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  1. Patrol1985

    Doom 3 BFG allows mods after all?

    I just stumbled upon this Steam discussion regarding Doom 3 BFG: http://steamcommunity.com/app/208200/discussions/0/34093781795332064/ Apparently, there is a working MOD launcher, which allows some user-made content to work. I haven't tested it yet, so I can't confirm first-hand. Has anyone tried it?
  2. For the past few days I'd been trying to run GZDoom on my low-spec machine. First I encountered problems with compilation from source and once I eventually succeeded, it turned out my GPU was supposedly too weak to handle the engine. Solving those problems took me a lot of reading and searching and I managed to finally run GZDoom succesfully at 3 a.m. last night. I figured there might be others facing similar problems. So here is what I learned: For starters, here is my machine's specification: Acer Aspire One D257 (a netbook) CPU: Intel Atom N570 (1.66 GHz) RAM: 2 GB DDR3 1333 MHz* GPU: Intel GMA 3150 OS: Linux Mint 16 *the computer originally came with 1 GB of RAM, but the motherboard supports up to 2GB so I recently upgraded the memory. 1. Compiling GZDoom from source Note: the following information was valid for source downloaded on May 16th 2014. I assume the developer will fix it in the future. In order to compile GZDoom I followed this guide: http://zdoom.org/wiki/Compile_GZDoom_on_Linux Everything was going fine until I reached the "Compile GZDoom" step. The compiler returned errors: CMake Error at src/CMakeLists.txt:259 (message): Could not find GLEW library files CMake Error: The following variables are used in this project, but they are set to NOTFOUND. Please set them or make sure they are set and tested correctly in the CMake files: GLEW_LIBRARY linked by target "zdoom" in directory /home/(my name)/gzdoom_build/gzdoom/src -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred! I managed to find a solution on official GZDoom forum so all the credit goes to guys from this thread (especially Skyrimguy): http://forum.drdteam.org/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=6307 In order for the program to compile, a slight change has to be made in src/CMakeLists.txt Open the file and find line 256. Lines 256-259 should look like this: find_library( GLEW_LIBRARY glew32 ) if( NOT GLEW_LIBRARY ) message( SEND_ERROR "Could not find GLEW library files" ) Write additional info so the final result is this: find_library( GLEW_LIBRARY NAMES GLEW glew glew32 ) if( NOT GLEW_LIBRARY ) message( SEND_ERROR "Could not find GLEW library files" ) Now you can compile GZDoom and proceed with further steps according to the guide on Zdoom.org's wiki. It worked for me. 2. Running GZDoom on Intel GMA 3150 After I successfully compiled GZDoom and tried to run it, I received an error saying: Unsupported OpenGL version. At least GL 2.0 is required to run GZDoom. It was probably a fault of outdated Linux drivers (I could run GZDoom on the same computer on Windows 7 without any problems), but I couldn't find a guide on how to update Intel drivers on my Linux distribution. You can check your version by typing the following command in your terminal: glxinfo | grep version It returns the following info on my computer: server glx version string: 1.4 client glx version string: 1.4 GLX version: 1.4 OpenGL version string: 1.4 Mesa 9.2.1 As you can see, the OpenGL's version is 1.4. However, there is a workaround. First of all, install driconf, if you don't have it already sudo apt-get install driconf Make sure GZdoom in installed on your system according to instructions on Zdoom.org's wiki, then run driconf. You will see a graphical interface. Click the "add" button under the "Application settings", write "gzdoom" (no quotes) in both lines and click OK. Then, select GZdoom from the dropdown list under "Application settings" and use the "add setting" dropdown menu to add the following options: Performance --> Enable limited ARB_fragment_shader support on 915/945 Debugging --> Enable stub ARB_occlusion_query support on 915/945 Make sure, both options are set to "YES" Close driconf and run GZDoom. It should run fine now :) The game runs perfectly smoothly for me, with constant 60 FPS. I occasionally get graphical glitches, but I haven't figured out why yet. It's very hard to catch them on a screenshot, because they occur randomly for no longer than a frame or two. They also appear quite rarely - sometimes no more than once or twice per level. I THINK they occur less frequently the lower the resolution so I set mine to 640x480, although the game runs smoothly even on 1024x600 (the maximum I can set). That would be all, I hope you find those tips helpful and can run GZDoom with less frustration than I initially experienced. I'm off to killing imps and demons.
  3. Hi, First of all I'd like to apologize in advance as I'm a newbie when it comes to mobile gaming, so bear with all the stupid questions I might ask further. I've never played any mobile RPG games by id Software, be it Doom RPG, Doom II RPG or Wolfenstein RPG. I always thought they were restricted to Apple iPhone devices, but having read a little I noticed that there are also versions of those games for "mobiles" so I assume a phone running the Android system would suffice. Is that correct? Regarding the question in the topic - I browsed through "EA Mobile" store and noticed that "Doom II RPG" and "Wolfenstein RPG" are still there, but "Doom RPG" is absent. Does anyone know why? Is it still possible to obtain it legally somehow? Some more questions: 1) I have "Samsung Galaxy A5", can this phone run the titles mentioned? (Doom, Doom II and Wolfenstein RPGs?) 2) How do I buy those games? Do I have to do it with my mobile? Does it work like Steam where I can redownload the purchased titles indefinitely?
  4. I managed to run DOOM RPG on Android (phone model: Samsung Galaxy A5). I did it by converting the .JAR into .APK via Netmite's web tool and then running the said .APK with Netmite's J2ME emulator. The interface got successfully converted from keypad to touch except ONE element - some computers require security codes, which have to be typed in with a keypad and I do not know how to invoke the keypad. Is it even possible? Has anyone here tried running DOOM RPG on an Android device? How did it go for you?
  5. Patrol1985

