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  1. Gothic Box

    which doom textures are useless or barely used?

    How dare you disparage the cult of our beloved CEMENT9
  2. @Yop Here's RC1 of @FletcherHonoroma and I's collaboration. Only considering it a RC just in case of bugs or tweaking. [Another Fine Mesa MAP24] ["umbra's warm bosom" by msx2plus from Time Tripper] [No custom textures] [1K1K_MAP24_FletcherAndChicken_RC1.zip] LOL NVM HERE'S RC2: 1K1K_MAP24_FletcherAndChicken_RC2.zip - fixed broken blue key teleport - more health
  3. Gothic Box

    death at 632.8 nm --- limit-removing map

    Absolutely delightful. Love your teleporter use, especially right before the blue key. Haven't finished the final fight yet but so far it's impressively chaotic. Funnily enough, this is exactly the type of map I like to make curse you ribbiks
  4. MAP24 can be finished within 2 weeks for certain. IIRC all that needs doing bar detailing is reworking the mikoveyor fight and implementing the finale.
  5. Plan to, I've been occupied with 1k1k + some other projects as well as life stuff, but I've got plenty of ideas bouncing around in my head.
  6. It didn't work for me the 2nd time I did the fight and I couldn't figure it out when looking in UDB/Slade, that's why
  7. Gothic Box

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Teething on Concrete — part of a collab I'm working on. Using this as an exercise in detailing plus improving my layouts
  8. Wow, that was SoBad An actually good meme level with some rather solid fights. That final fight was a doozy
  9. Gothic Box

    Cursed Doom Images

    my mapper's block is so bad rn i want to tear off my skin
  10. Come to Iowa, we've got government corruption and an ethanol obsession that also extends to alcoholism, including our governor, who had her DUIs expunged in order to run for office. There's also the monolithic agricultural industry that bribes politicians and dumps pollutants (nitrates, manure, carcinogenic fertilizers, etc.) into the water supply, which in turn drains into the Mississippi river. Speaking of manure, most of that is produced by pigs, who outnumber humans 8 to 1. We're so into farming that we converted ~90% of our state's surface area for agricultural use, with native prairie being nearly nonexistent only 200 years after colonization! :))) According to our politicians none of that's a problem. What's really a problem is the existence of the scary scary gays and transgenders! god i hate it here
  11. Gothic Box

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    More messing around with spooky wooden FIREBLU abstraction. maybe I should make a WAD around this...
  12. All these puns are going to make me turn vegan. Nevertheless very interested in this set's art style, will update comment after playing
  13. Gothic Box


    The removal of post hell was a mistake
  14. ...Oh lord you entered the cyber fight with 4% HP. Updated version with megasphere + more health overall in the original post.
  15. Who let this fruitcake near the archvile pens??? Postmodern Vile Placement is a short single map MBF21 wad with combat puzzle-esque encounters plus some microslaughter, and - you guessed it - lots of Archviles. Difficulty is high and comparable to mid-late game Sunlust. This map initally started as a remake of my first-ever wad from 2016 but gained a life of its own as a break from current community projects. Music: "techno shithead" by msx2plus Textures: mostly vanilla with some additions from 32in24-15 Screenies: Download: modernvile.zip