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File Reviews posted by Olroda

  1. A large map which emulates the E2 style very well. Took me over an hour to beat, and not on the first try. A bit simplistic when compared to the author's latter work, but still good. Lighting excellent, though the map may be too sprawling to fit with E2M9's track. Unfortunately not compatible with the original .exe or the chocolate derivate (texture errors and non-lowering lifts which are required to progress).

  2. Very good visuals and lighting, despite the cramped theme. Fairly atmospheric, but a slower music track would probably been a better choice. Way too much armour and supplies to prove a challenge, even on UV. People complaining about "switch hunts" should stay away from this one. I liked it, though. It would be interesting with an entire epsode done in this style.

  3. Good levels right up until the last one, which I *really* didn't care for. Not because of the difficulty, but because I expected something with a lot more finesse, when the other maps held such a good standard (I especially liked that you had to use the beretta for a change). 4 stars, minus 1 for the terrible ending, equals 3 stars.
  4. PalPlus


    Loving it. This is how things looked like back in the twentieth century. The work is nothing short of legendary. People complaining about darkness and desaturation (AND giving zero stars) are probably infants, or more likely, remain at a similar maturity level. DooM should have a gloomy atmosphere. It's about an invasion from hell, after all. -Olroda