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  1. I'm definitely still willing. NaNoWADMo is coming up next week so I won't have any excuses to not map.
  2. Gothic Box

    [Shitpost Enemy] Paingunner

    Do not expect mercy from any deity, for you will be granted none. These guys are annoying as hell, I love them!
  3. Gothic Box

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Hyper Demon has ensnared me in its clutches. There's practically nothing like it. Even Devil Daggers feels vastly different despite being so incredibly similar. Latest PB is 67.281 - 1474/9109 on the leaderboards as of this post. And I feel like I'm still only scratching the surface.
  4. Gothic Box

    NaNoWADMo 2022 - The month-long mapping challenge!

    Let's try this again. I didn't make much last time around due to some major life upheaval, but now that's behind me I think I'll be able to go hog wild!
  5. Like Yumheart said, speedmaps are often rough around the edges; I know mine is for sure. Normally I would be constantly playtesting whenever I so much as add a monster teleporter, with my perfectionism driving me to revise and nitpick incessantly. A 1-hour speedmap can be challenging, but in my view it's more of an exercise to hone your craft.
  6. @PRO-RC Fun map! I played like absolute garbage in this vid though, college courses are kicking my butt: Here's my submission: Guess Who's Coming 2 Dinner? DL: GWC2D.zip Format: MBF21 Tested w/ ZDoom and PrBoom+ Midi: waiting for romero to play Stock textures Build time: 1 hour (+45 minutes of texturing and messing around with slade3) Screencap:
  7. Gothic Box

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    My 297th attempt at creating a map and not leaving it unfinished:
  8. Gothic Box

    A few single level Doom 2 wads

    Very fun and compact level! Great aesthetics and lighting, and I'd consider it to be in a nice goldilocks zone of difficulty. Finished in ~11 & 1/2 minutes on UV with all secrets. Now for 2 very tiny nitpicks:
  9. Just for clarification, did you play v3 or v2? Because I already added 25ish extra after SCF played v2 and suggested that
  10. Very nice short levels! Quite aesthetically pleasing as well
  11. @SCF Glad you liked it! I followed your suggestions accordingly: - Brightened up outside arena (You were right - the cyberdemons perfectly blend in with the sky at that distance. I definitely didn't get facerocketed out of nowhere multiple times while testing) - Added 2 small islands near the edge of the map, with extra rockets, cells, health and armor - Moved cyberdemon teleports to said islands so they spawn farther away from the player - Added more fancy voodoo doll stuff that serves no gameplay purpose whatsoever :) ToastedNaan_v3.wad
  12. Vert hasn't been on dw for 2 weeks. I know he said he's a busy guy, but this is starting to worry me
  13. @xvertigox updated Toasted Naan to v2. when I opened UDB tonight I was only planning on fixing bugs I swear rough changelog: - bugfixes, balancing, and minor aesthetic tweaks - modified progression slightly, including changing locations of plasma and BFG and adding more enemies (100% kills is now attainable as well) - expanded outer arena considerably, but the new portion has damaging floor so the player doesn't have that much wiggle room
  14. Toasted Naan a little bit late, oops lol the big finale fight is optional btw midi: "Wondering..." by Doomkid & Lippeth, from midtwid2.wad
  15. My map is almost done, all that's needed is finishing the final fight, adding co-op functionality, and doing a balance pass. Will post tomorrow (well... later today in some places) once it's nice and tidy.