    Need help with DOOM RPG on Android

    Yup, another thread :). I did my searching and found no answer to my question. One of the found threads was the one I started myself a while ago, but the conversation went in a bit different direction. From what I found, community members have decided to convert the RPG games to PC using the GZDoom source port and it sounds great! Still, I'd like to play the game on my phone. Thanks for providing the link, I will check it out (I hope it's not against the forum rules or something).
  6. Patrol1985

    Music in No Rest for the Living

    I ran the said WAD in PrBoom+ and upon loading the first map I heard "Message for the Archvile". Later, I loaded the game via Doom 3 BFG edition and noticed that the track was "Running from Evil" (Doom II map01 music). Then I checked on the wiki that the track associated with NRftL's first map was in fact "Message for the Archvile", which I assume is what is played on the Xbox version. Thus, I conclude that the BFG edition has the music track association done WRONG (the tracks are played in the order of Doom II)... ... and yet I'd like to ask if there is any way to run it just like in BFG edition, meaning "wrong"? :D I recall it can be done by running the WAD in PrBoom+, but then proper map names won't be displayed (so the automap will write "Entryway" instead of "The Earth Base" etc.) EDIT: Actually doomwiki.org states that the music is "wrong" due to a lack of metadata, but aren't map names visible in the automap screen also part of the metadata?
  7. Hey everyone, I recently wrote a guide which includes data about various items found in DOOM's multiplayer mode, especially their respawn times. It's nothing experienced players wouldn't know already, but I could not find all this info in one place so I decided to write the guide myself. I know the multiplayer mode isn't really popular but, contrary to popular belief, some meta-game IS there and there is certainly room for improving one's skill set. Item timing is a very important part of this skill set. If you find the guide useful, I would appreciate it if you gave it a "thumbs up" on Steam. Guides with high ratings are displayed higher and I am sure many multiplayer enthusiasts could find the information valuable. Big thanks in advance! You can find the guide here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=809934854 or if you want to access it through the Steam client, just go to community guides and search for: "Item and timing guide for multiplayer"
  8. Patrol1985

    What do you want to be improved/added to this DOOM?

    1. Bots for multiplayer modes. 2. Some single-player DLC which continues the story. Those would be priority for me.
  9. Patrol1985

    A question about arcade mode rating

    When viewing the arcade mode scoreboard, the column farthest to the right states a given player's "rating" for a particular level and difficulty. The rating is usually a medal one managed to achieve (bronze / silver / gold). However, I noticed some people have a symbol which looks like a rune stone instead of a typical medal. My question is: how to obtain this symbol? Do any specific requirements have to be met (like: kill all enemies on the level)? Or is it simply about going past a certain threshold of points?
  10. Patrol1985

    Percentage of classic DOOM compared to new DOOM

    I agree, the mixture is perfect and I think that's what guys at id were aiming at - some clearly classic elements, but with lots of modernity too. I reckon the new Quake game will aim at similar percentage.
  11. I have nothing but respect for such skill :o
  12. Patrol1985

