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  1. I just had an operation to cut something out. Won't go into nasty details but it fockin' bloody well 'urts. Plus the fuckers had to poke a hole in both my hands cause the first needle didn't go into a vein. At least being asleep was fun. Too bad the chicken sandwich they gave me after was dry and impossible to chew. At least it was free.

    So discuss any surgeries/operations you had that left you awkwardly typing sideways in bed or just any really.

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    2. FireFish


      Last time i went in to the hospital for surgery i enjoyed my time there during and after a surgery, i really do not have one problem with anything like that... and i was in for more than a day.

      I got sedated by a shot in my back which i barely felt at all and every needle that went in afterwards stayed in on the exact same position, i had very good veins it seemed.

      the only thing i did not like was waiting in line for 2 hours with quite some pain directly before the operation in the "urgency" waiting room... which nearly did permanent damage to something which was urgent. Hell they could not understand how i managed to walk around as if i had no problem at all... they barely believed i had anything, hence the unhealthy waiting.

      And i am also not going to mention the what, nor the natural yet weird why.

    3. Avoozl


      Unfortunately for me I have the inherited condition Becker's Muscular Dystrophy, my legs have been noticeably getting worse over the years and it can be quite painful to walk even to the shop a few blocks away and back. My legs are very bloated as it is.

    4. SavageCorona


      And here I am thinking my life is shit temporarily.

      Edit cause no other replies

      Yay it reopened and I nearly bled to death and then I spent nearly 2 days in hospital only for them to redress it and give me antibiotics while sleeping in the same room as a scary old man with dementia, Hulk Hogan's dad and a man called Steve. On top of that I had to pay £7.50 to watch TV on a shitty Windows XP thing from 2001 to watch freeview channels.