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  1. UltimaDweedleXVers

    New Zealand Does Something Right! [software patents]

    We kiwi's always do everything right, even when we don't.
  2. UltimaDweedleXVers

    Your Second Best Gaming Experience?

    Diablo 2 on Battle.net
  3. UltimaDweedleXVers

    Gaming PC Components...

    It could, again, just be because of my location. In New Zealand I can testify that pre-builts and Do It Yourself jobs are very very closely together in price. If the price differences are very large in your guys countries.. well, I envy you haha.
  4. UltimaDweedleXVers

    Gaming PC Components...

    Good point. But in paying someone else you have that peace of mind that you don't have if you do it yourself (unless you're very experienced of course). I've never had any heat issues with this laptop. I don't think Alienware are ripoffs, they're solid systems and if anything does go wrong then you don't have as much to fear as Dell is a widely respected company with excellent support. With building your own you just don't have a lot of insurance to protect yourself if something goes wrong.
  5. UltimaDweedleXVers

    Gaming PC Components...

    At the end of the day they both cost the same. If you buy the parts individually then it appears cheaper until you factor in paying someone to put it together, then the cost evens out. At least where I live. Then there is costs of shipping.. where I live if I wanted to buy PC Parts, 9 times out of 10, I'd have to import them from Overseas, or the person I buy them off imports them from overseas, putting the cost onto me. PC building maybe cheaper in some places, but in others it's more expensive than pre-builts. It's not a set formula.
  6. UltimaDweedleXVers

    Gaming PC Components...

    As someone who owns an Alienware X14 Laptop I have to say there is nothing wrong with going pre-built. I've had this laptop now for about 4 month's and it's the best computer I've ever owned.
  7. no ones claimed my keys yet apart from mirrors edge and possibly deadspace (that one is on reserve for a givaway on a youtube channel im making but will trade it if I can get street fighter 4). Medal of Honor, Burnout and Crysis 2 are still available to trade if you still want to trade Street Fighter 4
  8. I cant believe I forgot to add my Steam ID, sorry guys. Its, Ultima Dweedle X Version Hi, unfortunately I only have burnout, crysis and medal of honour left. would you still be interested in trading? I know people have been having issues with The Sims 3 with the humble bundle. Before trading any keys for another copy of Burnout I'd suggest taking this error up with Origin and Humble Bundle first.
  9. Thanks for the offer mate but unfortunately I'll have to decline. Amazon isn't as effective where I live as it is in other country's. However, if you're interested I'll give you Deadspace for a game worth $5? http://store.steampowered.com/sub/949/ edit: sorry mate, just passed on Deadspace.
  10. I used my humble bundle for origin, not steam. I have steam keys for Dead Space, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Medal of Honor and Mirror's Edge. Games I am looking for include; Amnesia; The Dark Descent (Steam Key)(Also on Humble Bundle right now) >> Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Complete Pack << (I'm willing to trade every key for this) Also, if there is any other games people might want to swap then post em up as the two I've listed are not the only ones I'm interested in they are just the ones that immediately have come to mind. edit: mirrors edge and dead space have been taken.
  11. UltimaDweedleXVers

    Just what ARE the armor bonuses?

    those are helmets? I always thought they were shards.
  12. UltimaDweedleXVers

    If Classic DOOM ever became freeware...

    I dont think Freedoom would become obsolete if this were to happen. I have been playing alot of Freedoom and I have to say that it's quality is fantastic. Very tempted to record a let's play of it but I'll wait til its out of Beta.
  13. UltimaDweedleXVers

    If Classic DOOM ever became freeware...

    I'd be pissed off because I paid good money for the games lol
  14. UltimaDweedleXVers

    Bored, where is the best place to learn how to use Doom Builder?

    I'm slowing figuring it out now. Quite a powerful yet simple tool. I had a huge laugh though when I botched a door, the whole room went up and down lol
  15. UltimaDweedleXVers

    Judge denies baby's name of Messiah

    Me too