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  1. Wow, you are practically a celebrity! Thank you very much. Did you see my Spider and my Imp (unfinished)? http://www.doomworld.com/vb/creative-works/71292-my-spider/ http://www.doomworld.com/vb/creative-works/71029-my-imp/ Also, I read you sold your awesome piece to Romero himself! congrats Thanks guys. I acknowledge the Caco looks dumb, but it is my firstborn monster, I gotta love him as he is. Your posts are making me go finish the Spider and the Imp (next rainy weekend).
  2. I believe it's known as cold porcelain or polymer clay. It's cheap.
  3. I suck at painting, but I had to start. The chassis is finished, minus the rubber feet. I put him there to dry:
  4. I found some rivets like this: cut and glued more pieces of the beer can, they are now this: I will work some more on the face, I am not exactly content with how it looks now:
  5. started sculpting. I drew a face in a piece of paper and glued there for reference. The eyes are map pins.
  6. Some more pictures of the chassis and the detailing I gave it: I put a screw there to help fix the "brain" when the time comes: and the underside needed some decoration: every cybernetic being need a microchip: Now the gatling gun: It's just a pen part and cut q-tips, painted silver. Took me 2 minutes, tops. I'm happy with this part.
  7. for the next step I had to drink a beer: see nice thin aluminum sheet that can be cut with scissors: (but they cut you back): nothing yet really glued at this point:
  8. New pictures: legs bent (that was easy) wire from a computer cable for detailing the joint: gluing this took much more time than expected, but I like the results: I made a foot with real rubber from a bicycle tire tube. But I dont know yet the angle the legs will touch the floor, so I wont make the other three until later. And finally the chassis: I didnt find any material better than wood (it will have to be covered with aluminum):
  9. That is very cool. I never built any resin model.
  10. Found an aluminum thing. Not exactly what I wanted but will do: cut and glue wire for posing: I made a brain shape out of crumpled shredded paper, water and glue. It is still wet:
  11. started to paint. The eyes came out weird.
  12. main scuplting complete, next paint and horns: more pictures: http://imgur.com/a/v1aQc
  13. hey, thanks! actually I suck as an artist/sculptor, which means when I start I don't know what the thing will end looking like. The caco's eye, I swear it is green, it looks yellow in the picture because my cellphone camera is stupid.
  14. I never posted the final pictures. Here they are: strange visual effect ligh from the LED Together with his friend (or enemy in case of infighting) Here is a link for the Caco: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/creative-works/65441-my-caco/ AND here is a link to the IMP I (finally) put myself to do: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/creative-works/71029-my-imp/
  15. I didn't take pictures of the paperclip+tinfoil skeleton. The eyes are map pins. I made some sketches before bending and cutting the paperclips. Note the caco in the drawing. I wanted the imp to be in the same relative size as in the game, but somehow he ended up larger than intended. All things considered I'm happy with the result so far. I never did this kind of thing before. (Stupid Sexy Imp)