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  1. On 2018-01-04 at 9:41 AM, Da Werecat said:

    That must be it. I will think about conforming better to your image of an evil Doomworld debaser, I promise.


    Hate to ruin my Short Snappy Response with common sense, but not detecting a problem at all is something I didn't admit to. The thing is: there are always problems, perfect communities don't exist, and Doomworld always sucked one way or another. If you didn't notice it before - well, you know the answer; or maybe your eyes were closed until someone struck a nerve and you suddenly started to pay attention.


    Doesn't mean we don't need to try and be better, but this apocalyptic vision of yours seems like an overreaction.



    That's much better!

    Thank you for taking the time of typing up an actual response instead of a hostile three-word dismissal. Of course you lot aren't evil, and there is indeed no such thing as a place where everyone agrees with one another. Disliking or even hating people is fine, as is voicing one's opinion of the same, I think. It's a discussion forum, after all.


    However, a certain demographic "makes a hen out of a feather" whenever certain topics crop up. They also like to voice their opinion as often as possible, and once confronted about their bullshit, it's the shitty three-word dismissal routine. The very same routine also appears without prior confrontation, because "empty barrels rattle the most".


    In short, I'm sick of seeing it. It is always the usual suspects. Trash comments, trash opinions. And you better agree with the thrash too, otherwise you are instantly at the same level as someone that had the same type of mustasche as Charlie Chaplin. No arguments needed. One could easily think that the certains have no lives and spend all their time on a shitty forum instead of making new content or playing the damn game which said forum is supposed to be about!


  2. I hoped things would have cooled off a bit since my last visit, but no. This entire thread is really fucked up. I haven't seen anything like it before, to be honest.

    It's like a hateful choir of ignorance and petty hypocrisy - a reflection of society today.


    I find it unfortunate that this site turned to utter trash; I used to like it when the main topic of the day was DOOM.

  3. 18 hours ago, ReX said:

    I can attest that DooM did not run on the 286 that I owned in the early 1990s. Because of this, I had to run DooM on my computer at work, which was either a 386 or a 486, and did have 4 MB of RAM.

    And I can attest that on my 286, which has 4MB RAM, it is warranted to run Wolf3D in the smallest window possible to get a fluid framrate. Doom would probably not get a fluid framrate at all, but that of course depends on what map is played.

  4. What about quality control?


    They were professionals creating a game, and I'm sure that if the rest of the team didn't think that a certain map or idea would work it would be scrapped. So the focus is on making something that would "blow people away" ...in a relatively brief timeframe. There is also the fact that they were first with making maps for Doom, and that alone makes the maps better. The IWAD is the foundation of all PWADs.

  5. On 11/11/2017 at 7:06 PM, Glaice said:


    I knew you were gonna bring that up the moment you saw my title. But yea the sleeping part made me chuckle.

    Heh, I couldn't resist. I remember that you were all about BD earlier. How come you made such a turnaround from loving the modification to not doing it, though? If you don't mind me asking.

  6. On 2017-11-10 at 9:22 AM, Battle_Korbi said:

    Now we need a mod that replaces EVERY SOUND EVER with D_RUNNIN, like, once the sound starts, it doesn't stop until the midi ends.

    For all our sakes, you probably shouldn't tempt me.

    17 hours ago, Glaice said:

    What about ROMERO_D?

    Sleeping through the game when you can Run From Evil? That's like playing DOOM without BRUTAL DOOM!

  7. On 11/9/2017 at 2:21 AM, Piper Maru said:

    Runnin_From_D_Runnin needs to be a thing asap.

    Hey, your love for the tune was a major source of inspiration, Maru! You know you want it! Your keyboard might say no, but your body says yes.

  8. Glad you people like it.

    On 10/22/2017 at 0:00 AM, Vorpal said:

    I haven't like... done measurements and used a microscope but, I feel that on a CRT the darkness is more intense yes but the bright colors are more intense as well, i.e. contrast in general is amplified.

    Yes - Consider this WAD an approximation. Making it look like it exactly as it actually would on a CRT monitor would, you know, require the use of a CRT monitor. Heh. It goes a long way towards that objective, however.

  9. On 2017-10-20 at 6:41 PM, Da Werecat said:

    Why colormap though? Wouldn't it be enough to change the palette?


    This looks like it makes things greyer where they shouldn't be.

    Mine is a bit different than the original, but yeah, the palette is the major change. Not sure I agree about the grey part, but I'm not saying you're wrong either. It was difficult to get it right.

  10. JPC.png


    The flatscreen technology of today makes DOOM too bright. This WAD is an attempt to bring our favourite game back into the CRT-induced darkness from whence it came.
    The Jovian Palette, or JovPal, is a palette and colourmap replacement which is quite similar to the terrific PalPlus, by Sigvatr.
    One could say that my attempt is a different take on the same subject, and it has languished enough in solitude on my hard drive since I made it back in 2014.

    Why should you get it? It makes DOOM look better - and darker - without sacrificing the really bright colours.



  11. 1 hour ago, wheresthebeef said:

    I think a big number of people would argue the Alien franchise should've ended a long time ago. Probably best Half-Life doesn't have anymore official games made by Valve.

    I agree, on both counts.

    Aliens, or possibly the directors cut of Alien3 should have been the definitive end of that franchise, I'd say.

    I also think that only the first Half-Life was any good - even though it had the same story as DooM (teleportation experiment goes wrong; monsters invade). HL2 was "all right" and nothing more. Freeman's transformation from a survivor to some sort of saviour didn't sit well with me. Episode One and Two were a little better, but far from "mindblowing".

  12. Hello Nicolas.

    Unfortunately, it took me a month until I could do a proper playthrough, but it was worth the wait. I don’t have much to say other than the following:

    The maps are very good – as usual – and I like the music too. Custom tracks add a lot to the experience. Did you make them yourself as well?

    Also, it hasn’t escaped my notice that your map names often have Tokharan connections. Any specific reason behind that? (I’m a bit of a linguist myself.)

    Looking forward to the final release!