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  1. uckass.

    Bear in mind I'm adopted so none of this could pass down to me genetically so none of those jokes about genetically inheriting autism will make any sense.

    Just now, I went to get a can of MY drink from the fridge, and my mum just said "Oh help yourself", despite it's MY drink, which I even exclaimed to her, and she retorted "It's my fridge", despite that isn't technically true, since my dad earns the money (she has no job) and therefore he paid for it, technically making him the owner of the fridge.

    This isn't the only thing I hate about her, there are a LOT of other things, about 95% of which couldn't make it into this post due to character limits that I assume are around 10-20,000.

    The biggest thing I hate about her is her hypocrisy. She is a GIGANTIC hypocrite in almost everything she complains about me. She complains I spend too much time at the computer. What does she do all day when she's not doing effortless, menial tasks (There are about 2, ie. laundry and sometimes cooking, and the cooking is absolutely terrible most of the time unless she does something from a packet or something simple like egg and chips (fries)? She sits at the computer browsing the internet looking for unimportant things to keep herself interested, like anyone else would, or she plays card games or Minesweeper for hours on end. Yet she complains that I spend too much time playing games and browsing the internet.

    She also complains that I'm lazy, despite the fact I'm actually not, I just can't be fucked to do things for her that she can do herself at will. Some things I don't mind like feeding the cats or emptying/filling the dishwasher (I do that anyway but she just tells me to, thinking that's why I do it), but there are just plain dumb things that she can blatantly do herself, and it'd be more convenient if she did (My room is at the very top of the house, and she spends most of her time at the bottom, mainly living room, dining room (there's a computer in there) or in the kitchen), so whenever she tells me to do something, she's normally stood there waiting for me to do it, when she could've done it in the time it takes for me to walk down about 4 flights of stairs. Hypocritical about laziness? Yes, very.

    The next biggest thing that pisses me off is that she bitches and whines about me being anti-social. This partly pisses me off because this is also being a gigantic hypocrite, since she just watches TV and does her computer thing alone. But this isn't the only thing. I'm anti-social to my family BECAUSE of her. I physically and mentally cannot stay in the same room as her because she has an "aura"* of hatred and annoyance. But this isn't the only thing, she's like "Come and be social with your family", then she instantly goes on a pursuit of criticizing everything about me that she can, made up or not (mostly made up). This is especially prevelant at dinner time, when 60-80% of the family (My sisters are barely at home any more, due to one having a job and I don't really give two fucks about the other one) are sat down together, with my dad sat there making the most disgusting, horrible and loud eating noises you could ever imagine which actually irritates my ears even if it's extremely quiet or even in my head, even if he's finished eating, and my mum just sat there looking disgusting and horrible and making snide comments about me, and only about me, not anyone else, meaning she's purposely targeting me for no apparent reason. She also seems to think I'm anti-social with EVERYONE and that I don't want to go outside with friends because I'm a lazy shit that just sits at the computer all day, despite I'm at the computer all day BECAUSE she won't let me go outside with friends.

    The next big thing I hate is that she's only ever pissed off when I'm around, almost like she just acts angry at me just because. Sometimes she isn't and this is the only time I can stand her, but it's like she's either bipolar or schizophrenic, because she could turn at any second, mainly because of requests (mostly to go out with friends, which she forbids, despite she thinks I'm an anti-social cunt and should go outside, read above) or because I don't want to do something with her, like this one time I just wanted to go outside alone instead of going to some shitty horse thing (I hate horses), and she just went full shitty on me, even suggesting that I go to lunch only with her, leaving everyone else to go to the horse thing, which obviously I declined so she threw some money for lunch on the floor and stormed out (despite the fact she hates me she still forces me to eat even if I don't want to, probably to stop me going to the police and say she's starving me). I'll admit that felt pretty good to finally get my way for once, instead of spending a few hours at some craphole, being bored and not being able to do what I want to.

    I also hate the fact she's incredibly intrusive to my privacy. Whenever I'm on my phone, she asks who I'm texting, even if I'm clearly not, and even if I'm clearly playing a game, made even clearer by the fact I'm doing things and it's making sounds, which should be a clear notification that I'm playing games, not texting. This is made more annoying by the fact she doesn't know any of my friends except one is called David and another is called Tom, yet she still asks anyway, expecting an answer even if she doesn't know who it is. She also asks who I'm talking to on Skype, and this is even more awkward because I talk to some online friends, who have American or otherwise accents, and this results in her asking if I'm staying up all night to talk to them, and if that's why I can't get up early in the morning (I do stay up late, but not as late as she thinks and it's not to talk to my overseas friends). She also sometimes barges into my room when I'm playing a game and even if it's clearly a single player game, she asks who I'm playing it with, especially if I'm talking to someone in the background. This is (somehow) even more annoying when I'm playing online with strangers, because I don't know who those people are and she still asks who they are anyway, and she won't leave me alone until I make up names for all of them (this is incredibly stupid to do on big games with 8 or more people).

    I'm not sure what to do about this, I keep thinking of running away, but then I'm stumped by the fact I have nowhere to go and no job to get money to get a house, and I'm only 16 so I don't think I could support myself financially or even mentally, since it's a big thing to move out of a house you've been living in for all your life to a completely new place that you don't know, and possibly losing contact with most of your friends. I even thought of suicide, but I don't really think I need to go that extreme to get out, and it's a very dumb thing to do or think about just because one person is making your life shitty, plus I don't know how I'd do it, since I don't want it to hurt but then I don't want it to be quick just in case I pull out at the last second. I've even thought about killing her, but that's obviously just a psychotic fantasy that I can't go through with because of possible implications and repercussions.

    Sorry about the mahoosive read, I just had to get this out somewhere because I'm sick of it being pent up and it was decomposing my brain.

    *I'm not a gypo, I mean aura as in the Diablo 2 style auras as prayers, except more like the opposite of a Paladin, since as far as I'm concerned, she is no good or divine warrior, or even a mother. She's never done anything good in her life and she never will.

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    2. wildweasel


      SavageCorona said:

      When did I say that?

      SavageCorona said:

      I didn't really care if I lost the respect of someone on the internet.

      Right about there, I think.

    3. SavageCorona


      That doesn't mean "I don't care about the internet", it means "I don't care about you".

    4. spank


      Of course she is, you're 16. Step up the game.