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  1. N6emta5.png

    1. Olroda


      Haha! I like it! I'm guessing that the knight on the horse is 40oz, but who is the knight behind him supposed to be?

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  2. Who knows anything about the WoW TCG? I saw about 1,000 - 2,000 cards in a local 'charity shop' for £15.00. Was wondering if it's good, if it's still active etc. :)

    1. Olroda


      Hello Dragonfly.

      I've played some WoW TCG, and even ordered some boxes from overseas. It is fairly similar to Magic in terms of structure. One could say "very close to a copy", in fact. I found it enjoyable however, and a better experience than "Heartstone", which replaced it.
      I haven't played in any tournaments or so, so I can't tell you anything about recent activity, unfortunately.

      I'd also say that 15 pounds is a good price for 1500 cards - at least when compared to the original prices.