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  1. Gothic Box

    What are you listening to?

    Probably one of my favorite System of a Down songs
  2. Gothic Box

    NaNoWADMo 2021 - The month-long mapping challenge! (it begins!)

    My body is ready, my mind is ready for the emotional pain of making bad maps. Count me in!
  3. Gothic Box


    Good lord those time imps are evil. Also they're glitchy, I ended up going past the first one and it slowed down time right before I left, and I had to noclip out of the final fight to go back and kill it since everything was slow. 7.5/10 needs more impse
  4. Gothic Box

    Custom texture replaced my custom skybox?

    thank you for that, I changed the mapinfo layout to that. I figured out the issue, turns out the sky texture file itself was messed up, because any other texture from box o' skies works perfectly.
  5. This is my first dive into custom textures and skyboxes, using OTEX and Box o’ Skies. I imported the map and skybox into a wad archive using slade but forgot to import the otex textures so the skybox worked but the textures were missing. Following slade documentation I imported all of otex, pasted at the bottom of the list in slade. When I tested it the textures loaded fine but the skybox was the first texture in otex instead of the skybox I imported and named in MAPINFO (I followed doomkid’s YouTube tutorial). What am I doing wrong? EDIT: should also mention I’m using the latest stable build of slade
  6. Gothic Box

    Custom texture replaced my custom skybox?

    I actually was not aware that multiple methods existed. It's just an F_SKY1 texture on ceilings. The entirety of the MAPINFO lump is
  7. Gothic Box

    New Wad: Deimos forgotten storage pit

    Very fun overall. I played on UV and was low on health and ammo the whole time, so it gave me a good challenge (that or I just suck lol). Grabbing the plasma gun and letting 'er rip on the way back up was a blast that juxtaposed the drip feed of ammo that came before. Detailing and texture work was nice, I especially liked the fine linedef detailing. A couple things to note, however. I played on GZDoom 4.3.3 with only the .pk3 loaded and the linedefs on the starting stairs were missing textures. Some of the teleport traps, specifically the crate area and the super shotty, felt like whack-a-mole with imps as there was only one teleport exit. The archvile also aggroed on me while I was in the blue key pit, idk if you intended that or not. 8.5/10, hoping you make more maps
  8. Gothic Box

    Anyone else feels the VX is worse?

    Maybe it's the effects, but it feels like the plasma rifle is also just more powerful than the last game. In 2016 it turned every enemy into a bullet sponge.
  9. Gothic Box

    Anyone else feels the VX is worse?

    Remember the Doom 2016 reveal? The visuals there were much worse than the final product. The only thing that irks me is that some of the enemies look a bit cartoonish (the comically glowing eyes on the zombiemen, for example) and some of the colors seem slightly too vibrant, if that makes any sense. Maybe I'm just too used to dull, grey first person shooters.
  10. Gothic Box

    Twitter locking accounts for thanking others

    Couldn't you also get your account locked if you told one of your mutuals that you loved them?
  11. Gothic Box

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Being able to get the first 3 Thief games (i.e. the good Thief games) for the price of a happy meal is an amazing deal. I've been hooked on Into the Breach since it came out, and I also just started Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Thief 3, which I paid for through steam trading cards and PUBG crates.
  12. Gothic Box

    Random Image Thread

  13. Gothic Box

    Random Image Thread

    please stop
  14. Gothic Box

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus in a week. Currently I'm addicted to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. I just past the 100 hour mark after buying the game just over a month ago. 5 wins in 104 hours is good, right?
  15. Gothic Box

    The Inner Center

    A nice small map that stands on its own. Great detailing, especially since it doesn't use slopes, 3D floors, or custom textures. The level progression is quite interesting - the way you used lowering floors to reveal new areas and create shortcuts was by far my favorite part of the map. My only qualms are that some buttons alter things on the other side of the map that were not immediately obvious, and a specific teleporter traps enemies from a nearby monster closet.
  16. Except white and a neonazi.
  17. Not going to actually post the link because I don't want to give the guy views, but here's a screenshot. That facial hair is a choice.
  18. Gothic Box

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I feel like I shouldn't ask how many pain elementals or archviles you put in your speedmap...
  19. Gothic Box

    Is there anything in Doom you find truly archaic?

    Cacos and Mancubi not dying to 2 and 3 rockets respectively drives me insane.
  20. Gothic Box

    Is there anything in Doom you find truly archaic?

    Yeah, I love Quake for some of the same reasons. Plus whenever I get my friends to play it I absolutely destroy them to the point where they gang up on me and I destroy them even more. Maybe that's why I love Quake so much.
  21. At first I read the title as a mod that recreated McCree from Overwatch, but this is a million times better. Those dual grease guns are giving me the shivers.
  22. Gothic Box

    Is there anything in Doom you find truly archaic?

    Over half of these are what Quake did.
  23. Gothic Box

    Battle for Net Neutrality

    He's talking about the metropolitan areas, not the cities themselves. Detroit and Chicago's metropolitan areas have a combined population of over 13 million people, and on average have much lower crime rates than the inner cities.
  24. Gothic Box

    Battle for Net Neutrality

    The FCC is being run by a former Verizon CEO, so there isn't much hope anyway. Also the cabinet has more wealth than the poorest third of Americans combined, so I doubt they care about normal, everyday people.
  25. Gothic Box

    Battle for Net Neutrality

    But that doesn't explain Portland, or Honolulu, or Austin, or Chula Vista, or Henderson, or Lincoln, but keep thinking that some correlation equals causation.