    Ultra-nightmare beaten with pistol / grenades only :o

    I wholeheartedly agree. A grenade is an item, so I treat it more like a 'powerup' which you can use every now and then. I doubt anyone minds if the pistol is used with quad damage. It's the same with the grenade... ... by the way, this discussion is a proof that some rules have to be established for different run categories (like compet-n for older DOOM titles). ZeroMaster and Zomeister proved that the game can legitimately be used for skillful playthroughs. I think some standardization is well justified :)
  13. Patrol1985

    Friends for MP

    I was about to write that: when you give your steam nicknames / games, please also provide your region. Doomworld is an international forum so we have people from all over the world here, but time zone differences and connection limitations mean that Europeans would probably prefer to play with Europeans etc. etc.
  14. Patrol1985

    What does John Carmack think of Doom 2016?

    ^this I remember him saying numerous times in the past that he didn't care much even about his own past projects. Why would he care about projects of other people for reasons other than learning about some new implementations?
  15. Patrol1985

    I caught a cheater red-handed

    I stumbled upon a cheater on a server and recorded a brief video of him flying and firing multiple rockets. The video is here (it's from my point of view): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH10LiV6BfY In the video's description you will find a link to this guy's profile AND conversation I had with him, because for some reason he added me to his friends. In the conversation he admitted to have cheated. I reported his Steam account for cheating (there is such an option) and linked the video as justification. I have no idea if that will work, but that's all we can do, so I would appreciate it if you guys did the same. Let's get rid of cheaters together. Thanks.
  16. Patrol1985

    Ultra-nightmare beaten with pistol / grenades only :o

    Zeromaster has a point. Using this exploit because of a bug is fine, but using it to avoid what otherwise would have been death stemming from a player's mistake (like in the case of falling from the rock) is "grey area" to say the least. It doesn't change the fact that the video as a whole is damn impressive but if, say, compet-N established some rules for ultra-nightmare runs I doubt they would allow using ctrl+alt+del to avoid deaths. I'm still impressed either way - the truth is, no one else has done anything like it.
  17. Patrol1985

    Why is my running-speed lower then others? *solved*

    Remember that speed is affected by your weapon of choice. For instance: the chaingun will make you run slower than, say, the vortex rifle.
  18. Patrol1985

    Favorite taunts?

    My favorites are: 1. Respect 2. Hat Tip 3. Salute 1 4. One Fist Up
  19. Patrol1985

    Cyberdemon vs. Spider Mastermind

    If the new versions of those two bosses fought each other who do you think would win? If I recall correctly, the Spider Mastermind has more HP than the Cyberdemon (unlike in the classic games) and I think this alone shifts the odds towards the Spider Mastermind.
  20. Patrol1985

    Calling out the_miano!

    Just wanted to say that the idea is awesome :D I hope it's all in the spirit of mutual fun and laughter - the way multiplayer should be! Good luck to you both, make sure to record the match if you can and upload it! :)
  21. Patrol1985


    First of all Mogul, kudos for your level. However, I do not agree with what you are saying. 60 hours is more than the vast majority of players is willing to invest in DOOM's multiplayer mode. It gets repetitive real fast and the level is nothing more really than an indication of time invested in the game. It tells little about a player's skill - even the weakest player can achieve it with enough time. Thus, I do not think it would serve anything to extend this period. It would simply mean more grinding and if there is something I hate about games it's when their design forces you to grind - you said yourself that achieving those levels in halo was an "insane grind". To me that's not fun. I don't think that's "rewarding" either. The current system is fine as it is. I would much rather see some gameplay improvements (better weapon balance, some "classic" mode included etc.) than artificial lengthening of multiplayer's longevity by increasing the amount of time needed to achieve max level. I don't feel worse than players with higher levels, nor do I feel better than guys with lower levels. I know it simply means I have more hours played.
  22. Patrol1985

    Favorite rune.

    Rich get richer. It's so OP that I can't imagine someone not having it as one of their three runes if they're focused on efficiency.
  23. Patrol1985

    1 Week to Doom 2016 !

    I pre-ordered a digital copy but yet have to receive it. I want Friday already dammit!
  24. Patrol1985

    Romero releases another new map: E1M4B

    It's a very good level. It keeps you on your toes all the time - once the fight starts it basically never stops till the end. Fun stuff from John!
  25. Watch this teaser! More info on April 25th! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbDQSOmwA20