature. I enjoy your posts, more than most people. What knowledge would you give a mere 23 year old? Also I had to think hard to remember my age, does that get any easier later in life?

      NIN had been around since before I was born. I love PHM, and I actually have the cassette right here!

      Guillermo del Toros Pan's Labryinth isn't too far off the mark, it's from another one of his creations. The Master from his pulpy vampire series The Strain.


      As for advice, I'll quote Carl Sagan.

      “Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.”

    3. Pure Hellspawn

      Pure Hellspawn

      i'm surprised nobody mentioned you have played a megawad

    4. Sick Bow

      Sick Bow

      Ah, that's right. My only experience with his movies were Tool fan-made music videos. I never watch much movies as a kid, so I have been doing a ton of catching up. Just watched The Wall and Fight Club myself. Beautiful quote, by the way. Always be learning my friend.

      Pure Hellspawn said:

      i'm surprised nobody mentioned you have played a megawad

      Took me longer than it should've. 32. Get it?