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  1. Really wish you had put this all on eBay, but I'll do my best to bid on all of it. Or you could just pull it all down and sell it to me privately. I could always use my 5th copy of factory-sealed id Anthology! ;-) Good luck! Dusty
  2. V8 Killer

    Doom II's level design is antiquated

    LMAO Swiss_Cheeseman!!! +1 for the simplest explanation. A picture is definitely worth 1,000 (sometimes very rude) words. Best, Dusty
  3. V8 Killer

    Selling some Doom figurines

    Good luck to all those bidding! ;-) Dusty
  4. V8 Killer

    id Anthology

    Nice find mate! I own 5 copies of id Anthology. 4 brand new sealed in the cellophane and 1 open and complete. The value of the id Anthology has definitely gone up since I started collecting. I used to be able to get a complete, opened set for $75-$100 easily. Now a complete and opened set goes for $100-$200+ depending on condition and luck. Yours is a GB copy where you have the "15+" stamp on it, making it more rare and either more or less desirable depending on the market you are selling to. I think your best avenue to sell it for your own maximum profit is eBay, and expect $150-$250 USD. Make sure to be willing to ship worldwide to maximize what you get for it. Cheers, Dusty
  5. V8 Killer

    Collection of Doom

    This picture of my collection is over 4 years old now. My collection is about 2 - 2.5 times the size of this picture. I have over 550 Doom Reaper minis now, including a 1 of a kind Arachnotron I obtained from Ed Pugh, co-owner of Reaper last year. http://www.v8killer.com/Collection1280.JPG
  6. V8 Killer

    My Doom Collection!

    Here's a 3+ year old picture of about 70% of my collection at that time (the rest I couldn't fit into one picture). Since then my collection has grown at least another 50% I would estimate. I'm currently remodeling inside but that's almost done. Then I'll break everything back out and take some updated pictures. My most unique items include a literally ONE of ONE Reaper Arachnotron sculpted by Sandra Garrity that was rejected by id software, some very unique/rare Reaper CyberDemons, 4 factory sealed id Anthology collections, and a decent amount of autographed materials. http://www.v8killer.com/Collection1280.JPG
  7. V8 Killer

    Where are the Doom Novels?

    There are 2 series of the original 4 Doom novels. First, the original series with graphics from the game, give or take. Second, the reprint that came out VERY QUIETLY a few years ago with ocmpletely redrawn covers that look like nothing from Doom. I own a full set of both, 8 in all. Books #1 and #2 read a lot like the game and are very enjoyable. Didn't care much for #3 and #4. Best, Dusty
  8. V8 Killer

    Doom Miniatures

    Since they have been discontinued over a decade, about the only place to find them is on Ebay as someone decides to sell his. Good luck, as they don't come up often and they always go for a hefty premium! Regards, Dusty
  9. V8 Killer

    Doomers by Location

    Earth [**]North America [***]United States of America [****]Texas [*****]Paradise [******]V8 Killer
  10. V8 Killer

    Mem probs w/ Doom Edit

    After drawing 1 room and sometimes loading a few textures Doom Edit slows to a crawl. It gets so slow I have to minimize the window and then maximize it to see any changes. Most of the time I also get the following error as well: "Physical memory is over 80% utilized. Consider saving and restarting." I have shut down everything I'm not using via the Task Manager. I have 2GB of RAM and plenty of spare hard drive space. D3 runs & plays fine. What setting do I need to change so I will quit getting this error and so DE isn't running so slow? Thanks, Dusty
  11. V8 Killer

    Need a .JPG designed for me, willing to pay!

    Technically it doesn't have to be a .JPG Its not going on the internet or anything like that so I don't care a whole lot what kind of file it is as long as I can see it. :-) Thanks, Dusty
  12. Hey Guys, I have the need for a Doom or Quake .jpg designed for me for personal use. I haven't decided exactly on which way to go but I'm leaning towards Doom. Either way, I need a custom color graphic somewhat similar to the ones that are being posted here. I have ideas in my mind of what I want but I have to be the least artistic person on this planet, so I need some assistance. If anyone is interested please e-mail me at sales@mvpmotorsports.com and if you have a couple of samples of your work please attach them. As mentioned in my Subject I'm willing to pay someone a reasonable fee for their help, I understand time is money. Thanks! Dusty