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  1. Russel_P

    On borrowed time.

    ugh, my head hurts, i've got flu. Damn i hate being ill. Nevermind. Okay, if i deserve to be losered for posting in that thread and if that's what most people think, then i'm not going to argue about it. I'll say 'fair enough' and mark it down to experience. 999Cop, for the record, about user names. Yes 'Russell' was the first name I used on this forum many months ago. But i forgot the password, requested that it be resent to my email address, but never received an email so had to open a new account with the user name Russell_P. This is the one I have been using for a while now. RTC Marine is a name i have never used. I don't know who this person is but it certainly isn't me.
  2. Russel_P

    ZDoom: New creature definitions please

    Ultraviolet was cool. Shame they never made a second series. Apparently an american company brought the rights and have made an american version. I shudder to think what thats like!
  3. Russel_P

    Carnevil, Hissy Doesn't Love You

    I was going to ask the same question.
  4. Russel_P


    I posted links to the following in the losers forum earlier today, but seeing as nobody will get to see them i'll stick the links here too.... These shots are from Null Space 2 which is still in early developement. All of these are from the same part of the map as the picture linked above. The first shot shows the entry walkway that enters under the main complex. Obviously a LOT of work to still be done on the building architecture....a load of textures to finish here... http://www.duellist.net/misc/ns2a.jpg second shot is taken just further down the walkway... http://www.duellist.net/misc/ns2b.jpg This next shot shows the lift that exists behind the door. Still need to do a texture for the bottom of the platform..... http://www.duellist.net/misc/ns2c.jpg as you can see, i've still got a long way to go.
  5. Russel_P


    cheers. It's always nice to have some positive encouragement :)
  6. Russel_P

    On borrowed time.

    No. Read my first post, its there in the brackets. If you're still confused, read my second post.
  7. Russel_P

    On borrowed time.

    Ah yes. Ling lays down a law and everyone runs in in a sebservient fashion and does what he says. Fredrick decides to have none of this and I go along with him. Big deal! The term 'throwing your weight around' springs to mind. edit: that was a reply to fodders, not you Ichor
  8. Russel_P

    On borrowed time.

    I thought that would be fairly obvious. i've registered a new user name, Russell with only one L. Not that I expect to be able to post for long now that i've made my identity and my method clear. Still it would be nice to have my original name usable again.
  9. Russel_P

    ZDoom - use second sky image?

    Thanks guys. I'll check out these ideas and the ones mentioned in the other tread (about sounds) when i get a spare moment. If you're wondering about the name change, see... http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10061
  10. Russel_P

    On borrowed time.

    So..i didn't say 'heh' in the 'heh' thread and now have been exciled to the losers forum as a result. That kinda sucks. But i'm not going to get annoyed. I'll simply resquest that my access to the regular forums with my usual account (Russell_P) be reinstated. After all, i haven't really done anything wrong. Failing that, i guess it's goodbye to DW from me.