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  1. Awww SHEET I've been waiting a long time but it's finally here. The Time themed Loot Crate which contains:

    • A 1:5 scale hoverboard replica with certificate of authenticity
    • A vinyl figurine of Emmett Brown
    • A sonic spork
    • An excellent Bill and Ted t-shirt
    • A badge with the flux capacitor on it saying [WE LOVE YOU] where it would say [SHIELD EYES FROM LIGHT]
    • A booklet detailing Marty McFly and Bill and Ted cosplay guides, an OUTATIME license plate pull-out page with a "which Doctor are you?" chart, various Loot Crate ads and some other cool stuff
    GIGANTIC pictures below

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    2. SavageCorona


      I paid £22 (the international gift card is in dollars lmao how fucking ironic) to receive 5 items that are worth $10 more than the gift card.

    3. Clonehunter


      My Swindle Crate also arrived after trying to try it out, and because of brashness and need for instant gratification only now do they announce a Sci-Fi/Star Wars crate.

      However, the Vault Boy Bobblehead is pretty cool, and the Mockingjay pin was pretty good quality, and was a very timely gift for my sister, of all things.

    4. Krispy


      I thought this was something from Borderlands.