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  1. Blood is fun. But truly though, the first episode has some great set pieces and it's all down hill from there. Is there any reason at all to play episodes 2+? *that* is one reason I don't think it had the staying power of the other games mentioned in the same breath.
  2. Carmack did say he regretted outsourcing the sound code in the end, but it sure seemed like a pragmatic decision at the time, given they were such a small team, and it would have certainly been a waste of Carmack's time to write that stuff. They'd have needed a second Dave Taylor.
  3. Doom is triple (actually quad but they almost never used the 4th plane) buffered not double buffered, but that was in RAM I think; there were also two banks of VRAM iirc for the VGA mode it used, and some of the drawers went straight to VRAM and didn't go thru the RAM triple buffers (e.g. status bar) the alpha/beta video stuff demonstrated that they had some ideas about diminished lighting that got simplified, and the game wasn't yet capped to 35fps, but I'm not sure there's any evidence that they targetted any other video mode for the PC. When Doom shipped no PC that existed could run it at the full 35fps. The artist explanation doesn't make sense, because they used deluxe paint that could e configured into a 320x240 screen mode as desired. They switched/added scans via the NeXTStations later on, and had to do aspect ratio correction on those, so it would have been less work if they'd used 320x240 for those. Paging lumps off CDROM would have been far too slow.
  4. Jon

    WadC 2.2 released

    version 2.2 is finally available https://github.com/jmtd/wadc/releases/tag/v2.2 link to ZIP (627 KB) and source files release notes: https://github.com/jmtd/wadc/blob/master/doc/release_notes.adoc#2-2 I guess the headline feature is having experimental filled sectors in the drawing pane. Demo There's also a new Preferences scheme and a new UI for settings preferences meaning wadc.cfg is deprecated I've also tried to improve the documentation and there's a much more extensive gallery of the examples https://redmars.org/wadc/examples/ Two new large programs for 2.2 * A labyrinth demo A Labyrinth demonstration https://redmars.org/wadc/examples/#_laby_wl * My "Bird Cage" heretic level https://redmars.org/wadc/examples/#_birds_wl from the Heretic Upstart Mappers Project
  5. Jon

    Cynical hates on NIghtdive Studio

    I absolutely agree, and I don't think that's what's happening here. Opinions aside, I think there's some genuine bad behaviour going on.
  6. Jon

    Quake and Hexen II

    Not quite what you are asking for but Arcane Dimensions incorporates various Hexen 2 monsters into Quake.
  7. Jon

    WadC 2.2 released

    It's coming up to a year since v2.2 was released, and I've tried to keep to a cadence of one release a year since 2015, but there's not much really new since last year so I don't think it's worth cutting a release yet. New so far is code clean ups by Jon Rimmer, mostly internal and invisible to users more robust invocation of BSP programs (so you can use zokumbsp and ajbsp if you want) the cursor position can optionally be drawn in the GUI bunch of deprecated stuff removed a more useful RNG function one more demo program (random dungeon generator using BSP algorithm, very basic) fix building from source with Java ≥ 9 Most of my enthusiasm for this stuff was spent on Liquorice this year instead. So I might hold off cutting a release, or maybe I should just put out a boring one for the Java and BSP fixes. If anyone has any feature requests, now would be the time to raise them!
  8. Jon

    Cynical hates on NIghtdive Studio

    That was exactly what I was thinking. That and "why is this guy not banned yet"
  9. I managed to completely forget about this after pre-ordering last March or whatever. Sad to check in and realise there's nothing new to play, yet.
  10. Jon

    Post your Doom textures!

    RHS is amongst the nicest skies I've seen for my forthcoming DM map (18 years in the making) but I need a tallsky :( The search continues!
  11. Jon

    Usenet: First Usage of the Term "DOOM Slayer"!

    Female Doom Slayer: being requested for 25 years and counting.
  12. Jon

    Complete /idgames Archive Downloads

    Nobody ever actually offers unlimited storage space and bandwidth. The difference is, a provider that tells you that you have X storage and Y bandwidth, you have some idea when you might be approaching X and Y what will happen. When they say unlimited, what they really mean is X and Y are secret.
  13. Jon

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    It's probably pretty underwelming, but I made this with it https://jmtd.net/doom/mood/
  14. Jon

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Here's something I don't find particulaly interesting: you two dick waving at each other, on top of all the misalignment bullshit for the last two or three pages. This used to be one of the most interesting regular threads on the forum, let's please not bury it beyond recovery.
  15. Jon

    Chocolate Doom

    I just wish it wasn’t such a moving target. A year or so ago, a git build of choco v3 and sdl2 from the raspbian repos worked great. I’ve got proper debian on my pi3 at the moment (running 64 bit) but I might have a go of a recent raspbian this week.
  16. Jon

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Technically MBF, which added both the friendly flag and helper dogs on top of boom.
  17. Jon

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Many of those cited misalignments I think are exactly as the mapper intended (eg e1m1) and aren’t misalignments at all. It might be a good idea to take the misalignment spotting to another thread.
  18. Jon

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Yeah, a bit of a cult classic but I think Event Horizon holds up today
  19. Lol at Fabian giving very precise instructions and most people not following them
  20. Jon

    Haaslok's Art Thread

    Once upon a time I planned to write a story/aesthetic which was liberally based on UFO: Enemy Unknown (itself not exactly the origin of most of those tropes) but then XCOM: Enemy Unknown came out and revived that franchise so I didn't. But fundamentally changing to aliens instead of demons I was keen on, to distance from Doom, and the idea of the antagonist trying to tweak our different primeval fears -- I thought was a great way of explaining the wide pantheon of monster types.
  21. I thought this was fixed by {chocolate,crispy}-midiproc? It does, but not as lumps in WAD files (I believe). As with Chocolate, the system looks up a mapping of in-wad music lumps to out-of-WAD ogg files via a sha1 hash of the in-wad LUMP. e.g. this line b2e05b4e8dff8d76f8f4c3a724e7dbd365390536 = doom1-music/d_inter.flac tells the engine that, whenever it is about to play a music lump with the sha1 checksum of b2e05(etc), instead, play the file doom1-music/d_inter.flac (relative to the music pack CFG). Taken from the sample music pack CFGs here So to achieve what you want, I think you'd need to extract the lumps and build a cfg file that mapped sha1sums of the lumps to local paths for them. The lumps in the WAD would also need to be named in such a way that the vanilla engine tried to play them.
  22. Jon

    Build Boom on DOS

    Congrats! Do you have plans to publish your work?
  23. Jon

    PrBoom on the Nintendo 3DS

    It’d be cool to have a comprehensive review of the various 3ds ports on a doomwiki page
  24. Jon

    Build Boom on DOS

    Well yeah so win32 djgpp would do it, but only if you can find one that both works with the source you’re dealing with and runs on your system.
  25. Jon

    Why Was MS Synth Removed?

    I didn’t realise it was. They are still pretty different, right? from what I recall, the readme for BTSX states the musicians specifically designed for the MS synth, so that’s what I was referring to. I’d be surprised if they sounded identical on a SC-55, I imagine they expose quirks and peculiarities of the MS synth.